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  1. 1. Cynthia Midori Sherry Project Title: AS I AM Room # 201 Grade Level/Ages: 8-10 years old October 4, 2014 Lesson Title: My Brand Number of Students: 25 This is the 2nd lesson in this unit Pennsylvania Visual Arts Standard: I. PROJECT HYPOTHESIS + SIGNIFICANCE Unit: This Unit: AS I AM, will be composed of projects that allow students to express themselves and all they are proud to be. This is a unit that takes identity and mixes it with expressing the importance of their personal moral values as well as stories. Each project in this unit will used as a piece to publish in their own personal magazines that display who they are and all their beauty in the end. The magazine will be published just like those seen in fashion and commercial tabloids to visually represent a familiar society standard of beauty, but each photo/page will be showcasing the students story/ valued expression as what is beautiful. This unit is to prove students that their value makes a difference and they have the power to set standards in society; such as defining beauty as their story and expression. This unit is designed for students to express themselves and fall in love with who they are. This is important because happiness with self and confidence is key to success and something so important for adolescents to have. It is significant to students this age because it is catching them right at the age where defining identity becomes extremely relevant to their lives. Lesson 2: Lesson 2 is titled My Brand In this lesson; students will be a designer for their own T-shirts that they will later have a photo-shoot in to include inside their personal magazine. We will discuss how other designers- such as NIKE sells a message, which is labeled as their brand. After discussing branding, I will ask them to brand themselves, raising questions that fall in the lines asking if they were a designer or trying to sell and image that represents them, what would it be? This lesson is to wear what you are proud to be and creating it on your own. This lesson proves that we should be proud to wear who we are, and that what we express to be, is in our own hands of choice and creativity. II. LESSON + LEARNER OUTCOMES The learners are experiencing this lesson early on to create the point that in order to be all that we are, we have to be proud enough to show it, wear it, and represent it. There are times in life when we may find out who we are or have self-realizations, but if you arent proud and comfortable enough in yourself to express it, then it is still hiding. It is important to be proud and comfortable enough to represent yourself. This project pushes students to see themselves as creators of their own being; they have a choice of who they are and what they represent as well as their views of what is important. I want the
  2. 2. students to brand themselves because branding is a strong statement, and they are important enough to hold the title of a brand. This lesson is a practice on showing we are in control, we should be proud, and we are important enough to be a brand of our own. Measurable Outcomes: Students will use sketchbook to come up with ideas; using both writing and drawing. Students will participate in brief discussion/ answer questions on branding, how what we wear can be significant to us, and views on why its important to be proud of who we are, and what are ways we can show that pride/ comfort. Students will create the My Brand T-shirt and get to indulge into their expressions, feelings, and pride. Students will pose and model their own creations working as a designer and model- photos next week. III. MATERIALS NEEDED for LESSON A. Art Educator Materials T-shirts for children Sketchbooks Pencils Markers Alcohol to spread markers Paints - acrylic Puffy Paint Cups for water Brushes Paper towels Tape Camera ** NEED CLASS INPUT magazines to present ideas of values of beauty B. Learner Materials T-shirt Sketchbook Pencils Acrylic and Puffy Paints Markers Cups for water Brushes Paper towel B. Instructional Resources Tri fold with media images of familiar brands ex. NIKE *Materials for Students with Special Needs (as necessary)
  3. 3. Accommodations for students with special needs will be applied as necessary. Students with visual and hearing impairments will be seated closer to the teacher. If there are students who like to be alone, they will be giver their personal space for work. IV. PROJECT ORGANIZATION A. Starting the Lesson Starting the second lesson, I will let the students either finish their projects from week 1, or let them free sketch in their sketchbook to get their creativity flowing. I will then lead into the picture wall of last weeks pieces to bring up the topic of indulging in representing yourself. We will see what it was like to create and then stand in front of their piece, and then I will lead into what would it be like to wear your piece? This will lead into conversations of branding and how we will be creating art pieces that brand ourselves so we can wear them. B. Behavioral Expectations Students are expected to be open and feel comfortable to participate to their full potential. Students are expected to learn this is a safe zone to completely indulge in expressing themselves, as well as respect the differences of others. C. Lesson Sequence PEDAGOGICAL APPROACH/ ART TEACHER ACTIONS 1. As students enter the room, I will hand out their sketchbooks. I will tell them that if they are done with last weeks project they can start sketching in their book. I will ask them if they did not complete their projects to continue to work. I will also make an announcement that if they were not yet photographed, they should tell me when they are ready, so I can photograph them. (15 Minutes) 2. Next, I will start the class with the good morning call. I will then ask them to put down what they are working on and assure them that if they have still not completed with last weeks project, they will have time to complete it when we resume art making. I will ask them all to get up and move to the front of the LEARNER ACTIONS 1. As each student enters, they will be given their sketchbook and writing/ drawing supplies. They will follow the directions by sketching, asking to get their photo taken, or finishing last weeks project until everyone arrives. (15 Minutes) 2. Students will put their materials aside for the moment so their focus can be on me as well as the lesson coming. They will move to the stage area as asked and have a seat. (5 minutes)
  4. 4. room by the stage and have a seat on the floor. I will tell them it is necessary to keep hands to themselves and to be respectful of one another and me. (5 minutes) 3. This will be time for discussion. I will first let them approach observing the photos from last week. I will ask them for their opinions and well as answers to questions: - How do you believe these accurately represent yourselves? - Do you see these photos as a form of modeling beauty? If so, how and why? - What does standing in front of an art piece do in creating a statement? Transition Question- - How can we even more emphasize modeling and representing ourselves beyond standing in front of our art? How about designing? - Lead into how we will be making T-shirts. This discussion will lead into the idea of how we will be designing T-shirts and what it means to brand ourselves. This will lead to my tri fold of familiar designer brands and what they represent. - What do you think T shirt companies do when creating a brand? What is the point in creating a brand? - How can we create a brand and what does branding ourselves mean? - What is the important lesson behind wearing who we are? - How are ways we can design a T-shirt to represent/ brand ourselves? Will you cut the T- 3. Students participate in viewing the models wall and participate in class discussion. They will be respectful when others are talking and put in their opinions and answers as the discussion progresses.
  5. 5. shirt, what colors will you use, will you have a logo? - What is your personal message you would use to brand yourself? (15 minutes) 4. I will show the students the supplies and do a few tutorials on blending paints with water to make them more transparent and alcohol over markers to blend them. I will discuss keeping clean and how we should share just like last time. I will then pass out the T-shirts one by one. (5 minutes) 5. I will tell the students it is their turn to design and to keep in mind all the discussions we just had. I will tell them they can brainstorm in their sketchbooks if they need to. I will tell them that if they still need to work on their project from last week, they can. I will tell the class that if they havent been photographed yet, to make sure they do before we leave today. (1 hour) 6. When the students finish their T- shirts, I will ask them to let me know so we can discuss their brand. I will then collect them and set them on a counter to dry. I will give instructions to clean their workspace when finished and they can draw in their sketchbooks till it is time to go. (15 minutes) 4. Students will pay careful attention to tutorials so they know how to do certain techniques when it is their time to design. They will then collect their supplies as well as T- shirts to take back to their seat so they can start designing. 5. Students will go back to seat and get to work on what the have left to do. If they are not yet done with last weeks piece, they will briefly finish before moving on. If they are done they will either sketch ideas out briefly until they are comfortable moving on to the T- shirts. Students will ask me questions if they have any and ask for any assistance necessary. If they need to be photographed they will inform me, and get photographed when ready. 6. Students will clean up their workspaces efficiently after handing in their T-shirts. St


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