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What is the concept behind choosing a color for your Logo?


  • Logo colors and theirmeanings

Why Specific Colors? Choosing colors best fir your business can help you toestablish your brand at new heights as colors evokecertain emotions and feelings towards a brand. Colors can mean different things depending on theculture, situation and industry so it is vital to choose acolor that represents your identity effectively. Research said, people make a subconsciousjudgment about a person, environment, or productwithin 90 seconds of initial viewing and between 62%and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone.Each color is associated with different meanings. Red color evokes a passionate response, makes youaggressive, energetic, and provocative which grabsyour attention. This happens because red activates your pituitarygland, increase your heart rate causing yourbreathing heavy. Blue color strongly denotes sky and sea. It is sereneand globally liked. Therefore, blue is perceived as trustworthy, secure,and responsible. Blue is popularly used with technology relatedinstitutions, as it is the message of stability inspiringtrust. Green is the color of nature and therefore associatedwith health, freshness and serenity.Different shades of green carry different meanings.Lighter shades denote calmness and deeper shadesdenotes wealth or prestige. Certain shades like Yellow seem to motivate andstimulate thoughts and energy. Yellow is associated with color of sun and thuscommunicates positivity, light, and warmth. Our eyes see bright yellow before any other color andtherefore can be used on marketable products. Pink color is associated with females but its meaningvaries by the intensity.Hot pink convey energy, youthfulness, excitement andfun.It is mostly used on trendy products for women orgirls.Dusty pink evokes sentiments and lighter pink is usedto show romance. Orange is the combination of red and yellow evokescheerfulness, fun and vitality. Orange is seen as childlike and enthusiastic.According to a research, its lighter shades are mostused and are appealing. Example; peach tone is usedwith health care, restaurants and beauty salons. Brown is the color of earth and conveys simplicity,durability and stability. Some shades of brown convey an upscale look whilesome generates negative response of being dirty bycustomers Human eye considers white as a brilliant color andthus immediately catches it. White denotes peace, purity, simplicity andcleanliness. It is also used with health-related products. Coffeebean MediaWe brew ideasOur broad services are below:BrandingWebsite designingGraphicsMarketing Collateralswww.coffeebeanglobal.com


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