the power of colors and their meanings

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  • 1. PRESENTERS Arbab Haider AmmarTahir Ahmad Usman Imran Safdar Muhammad ShoaibFAST-NU

2. TOPIC OF PRESENTATIONThe Power Of Colors And Their Meanings 3. CONTENTS What Is The Power Of Colors? How Colors Get Their Power? Do Colors Really Have Powers? Colors and witches Scientific Aspects Fashion and colors Meaning of the Colors 4. WHAT IS THE POWER OF COLORS? Color can dominate all other factors of a thing One might not buy or drive a Porsche if it were ahideous color, despite the quality of manufactureand engineering 5. HOW COLORS GET THEIR POWER? The spiritual power of colors is not due to their appearance Colors have meaning to us partly because humans are sensitive to their environments. 6. DO COLORS REALLY HAVE POWERS? Every coloraffects human beings in a particular way, and thats how we derive the meaning of colors. 7. EXAMPLESoeven if youve never thought about why red means danger, you still respond to a flash of red light as a warning. 8. COLORS AND WITCHES In spell-casting and altar-decorating, colors are chosen for their properties Witches believe that the power of all the colors also enhance the spell. 9. EXAMPLES Forinstance, each of the directions is associated with a color, and ritual space often puts appropriately colored items , to "hold the direction." 10. SCIENTIFIC ASPECTS Why fog lights are yellow? Why traffic light? 11. WHY FOG LIGHTS ARE YELLOW? High penetrating power 12. WHY TRAFFIC LIGHT IS RED? Red is for alert or a warning. Longest wavelength 13. IMAGINE THE WORLD WITHOUT COLOURS 14. FASHION & COLOUR*The prevailing style orcustom, as in dress orbehaviour is calledfashion. 15. FASHION TIPS 16. Meaning of the Colors 17. BLUEPHYSICAL AND MENTAL AFFECTS* Calming* Cooling 18. GREEN PHYSICAL AND MENTAL AFFECTS* Relax mentally as well as physically* Helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety 19. REDPHYSICAL AND MENTAL AFFECTS* Increases enthusiasm* Stimulates energy* Encourages action and confidence* A sense of protection from fearsand anxiety 20. WHITE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL AFFECTS* Aids mental clarity* Evokes purification of thoughts or actions* Enables fresh beginnings