locomotion. movement! the interaction between endoskeleton and muscles –endoskeleton: skeleton is...

Download Locomotion. Movement! The interaction between endoskeleton and muscles –Endoskeleton: Skeleton is on the inside –Exoskeleton: Skeleton is on the outside

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  • Locomotion

  • LocomotionMovement!

    The interaction between endoskeleton and musclesEndoskeleton: Skeleton is on the insideExoskeleton: Skeleton is on the outside

  • The Human SkeletonPurpose:Support & protectionLeverPoint of attachmentBlood cell production

  • JointAn area where two bones meetAllows for movement

  • Types of Joints: Suture JointWhere the skull bones meetVery small amount of movement allowed

  • Types of Joints: Hinge Joint & Pivot JointHinge JointAllows movement forward and backwardPivot JointAllows for rotating motion

  • Types of Joints: Ball & Socket Joint and the Gliding JointBall & SocketAllows movement in any directionGliding JointAllows for movement of bones past one another

  • A. B.C.D.E.

  • Examples of Joints

  • Muscle- tissue used for movement

  • Ligaments & TendonsLigamentsConnect bones to bonesTendonsConnect muscle to bone

  • CartilagePurpose:SupportFlexibilityCushioningIt does NOT anchor

    Found in the outer ear, nose, between back bones

  • Malfunctions


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