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  1. 1. Living with the Oracle Database Appliance Simon Haslam, Veriton Peter Moore, Simplyhealth
  2. 2. Simon Haslam Consultant, Veriton & Technical Director of Oracle s/w since 1995 Middleware & SOA WebLogic, SOA, BPM Peter Moore Principal Oracle DBA & MW Admin, Simplyhealth Oracle s/w since 1988 Oracle DBA for 19 years Database Administrator
  3. 3. Introduction & Background ODA BM/VP & Sizing of Recovery Area Hardware Maintenance (ASR & Disk Failures) Patching Miscellaneous
  4. 4. What is ODA? Two fast Intel compute nodes Shared, direct attached storage array including flash InfiniBand interconnect & 10Gb public networks Management software (database & virtualisation) Sold as a single product for $68k (list) in a slide!
  5. 5. Bulk Data HDD Redo Logs ODA Cache SSD Compute Node Compute Node HDD Now with InfiniBand
  6. 6. Background Started in 1872 Previously HSA, BCWA, HealthSure, LHF, Remedi, Medisure, Denplan Primary business areas Health Cash Plans Private Medical Insurance Dental Capitation Healthcare delivery Over 3M customers / 20,000 companies ~1700 Employees
  7. 7. Core IT Product / CRM / Finance Application ~1000 Users / 600 Active 3M Customer records Java EE and PL/SQL 3rd Party communications platform RAC (2TB main db), WebLogic, Reports
  8. 8. ZFS Appliance Simplyhealths ODAs Production Test ODA Base OLTP Reporting standby Comms ODA Base TTD container VM 1 TTD container VM 2 ODA BaseODA Base OLTP standby Comms standby Test Reporting Reporting APEX portal RMAN OLTP archive RMAN standbyOLTP UAT Comms UAT Test
  9. 9. ODA BM/VP & Sizing of Recovery Area
  10. 10. 13 | 1013 50 Virtualized Platform: databases Database Each node has a ODA Base DomU Looks a lot like ODA BM most admin done from ODA Base Nodes Run a special OVS image Appliance Manager GUI when you first provision it oakcli tool Node 0 - OVS ODA Base (DomU) Appliance Manager Database(s) Grid Infrastructure Node 1 - OVS ODA Base (DomU) Appliance Manager Database(s) Grid Infrastructure Dom0 Dom0Repo Repo Local Local Shared Storage Lots of room for app VMs like SOA
  11. 11. ODA BM or VP? Simplyhealth chose ODA VP Initially driven by WebLogic Turned out to be good for test databases If in doubt Simon recommends ODA VP: gives you more flexibility in future (app & probably database) only moderate extra operational complexity
  12. 12. Sizing of RECO DATA is on outer part of hard disks, RECO on inner Only set during initial provisioning RECO DATA RECO DATA RECO DATA Default: Local Backup External Backup DATA RECO DATA RECO DATA RECO
  13. 13. DATA:RECO Sizes Disks are physically partitioned according to whether Local or External Backup was chosen Same ratios for all ODA hardware versions and HIGH/NORMAL redundancy DATA 43% RECO 57% DATA 86% RECO 14% Local Backup External Backup OUTER OUTER INNER INNER
  14. 14. Usable Space Example ODA X5-2, 1 shelf, NORMAL redundancy DATA 12TB RECO 16TB DATA 24TB RECO 4TB Local Backup External Backup REDO 250GB FLASH 750GB
  15. 15. Hardware Maintenance (ASR & Disk Failures)
  16. 16. My Oracle Support Set up Use a team MOS account + group email dist. list Ensure MOS account has access to correct ODA CSI(s)
  17. 17. MOS Oddity: you can only activate ASR on the ODA nodes so why this warning/button? (you dont get this on ZFSSA)
  18. 18. ASR Set up Stand-alone ASR on each ODA Each server needs internet access oakcli configure asr
  19. 19. ASR Test Option 1: Internal ASR Enter root password (x2) Enter MOS credentials
  20. 20. ASR Disk failure example
  21. 21. ASR Funnies ASR raises one SR per disk or none or two Sometimes the first time you know that a disk has failed has been when Oracle has updated the SR New ODA plug-in for EM is expected to include hardware notifications
  22. 22. ASR Further Diagnostics
  23. 23. Our Disk History We have 2 x dual shelf ODA X3-2s 16 SSD & 88 HDD Running for 1.5 years (1.35M HDD-hours) Total of 6 HDDs have been replaced (i.e. 225k h MTBF) 5 predicted failures 1 real failure bad experience with I/O waits though No SSDs have failed Note: new ZFS SA disk arrived automatically next morning without sys admin knowing it had failed! (ODA should be more like this)
  24. 24. Disk Failure Gotchas 1 predicted failure fixed itself! General fiddliness of replacing disks Firmware updating, getting new disks ONLINE, etc MOS 1435946.1 & 1496114.1 The replacement disk includes the courier details to collect the failed one this is a European courier who will know nothing about it! we need the UK courier Blinking yellow light doesnt always work?!
  25. 25. Patching
  26. 26. Patching: Its Really Good! Vastly simplified process compared to DIY for full stack Approx. quarterly ODA-only bundled patches includes PSU for databases (optional) Oracle Support says


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