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Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) introduction in Cyprus presentation. The ODA is an engineered system offering reliability, simplicity, and extreme performance at a very affordable price. It is ideal for organizations looking to deploy two node RAC clusters.


  • 1. 2012 Oracle Corporation 1

2. ORACLE DATABASE APPLIANCE Andreas Panayiotou Business Development Manager Hellenic Technical Enterprises Ltd 3. MORE USERS AND CUSTOMERS DEMAND 24/7 DATA ACCESSHigh Availability Desirable But Challenging to Deploy, Manage, & Support Costly and ComplexSpecific SkillsRisk of Failure Required 2012 Oracle Corporation 4 4. 2012 Oracle Corporation 5 5. ORACLE DATABASE APPLIANCE Ideal for Mid-Size Businesses and Departmental Systems 2012 Oracle Corporation 6 6. FULLY REDUNDANT HARDWARE 2012 Oracle Corporation 7 7. HIGHLY RELIABLE SOFTWARE 2012 Oracle Corporation 8 8. THREE LEVELS OF AVAILABILITYSingle Instance Active PassiveActive ActiveGood Availability Better Availability Best AvailabilityOracle Database 11g Oracle Database 11g Oracle Database 11gEnterprise EditionEnterprise EditionEnterprise EditionOracle Real Application Oracle Real ApplicationClusters One Node ClustersMutual failover Mutual failover andload balancing 2012 Oracle Corporation 9 9. ORACLE DATABASE APPLIANCEADDITIONAL SOFTWARE SUPPORT Enterprise Edition Options and Features are supported Oracle Active Data Guard Database Vault Partitioning Data Mining Real Application Testing Tuning Pack Total Recall Change Management Pack Advanced Security Configuration Management Spatial Provisioning and Patch Automation In-Memory Database Cache Data Masking Pack Retail Data Model Communications Data Model Database Enterprise Management Diagnostic Pack Label Security 2012 Oracle Corporation 10 10. EASY TO INSTALL, MANAGE, AND SCALE Reduced Deployment and Administration Effort SAVINGSTime CostBuild Your Own Oracle Database Appliance 2012 Oracle Corporation 11 11. EASY TO INSTALL Rapidly Deploy A Database Cluster 2012 Oracle Corporation12 12. EASY TO MANAGE Appliance Manager Software 2012 Oracle Corporation 13 13. EASY TO SCALE Pay-as-you-Grow Database Licensing 2012 Oracle Corporation 14 14. LOW ENTRY COST TO HIGH AVAILABILITY15 15. ORACLE DATABASE APPLIANCE VS. BUILD YOUR OWNImagine what a DBA could do with 2000 Extra Hours over Three Years? 2012 Oracle Corporation16 16. COMPARED TO BUILD-YOUR-OWNThe Oracle Database Appliance Can Save Your Organization 17 17. WHEN TO USE THE ORACLE DATABASE APPLIANCE Ideal for Mid-Size Businesses and Enterprise Departments 2012 Oracle Corporation 18 18. 2012 Oracle Corporation 19 19. WIDE RANGE OF ORACLE & ISV APPLICATIONS 2012 Oracle Corporation20 20. ORACLE DATABASE APPLIANCE Ideal for Mid-Size Businesses and Departmental Systems 2012 Oracle Corporation 21 21. Best Enterprise Appliance:Oracle Database ApplianceOracle brought to market atrailblazing appliance. 2012 Oracle Corporation 22 22. 23 23. 2012 Oracle Corporation 24


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