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Live Tweeting defined and the importance of Live Tweeting.


<ul><li> 1. Live Tweeting </li></ul> <p> 2. Khutso Mahlape Community Manager at ZA Social Media Khutso_10 3. Table of Contents 1) Types of Live Tweeting 2) Commentary 3) Reporting 4) Verbatim 5) Importance of Spelling and Grammar 6) What is a hashtag? 7) Always use a hashtag 8) Play to your strengths 9) Add Photos 10)Make it a two-way conversation 11)Difference between replies &amp; mentions 12)Let others do the work for you 13)Participate 14)Thank the organizers 15)Follow up 16)Tools to track your hashtag 4. Types of Live Tweeting 1)Commentary 2) Reporting 3) Verbatim 1)Commentary 2) Reporting 3) Verbatim 5. Commentary 6. Reporting 7. Verbatim 8. Importance of spelling &amp; grammar on Twitter 9. What is a #hashtag? 10. Always use a hashtag #AbsaPremiershipAwards#AbsaPremiershipAwards 11. Play to your strengths 12. Add photos 13. Make it a two-way conversation 14. Difference between @replies &amp; @mentions 15. @replies 16. @mentions 17. Let others do the work for you 18. Participate 19. Thank the organizers 20. TOOLS TO TRACK YOUR HASHTAG 21. Thank You 22. END </p>