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Listening/Notetaking Strategies. By Karen Phillips. Be Prepared!. L.O. Students will practice listening and note taking strategies. Sit up and face the speaker!! Clear your mind and focus on the speaker. Watch/listen/be ready for when speaker begins!. Notetaking. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Listening/Notetaking Strategies

    By Karen Phillips

  • L.O. Students will practice listening and note taking strategies.

    Sit up and face the speaker!!Clear your mind and focus on the speaker.Watch/listen/be ready for when speaker begins!

  • Notetaking

    Create acronyms for repeated names and phrases:Examples: Notetaking (NT)Chris Rock(CR)Statue of Liberty(SOL)

  • Notetaking

    Frst X u hear names of peple, plces, + impt events

  • Sample Abbreviationsbecausebecbefore b4withw/withoutw/oand, also +is=WhyyAmericaAmerindividualindivhistoryhistnumber#liberallib


  • Your Abbreviations.

  • Listening

    Notice pauses that indicate something important.Notice speakers emphasis on certain words, phrases, or sentences.Notice body gestures that emphasize what speaker is saying.


  • Listening Activate prior knowledge. Relate what you hear to what you already know and your own life. Visualize what you are hearing. Listen for a purpose - to understand what the storys about.

  • NotetakingDont write in full sentences.Leave out unimportant words such as: the, aSkip lines between major ideas to indicate a change of ideas and to make re-reading easier.s

  • NotetakingTo show importance, use bullets, *stars, arrows, underlining**When speaker indicates importance through voice or body emphasis, use these symbols.

  • NotetakingUse abbreviations. Create your own. You can use IMing abbreviations, but be sure to only use them while notetaking, not for homework, projects, or other papers.Omit vowels, for example: people pepl;background = bckgrnd


  • NotetakingDont write in full sentences:2pac-rapper shot-died 9/14/96.Omit or shorten endings:democratic = dem geography = geog document=docfighting = fightng


  • NotetakingListen for purpose. Be sure to get down on paper: who names of people w/identifying words: King, musician, student, athletewhat impt events, challenges, problems, possible solutions, resolution of problem how things worked out.

  • Notetakingwhen dates: years, months, centuries, seasons, time. April 4, 1960 = 4/4/1960; winter; 9 a.m.where names of places: cities, states, countries, regions. Abbreviate, e.g. Gettysburg= Gtysbrg; if Gtysbrg repeted, use Gwhy Causes


  • Suggested Notetaking FormatBullet each note.Leave space between each bullet.If you think youve missed something important, write a line, so on the 2nd reading youll know to fill in info.Sandy alwys wntd 2 be - /During 2nd reading, fill in what you missed in the spaces between the lines and in underline signals you left for yourself.

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