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List of all horse breeds


<ul><li><p>Light or saddle horse breeds</p><p>Heavy or draft horse breeds</p><p>List of horse breedsFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p><p>This page is a list of horse and pony breeds, and also includes terms fortypes of horse that are not breeds but are commonly mistaken for breeds.While there is no scientifically accepted definition of the term "breed,"[1]a breed is defined generally as having distinct true-breedingcharacteristics over a number of generations; its members may be called"purebred". In most cases, bloodlines of horse breeds are recorded with abreed registry. However, in horses, the concept is somewhat flexible, asopen stud books are created for developing horse breeds that are not yetfully true-breeding. Registries also are considered the authority as towhether a given breed is listed as a "horse" or a "pony". There are also anumber of "color breed", sport horse, and gaited horse registries forhorses with various phenotypes or other traits, which admit any animalfitting a given set of physical characteristics, even if there is little or noevidence of the trait being a true-breeding characteristic. Other recordingentities or specialty organizations may recognize horses from multiplebreeds, thus, for the purposes of this article, such animals are classifiedas a "type" rather than a "breed".</p><p>The breeds and types listed here are those that already have a Wikipediaarticle. For a more extensive list, see the List of all horse breeds inDAD-IS.</p><p>For additional information, see horse breed, horse breeding and theindividual articles listed below. Additional articles may be listed underCategory:Horse breeds and Category:Types of horse.</p><p>Contents1 Horse breeds</p><p>1.1 AC</p><p>1.2 D-K</p><p>1.3 L-R</p><p>1.4 S-Z2 Pony breeds</p><p>2.1 A-K</p><p>2.2 L-Z</p><p>3 Color "breeds"</p></li><li><p>3 Color "breeds"4 Types of horse</p><p>4.1 Modern types</p><p>4.2 Archaic types5 Extinct subspecies and breeds</p><p>5.1 Extinct subspecies</p><p>5.2 Early prototypes</p><p>5.3 Extinct breeds</p><p>6 See also</p><p>7 References</p><p>8 External links</p><p>Horse breedsMain article: Horse</p><p>Horses are members of Equus ferus caballus that generally mature to be 14.2 hands (58 inches (150 cm)) ortaller, but many breed registries do accept animals under this height and classify them as "horses," as horsecharacteristics include factors other than height. For the purposes of this page, if a breed registry or stud bookclassifies the breed as a horse, it is listed here as a horse, even if some representatives are pony-sized or havesome pony characteristics. Pony breeds are listed in the next section, below.</p><p>ACAbaco Barb, see Barb horseAbtenauerAbyssinian horseAegidienbergerAkhal-TekeAlbanian horseAltai horseAltr Real, see LusitanoAmerican Cream DraftAmerican Indian HorseAmerican Paint HorseAmerican Quarter HorseAmerican SaddlebredAmerican WarmbloodAndalusian horse some bloodlines also called Pura Raza Espaola (PRE) or Pure Spanish-bredAndravida horse</p></li><li><p>Anglo-ArabianAnglo-Arabo-Sardo, see Sardinian Anglo-ArabAnglo-KabardaAppaloosa"Appendix," see American Quarter HorseAraAppaloosa, also called Ara-Appaloosa, Arappaloosa or AraloosaArabian horseArdennes horse, or ArdennaisArenberg-NordkirchenArgentine Criollo, see Criollo horseAsturcnAugeronAustralian Brumby, see BrumbyAustralian Draught HorseAustralian Stock HorseAustrian WarmbloodAuvergne horseAuxoisAvelignese, see HaflingerAzerbaijan horseAzteca horseBaise horse, also known as GuangxiBalearic horse, see Mallorqun and MenorqunBalikun horseBaluchi horseBan'eiBanker HorseBarb horseBardigianoBashkir Curly, see Curly horseBasque mountain horseBavarian WarmbloodBelgian horseBelgian Warmblood (includes Belgian Half-blood)Bhutia Horse, also Bhotia, Bhote ghoda, Bhutan, Bhutani, BhutuaBlack Forest Horse, also called Black Forest cold blood or Schwarzwlder KaltblutBlazer horseBoulonnais horseBrabant, see Belgian horseBrandenburgerBrazilian Sport Horse (Brasileiro de Hipismo)Breton horse, or Trait BretonBrumbyBudyonny horse or BudennyBurguete horseByelorussian Harness horseCalabrese horseCamargue horseCamarillo White HorseCampeiro</p></li><li><p>CampolinaCanadian horseCanadian PacerCarolina Marsh TackyCarthusian horse, see Andalusian horseCaspian horseCastilian horse, see Andalusian horseCastillonnaisCatria horseCavallo Romano della Maremma LazialeChickasaw Horse, see Florida Cracker HorseChilean horse (also known as Chilean Corralero)Choctaw horseCleveland BayClydesdale horseColonial Spanish Horse, see Types of Horse, belowColorado RangerColdblood trotterComtois horseCorsican horseCosta Rican Saddle HorseCretan horse, see Messara horseCriollo horse, also spelled CriouloCroatian ColdbloodCuban CriolloCumberland Island horseCurly HorseCzech warm blood</p><p>D-KDaliboz, see Azerbaijan horseDanish WarmbloodDanube Delta horseDole Gudbrandsdal, also called Dole,or DlahestDon, see Russian DonDongola horseDraft Trotter, also called Light Dole, Dole Trotter, see Coldblood trotterDutch harness horseDutch Heavy DraftDutch WarmbloodEast BulgarianEast Friesian horse, see Ostfriesen and Alt-OldenburgerEstonian DraftEstonian horseFalabellaFaroese or Faroe horse, see Faroe pony in pony sectionFinnhorse, or Finnish Horse</p></li><li><p>Fleuve, see FoutaFjord horse also called Norwegian Fjord HorseFlorida Cracker HorseFouta or FoutankFrederiksborg horseFreibergerFrench TrotterFriesian cross (includes Friesian Sport Horses)Friesian horseFriesian Sporthorse (a type of Friesian cross)Furioso-North StarGaliceno or GaliceoGalician Pony (Caballo de pura raza Gallega)Gelderland horseGeorgian Grande HorseGerman Warmblood or ZfDP, see Types section, belowGiara HorseGidranGroningen HorseGypsy horse, sometimes called "Gypsy Vanner," "Vanner Horse," "Gypsy Cob," and "Coloured Cob"Hackney horseHaflingerHanoverian horseHeck horseHeihe horseHenson horseHirzaiHispano-BretnHispano-rabe also known as Hispano or Spanish Anglo-ArabHolsteiner horseHungarian WarmbloodIcelandic horseIomudIrish Draught, also spelled Irish DraftIrish Sport Horse sometimes called Irish HunterItalian Heavy DraftItalian TrotterJaca NavarraJeju horseJutland horseKabarda horse, also known as Kabardian or KabardinKaimanawa horsesKalmyk horseKarabairKarabakh horse also known as Azer AtKarossier see Ostfriesen and Alt-OldenburgerKarachai horseKathiawariKazakh HorseKentucky Mountain Saddle Horse</p></li><li><p>Kiger MustangKinsky horseKisber FelverKiso HorseKladruberKnabstrupperKonikKustanair</p><p>L-RLatvian horseLipizzan or LipizzanerLithuanian Heavy DraughtLokaiLosino horseLusitanoLyngshest, see Nordlandshest/ LyngshestM'Bayar, see FoutaMalopolskiMallorqunMangalargaMangalarga MarchadorMaremmanoMarismeo horseMarsh Tacky, see Carolina Marsh TackyMarwari horseMecklenburgerMeimurje horseMenorqunMrens horseMessara horseMezhegyesi sport-horse (sportl), orMezhegyes felver, see Hungarian WarmbloodMetis Trotter, see Russian TrotterMiniature horseMisaki horseMissouri Fox TrotterMonchinaMongolian HorseMonterufolinoMorabMorgan horseMoyle horseMurakoz horse, Murkozi, or Murakzi l (Hungary)MurgeseMustang horseNamib Desert HorseNangchen horse</p></li><li><p>National Show HorseNez Perce HorseNivernais horseNokota horseNoma, see Noma pony, in Pony sectionNonius horseNooitgedachterNordlandshest/ LyngshestNoriker horse, also called PinzgauerNorman CobNorsk Kaldblodstraver (Norwegian coldblood trotter), see Coldblood trotterNorth American Single-Footer horseNorth Swedish HorseNorwegian Fjord, see Fjord horseNovokirghizOberlander HorseOldenburg horse, also spelled Oldenburgh, OldenburgerOrlov trotterOstfriesen and Alt-OldenburgerPaint, see American Paint HorsePampa horsePaso FinoPentro horsePercheronPersano horsePeruvian Paso, sometimes called Peruvian Stepping HorsePintabianPleven horsePoitevin horse also called MulassierPosavac horsePottok, see pony sectionPryor Mountain MustangPrzewalski's horse, also known as Takhi, Mongolian Wild Horse or Asian Wild Horse. (Species, not a"breed" but listed here for convenience)Purosangue OrientaleQatganiQuarabQuarter Horse, see American Quarter HorseRacking horseRetuerta horseRhenish German Coldblood also known as Rhineland Heavy DraftRhinelander horseRiwoche horseRocky Mountain HorseRomanian SporthorseRottaler, see Heavy warmbloodRussian DonRussian Heavy DraftRussian Trotter</p></li><li><p>S-ZSaddlebred, see American SaddlebredSalerno horseSamolaco horseSan Fratello horseSarcidano horseSardinian Anglo-Arab, also known as Sardinian HorseSchleswig ColdbloodSella ItalianoSelle FranaisShagya ArabianShire horseSiciliano indigenoSilesian horseSorraiaSokolsky horseSouth German Coldblood also known as Sddeutsches KaltblutSoviet Heavy DraftSpanish Barb see Barb horseSpanish Jennet Horse, modern, not to be confused with the historic Jennet or Spanish Jennet (see Archaictypes, below)Spanish MustangSpanish-Norman horseSpanish Tarpan, see SorraiaSpiti HorseSpotted Saddle horseStandardbred horseSuffolk PunchSvensk Kallblodstravare (Swedish coldblood trotter), see Coldblood trotterSwedish ArdennesSwedish WarmbloodSwiss WarmbloodTaishuhTawleedTchernomor, see Budyonny horseTennessee Walking HorseTersk horseThoroughbredTinker horse, see Gypsy horseTiger HorseTolfetanoTori horseTrait Du NordTrakehnerTuigpaard, see Dutch harness horseUkrainian Riding HorseUnmol HorseUzunyaylaVentasso horse (Cavallo Del Ventasso)</p></li><li><p>Virginia highlanderVlaamperdVladimir Heavy DraftVyatka, see pony sectionWaler horse, also known as Waler or AustralianWalerWalkaloosaWarmblood, see "Types of horse" below, orindividual warmblood breed articlesWarlanderWelsh Cob (Section D), see Welsh ponyWestphalian horseWielkopolskiWrttemberger or WrttembergXilingol horseYakutian horseYili horseYonaguni horseZaniskariZweibrckeremaitukas, also known as Zemaituka, Zhumd,Zhemaichu, or Zhmudk, see Pony section.</p><p>Pony breedsMain article: Pony</p><p>Ponies are usually classified as members of Equus caballus that mature at less than 14.2 hands. However, somepony breeds may occasionally have individuals who mature over 14.2 but retain all other breed characteristics.There are also some breeds that now frequently mature over 14.2 hands due to modern nutrition andmanagement, yet retain the historic classification "pony." For the purposes of this list, if a breed registryclassifies the breed as a "pony," it is listed here as such, even if some individuals have horse characteristics.</p><p>(Because of this designation by the preference of a given breed registry, most miniature horse breeds are listedas "horses," not ponies)</p><p>A-KAmerican Shetland, see Shetland ponyAmerican Walking PonyAnadolu pony also called Anadolu AtiAriegeois Pony see Mrens horse in horse sectionAssateague Pony, see Chincoteague PonyAsturian pony, see Asturcon in horse sectionAustralian PonyAustralian Riding PonyBali PonyBashkir Pony</p></li><li><p>Basque Pony, see PottokBasuto pony, also spelled Basotho ponyBatak PonyBhutia Pony, see Bhutia Horse and Indian Country BredBoer PonyBosnian PonyBritish Riding Pony, see Riding Pony in "types of horse" sectionBritish Spotted PonyBurmese PonyCarpathian Pony, see Hucul PonyCanadian rustic ponyCaspian pony, see Caspian horseChincoteague PonyChinese GuoxiaCoffin Bay PonyConnemara ponyCzechoslovakian Small Riding PonyDales PonyDanish Sport PonyDartmoor ponyDeli ponyDeutsches Reitpony see German Riding PonyDlmen PonyEriskay ponyEsperia PonyExmoor ponyFalabella, see Falabella in horse sectionFaroe ponyFell PonyFlores pony, see Timor PonyFrench Saddle PonyGalician PonyGarranoGayoeGerman Riding Pony, also called Deutsche Reitponyor Weser-Ems PonyGerman Classic Pony, see Shetland ponyGotland PonyGuizhou ponyGuangxi, see Baise horseGo-xa pony, see Chinese GuoxiaHackney ponyHighland Pony, see also GarronHokkaido PonyHucul Pony, also called Huul PonyHunter Pony, see "types of horse" sectionIcelandic pony, see Icelandic horse in horse sectionIndian Country BredJava PonyKerry bog pony</p></li><li><p>L-ZLandais PonyLijiang ponyLundy PonyManipuri PonyMerens Pony, see Ariegeois ponyMiniature horse, see horse sectionMiyako PonyNarym PonyNew Forest PonyNewfoundland ponyNoma ponyNorthlands Pony, see Nordlandshest in the horse sectionOb pony also called Priob ponyPeneia PonyPetiso ArgentinoPindos PonyPoney MousseyePony of the AmericasPottokQuarter ponyRiding Pony, see "types ofhorses" sectionSable Island PonySandalwood PonySardinian Pony, see Sardinian horseShetland ponySkogsruss, see Gotland PonySkyros PonySpiti Pony, see Spiti HorseSumba and Sumbawa PonyTibetan PonyTimor PonyTokara PonyVirginia highlander, see horse sectionVyatka horseWelaraWelsh ponyWelsh mountain pony (Section A), seeWelsh PonyWelsh pony (Section B), see Welsh PonyWelsh pony of cob type (Section C),see Welsh PonyWestern Sudan ponyYakut Pony, see Yakutian horseYonaguni, see horse sectionZaniskari, see horse sectionemaitukas, also known as Zemaituka,Zhumd, Zhemaichu, or Zhmudka</p></li><li><p>Color "breeds"Main article: Color breed</p><p>There are some registries that accept horses (and sometimes ponies and mules) of almost any breed or type forregistration. Color is either the only criterion for registration or the primary criterion. These are called "colorbreeds," because unlike "true" horse breeds, there are few other physical requirements, nor is the stud booklimited in any fashion. As a general rule, the color also does not always breed on (in some cases due to geneticimpossibility), and offspring without the stated color are usually not eligible for recording with the color breedregistry. There are breeds that have color that usually breeds "true" as well as distinctive physical characteristicsand a limited stud book. These horses are true breeds that have a preferred color, not color breeds, and includethe Friesian horse, the Cleveland Bay, the Appaloosa, and the American Paint Horse.</p><p>The best-known "color breed" registries that accept horses from many different breeds are for the followingcolors:</p><p>Buckskin (horse), a color which cannot breed "true" due to the cream gene which creates it being anincomplete dominantPalomino, a color which cannot breed "true" due to the cream gene which creates it being an incompletedominantPinto horseWhite (horse). Some of these animals are registered in the United States with the American creme andwhite horse registry, which was once called an "Albino" registry until it was understood that true albinodoes not exist in horses. (see White (horse) and Dominant white for details)</p><p>Types of horseSee also Category:Types of horseA "type" of horse is not a breed but is used here to categorize groups of horses or horse breeds that are similar inappearance (phenotype) or use. A type usually has no breed registry, and often encompasses several breeds.However, in some nations, particularly in Europe, there is a recording method or means of studbook selectionfor certain types to allow them to be licensed for breeding. Horses of a given type may be registered as one ofseveral different recognized breeds, or a grouping may include horses that are of no particular pedigree but meeta certain standard of appearance or use.</p><p>Modern typesAQPS ("Autre Que Pur-Sang"), French designation for riding horses "other than Thoroughbred," usuallyreferring to the Anglo-Arabian, Selle Franais and other Thoroughbred crosses. Th...</p></li></ul>