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Today LinkedIn has become one of the Big Three in Social Media, along with Twitter and Facebook, and it counts more than 90 million users. But LinkedIn is not only for job searching. It allows you to build your Company Page, to list products and services and to get some great analitycs about your followers.


<p>Linkedin </p> <p>LinkedinHow to use linkedin for your social media strategy</p> <p>Linkedin, not just for job searching!</p> <p>Cristina SimoneSocial Media Specialist</p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media StrategyAgendaWhat about LinkedInLinkedIn: users, numbers and so on..LinkedIn profile at a glanceLinkedIn Companies betaOverviewCareers Products AnalyticsLinkedIn ADV at a glanceLinkedIn: tips and whats going onWebliography</p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media StrategyWhy should a Company have a page on LinkedIn?Its not what you know, its who you know (some guy that was wrong)*</p> <p>Its not who you know, its who knows you (some guy that was right)**From the webLinkedin in the Social Media Strategy3What about LinkedinLinkedIn has become one of the Big Three in social media (along with Twitter and Facebook);</p> <p>Its a business orientated social networking site: the main use is for business networking and recruitment;</p> <p>Its purely professional based and doesnt have the fun factor;</p> <p>It has similar features to Facebook in terms of friends called connections, status updates and possibility of ADV;</p> <p>Users can interact by using status updates, groups and discussions;</p> <p>Users can get recommendations from their connections;</p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media StrategyLinkedin: USERS, NUMBERS AND SO ON ..Users Registered: more than 90 million;Spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide;About half of users are in the USA;Top 3 country users: USA INDIA - UK</p> <p>Data Source:;</p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media StrategyLinkedin: USERS, NUMBERS AND SO ON ..Unique visitors (estimated cookies): 98 millionUnique visitors (users): 34 millionAverage time on site 8:10</p> <p>Gender: 39% female vs 61% maleAge:18 - 24= 26%25 - 34 = 51%35 - 54= 16%54 - any = 7%</p> <p>Data Source: Google Ad Planner;www.vincos.itLinkedin in the Social Media StrategyWhat about LinkedinWithout logging in, there is not much to do;You can search .. But the results are hidden behind the login ;Other tools are hidden in the footer of the pagebut are much more useful after logging In;Next step</p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media Strategy</p> <p>LinkedIn profile at a your profile and customize it!Add Applications: such as WordPress, Polls, SlideShare, etc;Join groups and participate to the discussions ;</p> <p>Check the completeness of your profile;Check Who's Viewed Your Profile?</p> <p>My profile: in the Social Media StrategyLinkedIn Companies beta (NEW!) Companies beta have been launched on April 2010;</p> <p>LinkedIn users can follow companies (as on Twitter), and the changes into Company will show up in the homepage stream;</p> <p>Companies Pages can be indexed by Google;</p> <p>Whats a Company page on Linkedin:It is essentially a company page visible to all its users;You may need to log on to your LinkedIn account before viewing the page;Companies list services, publish videos, create promotions and get endorsements from own customers/clients/employees;Its organized in 4 sections: Overview - Careers Products (NEW!) Analytics;</p> <p>If the Company page already exists, switch into Edit modeIf not go to Companies Home and Add a Company</p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media StrategyLinkedIn Companies beta (NEW!) </p> <p>Before to switch into edit mode you need to confirm the email domain of your company (eg.;; etc)</p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media Strategy</p> <p>LinkedIn Companies beta: 1section, OverviewCompany page could have information written by a representative of the company, or by demographic &amp; profile data;</p> <p>Its possible to add: Company description LogoCompany SpecialtiesTwitter AccountCompany BlogBasic Information (such as number of employees, website, Headquarter, etc)</p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media Strategy11LinkedIn Companies beta: 2section, CareerJob posting isnt a free service;Its possible to share the job on other social networks (such as twitter or facebook);</p> <p>Benefits for users:To understand the range of professional opportunities offered at the company;To understand the companys hiring practices;To hear employees at the company talk about their experience and learn more about the profiles of other employees at the company.</p> <p>Just to understand the look and feel of the Career pages in LinkedIn, you could check: IBM ; EBAY.</p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media StrategyLinkedIn Companies beta: 3section, ProductsTo add a list of product/services such as videos;other LinkedIn members can provide direct recommendations (the LinkedIn users profile image is attached to the recommendation);</p> <p>Just to understand the look and feel of the Product pages in LinkedIn, you could check: NABA; HP</p> <p>EDIT MODELIVE MODELinkedin in the Social Media StrategyLinkedIn Companies beta: 4section, AnalYticsIt offers the opportunity to check for page views and visitors, filter by the sections (overview, careers; product; all pages);</p> <p>It offers the possibility to compare analytics of own company with similar companies;</p> <p>It offers the possibility to have a lot of information about members that follow our Company:</p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media StrategyLinkedin ADV at a glanceIt appears on the website, LinkedIn Audience Network, in any of the ad placements on the site, including the medium rectangle advertisement on LinkedIn profile pages and the LinkedIn home page;may also be shown in the text link advertisement at the top of the home page (images and logos in the advertisement may be omitted from that ad placement)</p> <p>Similar to facebook: Ad variation, you can select your target (job function; age; geography:.)Pagament: PPC or CPMLinkedin in the Social Media StrategyLinkedIn: tips and whats going onOn November 30th, 2010, LinkedIn launched the new share button: an effective way to share relevant professional content with own business network on LinkedIn;</p> <p>Map your professional network to understand the relationships between you and your connections;</p> <p>Display a LinkedIn Profile or Company profile on the Facebook Page (free app);Available on iTunes</p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media StrategyWebliographyWhere I found info ..</p> <p></p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media StrategyThanks for the attention!For further information, contact</p> <p>Find me on Social Networks:</p> <p>Linkedin in the Social Media Strategy</p>