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1. Lindi Skin's Basic Body Regimen 2. Product Description Body Wash + Body Lotion Lindi Skin's Body Wash and Body Lotion deliver a potent, simple regimen for anyone who wants soft. Many normal soaps and washes strip away your skin's natural protective oils and can dry you out. Lindi Skin's Body Wash actually moisturizes as it washes, leaving behind a thin veil of moisture & leaving your skin clean & hydrated.Lindi Skin's Body Lotion is best applied directly out of the shower so that it can lock in much of that hydration. Our Body Lotion has a rich mix of nutrients and rare botanicals that calm red, irritated skin, prevent itching, and provide moisture. 3. The Basic Body Regimen is an outstanding "starter" regimen for anyone who wants soft, itch-free skin over their entire body. Whether you are dealing with medical skin issues, or you just want healthy, happy skin, this Collection is a great place to start.The sizes of the bottles are: Face Serum: 1 oz. Body Lotion: 8 oz. Soothing Balm: 4 oz. 4. All Lindi Skin products are: Dermatologist Approved Allergy Tested Paraben Free Never Tested on Animals Clinically Proven Made in the USA 5. How To Use: Body Wash: Use instead of soap in shower, bath or for hand washing. Apply directly to skin with hands or use a wash cloth, soft sponge or bath puff. Rinse with water. The gentle formula washes and moisturizes without foaming.Body Lotion: Best used while skin is still wet. Apply liberally after a bath or shower using Lindi Skin Body Wash. May be applied as often as needed throughout the day. 6. Sources: 7. Sources:


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