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A description of the unique and meaningful work of the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive.


<ul><li><p>... . </p><p>" </p><p>, ,,~, </p><p>The LamlYffi&gt;eWisdom ... ",11;"" I PO 80&gt;;636. Lincoln.M"'OI77) lISA </p><p> --, </p><p>, " , </p><p>.. </p></li><li><p>~'" lie (or'ucmpor~ry teaching. aimed at trans/ormlng .ulfteo- pubIo"""''' Of otherwise. ~ the ~ntial to do""", we un wilh 1M va&gt;l resou.ces we """" at out d'spoul. </p><p>W. are looking '0 btcor-ne!he world "a"", In .... _-medla Dharma pub llutian" "wing ... ""ncN NIooks Ih~1 ,""t~in nol onl)' Wf~'''' leacll109' bY I .'.0 lhe 0010 from whk h lhey came. video when ."oII lable.lIhOtoo' .ph. from Ihose II'""hlO9 evenl, Of 'imi'" ooes.and link. 10 .elated a-d.k,.. and 'I" o;oo",e'.ThI. will bl ,ead,ng book. Pr..wnting tM Dhow)'Oll qJI beeMtk _II. </p></li><li><p>FOR PRACTITIONERS OF TIBETAN BUDDHISM </p><p>in general.and students of lama Yeshe .... $ bam In T1bt1 in 1935. "', the "9" ohix ht enwed &gt;eta Monastery.lha .... wh .. e he mKlied .... ,11 1959, when the Chpa\ in 190 princi~ ~" </p><p>Together. the lama, be90n 19CMng Buddhism 10 WeSI~O"$ 0' !(oll"n MoN.,Cf)'. ~lh",.nd,,- N"l'OL in 1969, or&gt;d in 197. bc90n ,ravehng Ihc WO</p></li><li><p>L' \\ \ l'"hli,l",s \"II",,,li .. B"ddhi,1 'I(adli,,;.\,: </p><p>lY'oWo hal. ....,f50.000""'" in PItnI._ oIthtm ,,"n ll..-,' rood InIIo M'''''''lJ '7g ......... b ~wide ""9'tol" ~_ ..... od"w I IIIM4 sodII tn:E f' plgl", Youfladwwll.ond ~ln or6w f!\'9't-.. and bIo!P: ..:1_. '" ""gUdl ll:hir II! ond h ... ndht</p></li></ul>


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