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Joel Magalnick

KING-5 reporter Joe Fryer, bottom right, shoots video as students in Red Square on the University of Washington campus attempt a record: Most dreidels spun at one time. While organizers at Hillel UW didnt quite beat the record 618, they gave out more than 250 dreidels and nearly as many freshly fried latkes.

Evergreen: The hard conversations not taking placeEric Nusbaum assistant editor, JTnewsNoah Milstein enrolled at The Evergreen State College to learn about Paleolithic culture and technology. He sought out Evergreen because its flexible academic structure would allow him to create his own program of study. What he got instead was an education in political activism and campus politics. Milstein founded a pro-Israel group at Evergreen in 2008. He left the college feeling like a campus villain in 2009. At a school famous for its leftwing values, Milstein felt unable to function on campus due to the ever-present specter of his vocal Zionism. I became the token campus Zionist Nazi, Milstein said. It really was damaging psychologically. I felt like I couldnt trust anyone. I became completely paranoid. Milstein, who subsequently enrolled at Haifa University, was not alone in leaving Evergreen before graduation. Five fellow members of the short-lived club Students Interested in Israel Advocacy and Peace (SIIAShalom) followed suit. Milsteins experience, and others like it, are symbolic of what some key members of the states Jewish community see as a broader issue: A poisonous discourse over Israel that makes life at Evergreen uncomfortable for Jewish students, especially those with Zionist views. In this article and in our next issue well explore the nature of that discourse. Well ask whether Evergreen is a hard place to be a Jew or a Zionist, or whether debate aboutX PaGe 38


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Take a stand against boycotts this holiday seasonEthaN FElsoN JTa World news ServiceNEW YORK (JTA) Whats old is new, and unfortunately this holiday season, wrapped in a bow, is a boycott of things Israeli and Jewish. The relics of past boycotts from Nuremberg to Damascus are back. Uninterested in reconciliation, the extremist and myopic fervor that undergirds the campaign to boycott Israel should be a wake-up call for those who have hit the snooze button too many times. Issuing the latest appeal for boycotts is the North American affiliate of the Sabeel Center, a group that wraps its disdain for the Jewish State in a cloak of Christian concern. Sabeels leader has said that Israel operates a crucifixion machine and that security is a pagan god that Israel worships. It wields the word apartheid like a cudgel. The centers holiday boycott call targets more than a dozen companies because they operate in Israel or their owners are guilty of the sin of being Israeli, Jewish or affiliated with either. They manufacture goods in Israel, in the West Bank and in America. Their products include cosmetics, clothing, cell phones and prepared foods. Most cannot be tied in any rational way to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That gets to the heart of it. The so-called BDS movement (boycotts, divestment and sanctions) isnt here to help Palestinians; its a pernicious call to harm Israel and world Jewry. Its proponents seek to bring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into every sphere of American life. Boycott supporters dont seem to care who gets caught in their snare, including tens of thousands groups backing BDS support Israels right to exist as a Jewish state. Promote peace. Call on churches and others being roped into the BDS drama to seek something better. Israelis and Palestinians deserve peace: Two peoples, two states, living side by side. Their peace will come when the parties are confident. Foster reconciliation. Many organizations are working tirelessly to bring together Israelis and Palestinians, and Jews, Christians and Muslims. They deserve our support. Balanced travel missions demonstrate the complexity of the conflict and the need for peacemakers, not bomb throwers, rhetorical or otherwise. Stay civil. Avoid shouting and name calling. As tempting as it may be to call for a boycott of companies owned by Sabeels supporters, we need to reject ineffective and partisan virtual warfare. We are not the parties to the conflict. A zero-sum, scorched earth approach that thrives on division helps no one. Buycott instead of boycott. A few mud masks and an extra container of hummus cant hurt. Get involved. Thankfully, the alarm has gone off and friends of Israeli-Palestinian peace are pushing back. The Israel Action Network, a partnership of the Jewish Federations of North America and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, will mobilize Jewish federations, agencies and JCRCs across North America to respond effectively to the assault on Israels legitimacy. Get up. Get trained. And go to work.Ethan Felson is the vice president of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

courTeSy aJcSeaTTle

From left to right, adam Goldblatt, Marjorie Kaiz Offer, Racquel Holcman and Barbara Shulman went to the albertsons on Mercer Island on Nov. 30 to participate in a buycott, in which they specifically bought products made in Israel to support the country. That albertsons store has an expanded kosher section that includes a wide array of Israeli foods.

of American workers employed by these companies. In so many ways it is a boycott of American values. Estee Lauders sin is being owned by the volunteer leader of the Jewish National Fund. Sara Lee and LOreal are guilty of having been praised by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Another company is guilty of being owned by a friend of former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Also in Sabeels crosshairs is a California-based business building a green transportation infrastructure electric car charging stations in Denmark, Australia, Hawaii and Israel. Its owner was named to Time magazines list of environmental heroes. But he is

Israeli, so his company makes the list. What can we do? Here are some suggestions: Build bridges. Most Americans understand that such campaigns will not change governmental or corporate policies. So reach out to them in their churches, civic groups, where you work and in your neighborhood. The people calling for boycotts, divestment and sanctions are at the margins of public debate. Their goal is to poison the well at home. Dont let them. Make the case. Israel is the national homeland of the Jewish people. It seeks to live in peace and security. BDS is a tactic aimed to delegitimize Israel. None of the


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the rabbis turn

letters to the editorWords oF Wisdom?

Curbing our enthusiasmThe character Larry David plays on TV is one of the most annoying, infuriating people any one of us could ever meet. He is self-centered to the point of absurdity and his need to be right about everything jeopardizes his closest relationships. In the seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry tries to reconcile with his estranged wife, Cheryl. In the seasons last episode, Cheryls resistance is finally breaking down. But, in the meantime, Larry has been accused by a friend of putting a glass of water on a wooden table and staining the wood. He is convinced he is innocent and passionately searches for the real criminal. In the last scene of the season, Cheryl looks at Larry lovingly, and tells him she thinks they really belong together. They are about to embrace. But Cheryl has a drink in her hand. She puts it down on the wooden table so she can give Larry a hug. At that moment, Larrys eyes open wide and a look of horror crosses his face. He looks at Cheryl accusingly and says, Do you respect wood? The moment of tenderness passes, and the season ends. In the book of Devarim, we read the famous line: Tzedek, tzedek tirdof! justice, justice, you shall pursue. To be a rodef tzedek is to be emotionally churned up about whats wrong in the world. Yet the rabbis went out of their way to undermine this text. Why tzedek tzedek, asked the rabbis? Wouldnt one tzedek have been enough? They answered: Echad din, vechad pshara. One tzedek is to teach us we should pursue whats right. And, the other tzedek teaches us to compromise. Why did the rabbis do this? After all, compromise is about letting go of some of our desire for justice. But the rabbis understood that our unchecked passion for justice has the potential to do tremendous damage to our relationships. In Benjamin Balints new book, Running Commentary, he says that Commentary Magazine has lost some of its vibrance because it has settled into an ideological position that is too comfortable and predictable. There was a time, says Balint, that you could see warriors of the right and the left slugging it out in the pages of Commentary. Nowadays, you pretty much know what youre going to get when you read Commentary, and that is a loss to the Jewish community. I would add to Balints observation that this dynamic is true of the Jewish community as a whole: There is a loss of tolerance for diversity in our own community. We

rabbi Jay rosENbaum Herzl-ner Tamid conservative congregation

are increasingly quick to prejudge people based on what we think they believe, and we are more prone than ever before to demand that our loyal friends march with us lockstep on a checklist of issues which we determine are the right way and the only way. We say we love diversity. But do we really deserve that reputation? Can we really disagree with each other on issues close to our heart without name calling? If thats the case, no Jew should be called an enemy of Israel or a self-hating Jew because they support J Street. And no Jew should be ostracized or looked down upon because he or she belongs to the Republican Party. The recent debate over whether a mosque should be built in New York near Ground Zero is a good example. Wherever we come down on this issue, I think we can all acknowledge that this issue is complex. You are not an idiot or anti-American if you believe the primary value that needs to be upheld here is that of religious freedom. And, you are not a bigot and a racist if you believe that a mosque should not be built in this particular place at this particular time. The politics of contempt has become all too pervasive across the spectrum, on the left and on the right. The derisive labeling of the other and the crude lumping together of people weve decided are our opponents has stifled real conversation and has put a damper on the truly open exchange of ideas. Ive heard more than one story of friends and family members who have stopped talking to each other over political differences. Diversity begins at home, in our own community, in our own congregation, in our own relationships. Benjy Balints prescription for Commentary is a great model for community, too. We are far more interesting, dynamic, and ethically sensitive when we have not settled into a predictable way of thinking or acting. So, I want to encourage all of us to try this technique. Whenever were in danger of feeling a little too self-righteous, lets get in touch with our inner Larry David. The next time an argument threatens to get heated and personal, lets turn to our partner, our friend, or our neighbor and ask them: Do you respect wood? For the sake of shalom bayit, the time has come for all of us to curb our enthusiasm to step back from our own passion just enough to respect our friends point of view. We dont have to relinquish our deepest convictions. Just a little bit will go a long way to preserving the relationships that are so important to us.

Jewelry is something which can make even an ugly one beautiful. Seriously? I must be missing something here. Is this the best you can cull from the wisdom of the Ladinos (Ladino Lesson, Nov. 19)? I am appalled that something so trite and offensive would appear in our community newspaper. What exactly is the point of this Ladino lesson? Should we look for someone ugly to buy jewelry for? And exactly who is it that is playing God and deciding who is ugly and who is not? How about something to inspire? To uplift? To make us think? This was none of that. sheryl Kipnis seattle

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The gender disconnectDaN browN eJewishPhilanthropy.comThe Jewish communal world has a problem. Well, several, but today lets focus on one: The continuing gender gap in North American Jewish organizations. A recently released study, titled Jewish Communal Professionals in North American: A Profile, provides an unprecedented look at more than 2,000 Jewish communal professionals throughout the United States and Canada. Commissioned by The Jewish Communal Service Association and conducted by the Berman Jewish Policy Archive at New York Universitys Wagner Graduate School, the study provides the first in-depth look, across the organizational divide, at who is working in U.S. Jewish communal institutions, their education, responsibilities, training, compensation and more. The results are disturbing especially regarding the continuing gender pay and leadership inequalities that exists across the communal landscape. Women make up around two-thirds of all Jewish communal professionals, yet represent only 12 percent of leadership. They significantly lag behind men in compensation, with an overall gap of $28,000! Adjusting for age, years in the field, level of responsibility, hours worked, and degrees earned, womens salaries still trail mens by about $20,000. Why? Is it because many opt to work for smaller organizations that happen to have smaller budgets? Is it because women are not as strong at the negotiating table? Or men are stronger in marketing themselves? Or is it, plain and simple, gender discrimination are women just not provided the same opportunities? Jerry Silverman, the president and CEO of Jewish Federations of North America has said, I dont know that weve put enough emphasis on grooming women, building their capabilities, expertise, leadership. Thats probably true, and the federation system certainly has not been setting any examples in this regard. Its only recently, in San Francisco, that a woman has been selected CEO of a big city federation. Writing this time last year in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Shifra Bronznick and Didi Goldenhar (professionals at Advancing Women Professionals and the Jewish Community) said: If women the majority of the work force are not being cultivated for chiefexecutive posts, nonprofit groups are not making the best use of the dollars and professional development that they have already invested in their staffs. The persistence of the gender gap also signals a complacency that is at odds with the values and can-do spirit of these mission-driven organizations. And where is the seat of this problem? With the communal leadership. Communal leadership is, correctly, entrusted with the responsibility of managing its respective organizations. Communal leadership sets not only the agenda, but more importantly, the tone. And the lagging influence by women in many organizations does the community a disservice. Why is all this so important? Besides just plain fairness, all the organizations from the smallest start-up to the largest federations need to harness the very best talent thats out there. They need to not only attract, but also retain, the cream of the crop to drive their agendas forward. Seasoned talent is needed to fill the thousands of expected vacancies as baby boomers begin to retire. The gender disconnect is also a mindX PaGe 4

I didnt ask younger composers who I might like, and think are tremendous, and think that they have great careers for the future, just because we dont have that relationship. Seattle Symphony music director Gerard Schwarz, on his commissions for his final season. See page 9.



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W GeNdeR PaGe 3

Plan for the future with an Hebrew University


Gift Annuity


set. How can it not accurately reflect the communitys make-up? Women play such a powerful role in Jewish life. They disproportionately choose employment in Jewish organizations only to find themselves languishing in junior positions choked off from the air of advancement. Too many organizations are still run like old boys clubs. And, until this mind-set is changed, the problem will continue to fester. First, it is necessary to admit that there is a problem and then to speak about it publicly and often. This problem does not exist everywhere, however. Seattle may be ahead of the curve. Several Jewish organizations, most notably the Stroum Jewish Community Center and three of the six day schools, are led by women. Chief operating or financial officers at Jewish Family Service and the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle are women as well. Maybe were more progressive, says Judy Neuman, the Stroum JCCs CEO, meaning that men are more likely to shoulder some of the household and familial responsibilities that have traditionally fallen into the laps of women, whether they have careers or not. But Neuman said that given those competing demands, many women simply choose not to seek the highest positions of leadership.

Its not about capability, Neuman said. Its about opting not to go there. The Forward newspaper has been one of the very few voices speaking on this issue; other Jewish media need to join them. The depth of the problem needs to be dealt with and also the failure to really move forward during the past few years. It is necessary to speak out when panels, or contest winners, are not gender balanced. If this doesnt happen, there will be little or no incentive to act differently in the future. Unlike many other challenges the community faces today, this one can be rectified with some good planning and fairer advancement and compensation policies. All have a responsibility to do their part in not just breaking the glass ceiling, but helping to level the playing field. As several Hillel students declared, at the recent New Orleans General Assembly of the Federation system, the Jewish world is still an exciting place to work. Everyone should pitch in and address this most important issue. Like so much else, events have moved beyond conversation. Results are all that count going forward.Dan Brown is the founder of eJewishPhilanthropy.com. A version of this article originally appeared in the Jerusalem Report.

e are strong believers in Israel and what the nation stands for, says Martin Zelman. My family fled Germany in 1939, leaving everything behind. When we came to the United States, my parents, with five children, started from scratch. This country has been good to us, and Lois and I believe in the power of education. By creating an AFHU Hebrew University Gift Annuity, we are helping Israels most capable and deserving students.

through American Friends of The Hebrew University is a wonderful way to secure a highfixed lifetime income right now while providing for The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in future years.AFHU Hebrew University GiFt AnnUity rAtes



FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2011

Age 65 70

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74.4% 75 7.1% Ive spent my life as a leader active in Jewish philanthropy, 77.0% 80 8.0% says Lois. Its the way I was raised. Marty and I want to 81.1% 85 9.5% make a statement for the future. An AFHU Hebrew University 83.4% 90 11.3% Gift Annuity offers a win-win type of philanthropy. We receive Rates are calculated based on a single life. Visit http://www.afhu.org/charitable-gift-annuities a high regular rate of return during our lives, after which our gift supports the well-being For further information, please contact Beth Kyman at of Israel and The Hebrew 925-937-AFHU (2348) or email: University. bkyman@afhu.org Since 1925, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has educated Israels brain trust, producing leaders in every 1515 Oakland Boulevard, Suite 170 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 field. Establishing an AFHU 925-937-AFHU(2348) Hebrew University Gift Annuity northwest@afhu.org | www.afhu.org

Come run through the center of history in modern day Jerusalem. The newest international marathon traverses the Old City on a scenic course over the Mount of Olives and Mount Scopus, by Zion and Jaffa Gates, the Knesset and Israel Museum. Special packages available for U.S. runners, including airfare, hotel, tours, and race registration. For more information, please call 1-800-441-8908 or go to www.israeliconsulate.org.

AFHU_JTNews.indd 1

11/30/10 5:08 PM

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looKing For a FeW good teensThe Stroum Jewish Community Center is looking for a few good teens. The SJCC will send Team Seattle, teens ages 14-17 as of July 31, 2011, to the 2011 JCC Maccabi Experience in Israel. Twelve teen athletes and two teen artists will leave from New York on July 24, and return to Seattle August 5. During their stay, Team Seattle will participate in the JCC Maccabi Games, ArtsFest, and embark on a cultural experience exploring Israel. Apply and receive more information at www.sjcc.org or by contacting recreation manager Jessica Wilkinson at 206-388-0826. Priority registration deadline is Fri., Dec. 17.

inside this issuefive women to watchJTNews profiles five women from our region that are doing a wide array of amazing, important things within our community. Were excited about them we hope you are, too!


hanukkah parties galore!


Is it us, or did it feel like you couldnt turn around without tripping over some sort of Hanukkah celebration? We got photos from as many as we could find so we could show you what you hopefully didnt miss!

The maestros parting season


ladino lessonby isaac azosE

Longtime Seattle Symphony music director Gerard Schwarz sat down with JTNews reporter Gigi YellenKohn to talk about his history with the symphony, his inspiration for his final season, and the Jewish themes woven throughout.

breaking down a barrier


Se alevantaron los pipinos para aharvar a los bahchevanes.The cucumbers rose (in rebellion) to strike the farmers. Used in situations when a youngster, or someone without experience, thinks he knows more than an elder with much more experience.

The Israeli documentary Budrus, which opens in Seattle next week, is the story of a man in a Palestinian village that brings together his fellow villages and several Israelis to keep the security barrier off of his towns land, and the nonviolent movement that emerged from that experience.

a coming together of high schools


In Bellevue, the two Reform synagogues, Temple De Hirsch Sinai and Temple Bnai Torah, have long had a crossover of teens doing youth group programs. This fall, the two congregations decided to make the relationship a little more formal by merging their high schools.

Remember whenFrom December 9, 1994, page 1. Henry Friedman looks up at the mezuzah hanging in the doorway of the newly opened Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center.

The fires out, so now what?


The most disastrous fire in Israels history is out, but the political fallout is even greater than the ash fallout. Now the norths citizens must pick up the pieces and attempt to rebuild what theyve lost while the politicians figure out what went wrong.

wikileaks not so bad for Israel


The big hubbub around the hundreds of thousands of pages of documents released by the WikiLeaks Web site (the sexual exploits of its founder notwithstanding) has gone relatively easy on Israel with the exception of some bumbling diplomacy.

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morE a view from the u: now about that turkey The arts m.o.T.: walking in historic Israeli event crossword community calendar lifecycles The Shouk classifieds

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correction: The time listed for The Big Spin in the Nov. 26 issue was incorrect. The event is happening from 25 p.m. this Sunday, Dec. 12, at the Museum of History and Industry. JTNews regrets the error.

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Whats a Jew to do? new Years resolutions

publIShEd by j E w I S h TranScrIpT mEdIa


hanukkah celebraTions

JTnews . www.JTnews.neT . friday, december 10, 2010

kaTHerine lloyD/SJcc

Families lined up to light the 100 menorahs at the end of the Coming Home for Hanukkah celebration at the Stroum JCC.

Community CelebrationsJoel Magalnick raBBi SHoloM eliSHeviTz

Boys from the eastside Torah Centers Hebrew school reenact the story of the Maccabees for a group of about 200 at a first-night Hanukkah celebration at Crossroads shopping center in Bellevue. Participants lit a six-foot menorah built out of Starbucks cups.

Rabbi Jim and Julie Mirel sing Maoz Tzur following the candle lighting at the benefit dinner for MaZON: a Jewish Response to Hunger, held on dec. 5 at Temple de Hirsch Sinai in Seattle.

Keep the light of hope burning for thousands of Jewish people.Even though Hanukkah is over, your single act of generosity makes a real difference.

Give now, before year-end. Your Jewish community needs you.


friday, december 10, 2010 . www.JTnews.neT . JTnews

hanukkah celebraTions


Joel Magalnick

about 50 people showed up at the Pan Pacific Hotel on a rainy Tuesday evening to participate in the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattles Hanukkah Flash Mob. The group walked from the Cascade neighborhood to Westlake Park in downtown Seattle, handing out glow stick candles and wishing people a happy holiday.

Joel Magalnick

Miriam gets a little help making her hanukkiah out of clay. When it was dry and ready, she was able to watch the candles lit inside it.

Joel Magalnick

courTeSy JDS

Second graders Rifa, left, Celia, center, and Kaylee perform a skit at the Jewish day Schools all-school Hanukkah assembly on dec. 5.

The Seattle Kollel had a booth with decorateyour-own doughnuts, and Ben did just that. Then he ate it.

QFC has everything you need to Take Winter By StormBy Eric Miller, QFC Public Affairs Specialist 2008s treacherous winter saw storm after storm drop huge amounts of snow and ice on us that made getting from point A to B nearly impossible. Based on what we experienced right before Thanksgiving, it could shape up to be another very active winter for the Pacific Northwest. We owe it to our families and to ourselves to be prepared so that a weather emergency doesnt become a catastrophe, and QFC has what you need to be ready. Together with Take Winter by Storm and available at our checkstands, QFC is providing a checklist of emergency preparedness kit items for your home, work, school and vehicle. And they are all available at your neighborhood QFC: n Waterstore at least one gallon of water per person, per day n Non-perishable food for each family member for up to 3 days n Flashlight and extra batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9-Volt) n First aid-kit n Antiseptic towelettes n Personal hygiene supplies (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap)n n n n n n n n

Children/Baby Supplies Duct tape De-Icer Firewood Hand warmers Ice scraper Safe-T Salt Emergency candles

Other items to have close by in the event of severe weather: n Radio NOAA Weather Radio is preferred n Medications and other special needs items n ID and other important documents (birth certificate, insurance policies) n Waterproof Matches n Cash n Blankets n Whistle n Pen and paper n Walking cane n Entertainment items books, cards, music

Its also a great idea to keep your vehicles fuel tank at least half full at all times. If the roads are covered with ice and snow, you wont run out of gas during a long drive home. Should you become stranded for any length of time, having a blanket and a warm change of clothes in the car is very important. Pre-planning is the key to making sure that you and your family will have everything that is needed in the event of an emergency. For additional information and other ways to stay safe this winter, please visit www.takewinterbystorm.org. With QFC and Take Winter by Storm, you WILL BE prepared.

Eric Miller is the Public Affairs Specialist for QFC. He can be reached at eric.miller@qfci.com or 425-990-6182.


a view from The u

JTnews . www.JTnews.neT . friday, december 10, 2010

Shabbos Hodu: For Gods sake, have a turkey!Back in the old days when the Diaspora was known as Golus Jews knew how to party. What would it take to get a Jewish celebration going? Why, little more than an impending pogrom thwarted by the intervention of a wealthy local Jew who had the ear (and the purse strings) of the local prince or bishop! Every year, at the anniversary of the nullification of the evil decree, the local Jews would throw a Purim katan, a mini-Purim. Some communities even had megillah readings narrating the details of the planned atrocity and the heroic back-scene machinations that foiled the current Haman, yimach shmo! The contemporary celebration of Israel Independence Day, Yom Ha-Atzmaut, is the most recent reflex of this custom. Now, of course, instead of a Jewish queen, it is Zionism that comes to the rescue of the Jewish people from another place (namely, modern secular nationalism), saying yes to Jewish survival and no to past and future Holocausts. I suspect that even the ardent Zionists among us (and would ardent Zionists still be among us?) may agree that Yom Ha-Atzmaut is really best under-

martiN JaFFEE JTnews columnist


stood as an Israeli celebration by Israelis and should remain that way. So I ask in the spirit of Purim katan shouldnt American Jews find a way of celebrating America as a unique redemptive moment in the pageant of contemporary Jewish well-being? Isnt it time to acknowledge in a formal way on the communal calendar! the blessings that this country has bestowed upon the Jewish people? If youre with me this far, the next question is: Where on the calendar can we look? The Fourth of July? I dont think so. Its already drenched in Americana, for one thing; for another, it has no Jewish resonance other than the depressing fact that it sometimes falls on the Fast of the 17th of Tammuz. Not good. As it happens, the American holiday calendar already contains a perfect opportunity to infuse Jewish meaning into the American national saga: None other than the recently passed Thanksgiving! What could be more Jewish than a harvest holiday that celebrates the providence of God in leading His chosen people to the promised land and thanking Him for the bounty He provides?

Theres only one problem, of course: The Thursday thing. You eat your turkey dinner on Thursday night and what happens to Shabbos dinner on Friday night? Turkey leftovers? How does one give kavod to Thanksgiving without slighting Shabbos? Well, over the years, my family has evolved the perfect solution to the Thanksgiving conundrum. In our house we celebrate the Shabbos after Thanksgiving with the turkey dinner appropriate to Thanksgiving Day. We call it Shabbos Hodu (The Shabbos of Thanksgiving). This way, we do justice to the American dimension of being grateful for the blessing of American freedom while continuing to honor the Sabbath as a day to revel in the freedom of release from labor and, as we say in the kiddush, a memorial of the liberation from Egypt. Ill admit that the name, Shabbos Hodu, conceals a sly pun. In Hebrew, you see, the third-person plural imperative give thanks (hodu) is identical to the word for turkey. You know the Hallel Psalm hodu lashem ki tov (Give thanks to God, for He is good, Psalm 118:1)? Well, with only a twist of the translators art it could just as well be rendered Have turkey for Gods sake, its so good! If you doubt the linguistic legitimacy of Shabbos Hodu, I would note that it


has a pedigree that goes back to the story of Purim. The megillah informs us in its first lines that King Ahasueross Persian empire extended from mi Hodu ad Kush from India to Ethiopia. Hodu, of course is the ancient (and modern) Hebrew name for India. Okay, so if hodu also means India what does that have to do with a new world bird like the turkey? Chalk it up to the Zionist conspiracy! When the pioneers found it necessary to create Hebrew words for foods that never existed in the Bible or Mishna, and considered what to call this tasty new world bird, they naturally leaned on the precedent of familiar languages like Arabic, Polish, and Russian. As it happened, the Arabs called the turkey the Indian rooster (diiq Hindi), while in Russian and Polish it was known as the Indian bird (Indjushka, Inyczka). After all, it was native to India as in West Indies, that is! Why, even in Turkey, the bird is called Hindi! And that, my friends, is how the Hebrew turkey became hodu. So, you may ask, how did this new world bird, in its own habitat, acquire a Turkish rather than a Hindu genealogy? Let me appeal to the authority of NPR science blogger Robert Krulwich (Why a Turkey is Called a Turkey): Long before Christopher Columbus went to America, Europeans already had a wild fowl they liked to eat. It came from Guinea, in Western Africa. It was a guinea fowl, imported to Europe by, yes, Turkish merchants. It was eaten in London. So it got the nickname Turkey coq, because it came from Constantinople. When British settlers got off the Mayflower in Massachusetts Bay Colony and saw their first American woodland fowl, even though it is larger than the African Guinea fowl, they decided to call it by the name they already used for the African bird. Wild forest birds like that were called turkeys at home. There you have it all in a neat package, from Hodu to hodu, from Thanksgiving to Shabbos Hodu, from the old world to the new, from enslavement to freedom. So remember, when next November comes around for Gods sake, have a turkey for Shabbos Hodu!Martin S. Jaffee currently holds the Samuel & Althea Stroum Chair in Jewish Studies at the University of Washington. His award-winning columns for JTNews have recently been published in book form as The End of Jewish Radar: Snapshots of a Post-Ethnic American Judaism by iUniverse press.


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The arTs


Gerard Schwarzs farewell season: The maestro celebrates friendship as the source of new musicGiGi yEllEN-KohN JTnews correspondentEditors Note: This is the first in a multi-part series that will run throughout the next several months on thoughts from Seattle Symphony music director Gerard Schwarz during his final season.

When you do what you do for the right reasons, it usually works. Not always. But usually. Seattle Symphony music director Gerard Schwarz is assessing his legacy here, in the midst of his farewell season, a most remarkable time in his remarkable professional life. In the dining room of his comfortable Queen Anne home, with sweeping views of Elliott Bay at his back, the maestro settled in for a wide-ranging visit with JTNews. Many people get nostalgic at this time of year, musing about time passing, and about what has been done and what not. But as this city celebrates what hes done during 26 years at the Symphony, Maestro Schwarz speaks with more enthusiasm than nostalgia. What hes done for the right reasons, he says, has lifted Seattle Symphony, and its city, to new levels of prominence: More than 125 recordings, 12 Grammy nominations, two Emmys, and Benaroya Hall itself. The magnificent concert hall that came into existence during his tenure and in great part thanks to his personal campaign not only transformed downtown Seattle with its Chihuly-spangled beauty, but earned international praise for its splendid acoustics. And Schwarz himself has earned a slew of personal kudos, including ASCAP honors for exemplifying the ideal American conductor, Musical Americas Conductor of the Year, and Seattles 2009 First Citizen Award. Maestro Schwarzs Farewell Season, launched on Seattle Symphonys opening night in September, continues through June 2011. When its over, hell become the orchestras Conductor Laureate, taking the podium every now and then as a visitor, while he moves his career in new directions. He and his family plan to keep Seattle as their home base. While the orchestras new artistic and administrative personnel prepare for next seasonthe new music director, Ludovic Morlot, takes over next summer, and the new executive director, Simon Woods, in May Maestro Schwarz, this season, continues premiering new music and releasing new recordings. The 18 world premieres spread out across this seasons concerts reflect Schwarzs commitment to American music. He personally selected the 18 composers who received commissions from philanthropists Agnes Gund and Charles Simonyi. These commissions came up because I identified my closest associates who are composers, my closest friends of long standing, Schwarz emphasizes. I only thought about one thing, and thats the

music that they write, and the fact that we had a relationship. So I didnt ask younger composers who I might like, and think are tremendous, and think that they have great careers for the future, just because we dont have that relationship. Sharing the programs with Beethovens Ninth Symphony in concerts on and around New Years Eve will be the world premiere of Prelude to Black Swan, an interpretation of Brahms by Bright Sheng, one of several former Seattle Symphony composers-in-residence to receive a Gund/Simonyi commission. The oldest of the commissioned composers is Gunther Schuller. He and I started working together when I was a trumpet player 43 years ago, Schwarz recalls. We were very close. It was a wonderful period. I havent done much with Gunther in recent years, so it also gave me the opportunity to reconnect. Schuller has written a huge work, big orchestra, very fun, wild, eccentric in a way, also very short. I think it will be perfect. That commission, Bagatelle: With Swing, will be performed Jan. 6 and 8. Schwarzs nostalgia muscle warms up and stretches back: Ellen Zwillich (February 3, 5, 6) was a friend when we were both at Juilliard together. She wrote for

the trumpet a lot. She might even have played the trumpet, I dont know. She was the [associate] producer of my famous Haydn/Hummel Trumpet Concertos. Schwarz has brought commissions to other old friends: Bernard Rands (December 7), Augusta Read Thomas (opening night, September 2010), Aaron Kernis (October), Portland-based David Schiff (March 31, 2011). Current composer-inresidence Samuel Jones premiered a piece in October; former composers-in-residence include David Stock (November) and Richard Danielpour (April 2-3, 2011). Some of Robert Beasers music (February 17-19) is included on Schwarzs recordings for the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music. The season will conclude with new works by Paul Schoenfield (June 2, 4, 5) and Philip Glass (June 16 and 18). Another project in honor of the Farewell Season: Two new recordings. Schwarz and Seattle Symphony have just released a three-disc set of all four Brahms Symphonies. Seattle Symphony and I have performed the Brahms symphonies more than one hundred times together, the conductor notes. The orchestra will perform the Brahms 4th Symphony in concert this season, too, on one of its new

Rush Hour concerts, February 4. And just in time for their traditional New Years Eve performances of Beethovens Ninth Symphony, Schwarz and the orchestra have this month released a new recording of the Beethoven 9th, famous for its Ode to Joy finale. Both Beethoven and Brahms recordings are being distributed by Seattle Symphony, available on amazon.com, cdbaby, and at the Symphonys Symphonica store in the Boeing Gallery at Benaroya Hall. Gerard Schwarz embraces his Jewish identity, making it an active part of his artistic life. More about that and about the TV show hes working on, in the next parts of this conversation. But for now, a bit more of Schwarzs self-assessment: What Ive done all my life, whether its been my personal life or my musical life, Ive always tried to do everything for the right reasons. Always. And sometimes its popular, and sometimes its not so popular. Yknow, you make decisions in an orchestra, as a leader, sometimes you do things and someone doesnt like you for it. But thats the way it goes.Visit www.seattlesymphony.org for ticket and schedule information on upcoming Farewell Season concerts.

Northwest Yeshiva High School Dinner and Auction

Save the Date

faces futureHONORINGPhotos by Debra Rettman

of th the he

Sunday, February 27, 2011 4:30pm - 9:00pm Hotel Olive 8 Seattle, WA Auction Co-Chairs: Bayla Friedman Treiger Julie Varon Silent and Live Auctions John Curley, Auctioneer

Moshe Genauer

Ruben Owen




The arTs

JTnews . www.JTnews.neT . friday, december 10, 2010

Budrus producer touts Palestinian nonviolencemichaEl Fox Special to JTnewsThe end of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will happen as a result of the everyday efforts of ordinary people, not the proclamations of politicians, filmmakers Ronit Avni and Julia Bacha are convinced. Encounter Point, their powerhouse 2006 documentary, focused on Jews and Arabs whod lost loved ones to violence yet were committed to forgiveness and peace. The duos new film, Budrus, spotlights a Palestinian man who forged alliances between local Fatah and Hamas followers to organize an ongoing protest joined by dozens of Israelis to stop the construction of the separation barrier on the titular villages land. The film came about very much in response to a curiosity and a desire expressed in the Jewish community in the West, in America, in Israel, where people were asking where is the Palestinian nonviolence movement, Avni explained in an interview after Budrus screened in the San Francisco International Film Festival in May. Often the phrase that followed the question was something along the lines of, If only Palestinians adopted nonviolence, there would be peace, Avni related. The film explores what it looks like when a Pal-

If you go:Budrus opens Fri., dec. 17 at the landmark Varsity theatre, 4329 university Way ne, seattle. check listings for showtimes.

aiSHa MerSHani

The Israeli army in Budrus.

estinian nonviolence movement emerges. And what is the Israeli response. If there are difficult moments in the film, we hope that that raises a discussion about what we in the international community can do to support truly nonviolent methods to resolve the conflict.

Bacha and Avni collected and organized verit footage shot by numerous professionals and amateurs in Budrus from the beginning of the separation barrier in 2003 through last year. Interestingly, and intentionally, they leave the films ending date vague for viewers.

Budrus is happening today in other villages, Avni says, so we didnt want people to think that the events chronicled in the film were of another era and arent relevant today. Avni, who was born in Canada and also holds Israeli and (more recently) American citizenship, and Bacha (who is not Jewish) see themselves as more than filmmakers. They founded the Washington, D.C. and Jerusalem-based organization Just Vision not just to funnel financial support for their documentaries, but to provide organized outreach and ongoing influence in support of those working for nonviolent resolution of the conflict. Media plays a critical role in exposing or obscuring the contribution that civil society has made and can make on this issue, Avni declares. There has been a disproportionate coverage of militancy and militarism compared to communities and individuals trying to problem-solve.X PaGe 11

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friday, december 10, 2010 . www.JTnews.neT . JTnews

The arTs


december 10, 7:30 p.m. eli rosenblatt live music Seattles perennial Afro-Cuban/Klezmer performer takes his act north on I-5. His warm, genre-blending songs will surely warm up the chill of a post-Hanukkah winter evening. At Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park. 17171 Bothell Way NE.

december 11, 5 p.m. robin goldstein and Friends reading and discussion Robin Goldstein is the founder and editor of the Fearless Critic Seattle Restaurant Guide. He will be joined by some of his fellow food critics, including Alexis Herschkowitsch, Carissa Bluestone, and Jay Friedman. Plus, there will be wine. At Elliott Bay Book Company, 1521 10th Ave., Seattle.

december 19, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. elves and the shoemaker Willow branch Puppet theater troupe Malya Muth performs Elves and the Shoemaker as adapted by DoloresRose Duanehauer, who also hand-created all the marionettes, the prop, and the set. The show features nine characters, plus narration and lots of singing and dancing. At Seattle Waldorf School, Huckleberry Hall. 1600 John St., Seattle. $8 children/seniors, $9 general admission.

december 12, 4 p.m. sJcc Jewish touch lecture series: adam stern The Seattle Philharmonic Orchestras music director Adam Stern discusses Aaron Copland, one of Americas greatest composers. At the Stroum Jewish Community Center, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.

december 24, 5:45 p.m. moo shoo, matzoh balls, and a couple of Wise guys dinner and entertainment This Christmas Eve, enjoy a little of everything with this new Jewish holiday tradition: A festive evening of Chinese food and a movie, plus Yiddisheh music, Jewish comedy, and dancing. At The Little Red Bistro, 400 Dexter Ave. N., Seattle. Tickets $20 at BrownPaperTickets.com or $30 at the door.

X PaGe 14W BUdRUS PaGe 10


In a sound-bite world, newscasts will always make room for shooting and shouting. But they cant compress long-term process into a 60-second segment. Its much harder to tell stories about slow, bottom-up change, Avni says. I think documentary film is uniquely positioned to tell those kinds of stories. They complement other forms of media coverage, and thats where our contribution lies. Budrus screened at the Dubai, Berlin and Tribeca film festivals, and received Oscar qualifying runs in Los Angeles and New York this summer. The documentary opens December 17 at the Landmark Varsity Theater in Seattles University District. As a liberal Jew, Avni is acutely aware of and sensitive to the attitudes of a segment of the American Jewish community vis a vis the Palestinians. I dont think the subject in our film questions Israeli concerns about security, she says. So audiences get to see that its not a zero-sum equation. [The Palestinians] are not calling for anyone to be endangered in any way and they are very clear about that. But they arent going to sit quietly when they are losing land and their communities are in danger. In conclusion, Avni offers a kind of challenge to her fellow Jews. What Id like to see in the Jewish community is a deeper discussion about what constitutes nonviolence, she says. We all have a lot of learning to do to understand it beyond the iconic images and clichs. I think Gandhi would be a good starting point.

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JTnews . www.JTnews.neT . friday, december 10, 2010

The Jerusalem Post Crossword PuzzleBy David Benkof

Washington residents walked in historic Israel event


When Lauren Mayo left Seattle for the Young Judaea Year Course in Israel, the Ballard High School grad probably didnt realize that shed get to participate in an historic event. On Oct. 28, Lauren joined the first Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure ever to be held in that country. The race (most participants walked) around the walls of Jerusalem was the inaugural event of the Israel Breast Cancer Initiative Collaborative, a new partnership between Hadassah, the Womens Zionist Organization, and the Komen foundation, which raises cancer awareness and money for cancer research. More than 6,000 men and women of all religions, many of them cancer patients or survivors, wearing pink, carried pink balloons and walked together, demonstrating their commitment to finding a cure for the disease.

DiaNa brEmENt JTnews columnist


Across 1. Yemenite Jewish singer Ofra 5. Erie or Panama 10. Ben Gurion carousel item 13. Cheers actress Pearlman 14. Excuse 15. First name in Holocaust novelists 16. Bruno actor ___ Cohen 18. Tiny particles 19. Skirts edge 20. 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Bar 22. ACLU President, 1991-2008 26. ___ HaTzofim (Mount Scopus) 27. Doofus 28. First day of the wk. in Israel 29. Arm of Israel 30. Israeli, for example 32. The Alter ___ 36. Make-up artist? 38. The Jerusalem Leonardo Plaza, e.g. 40. ___ on Entebbe (1977 film) 41. Essayist Ginsberg, AKA Ahad Haam 43. Give me your ___, your poor... 45. Acid 46. Slammer 48. Above 49. Hanukkah present, often 50. Vermont governor, 1985-1991 55. I n formation 56. Anne Meara, to Ben Stiller 57. Much 58. Longtime TV talk show hostess 64. Hawaiian garlands 65. One kind of change 66. Wrinkle remover 67. Eliminate 68. Short-story writer Keret 69. Addition column

Answers on page 38

Down 1. Mins. and mins. 2. Ive got it! 3. Eleventh minor prophet 4. Expressed amazement 5. One way to get around Tel Aviv 6. Fla. neighbor 7. Jerusalem mayor Barkat 8. End early 9. One-___ (Henny Youngman specialties) 10. St. Louis sportsmen 11. Its walked down on the way to the chuppah 12. Be admitted, as to Hebrew University 15. He played Lou Grant 17. Standing devotional 21. Seder number (questions, cups, sons) 22. Eichmann and Himmler 23. Snack 24. Former N.Y. Gov. Spitzer 25. WABC, e.g. 26. Waikiki wiggle 31. Chutzpah 33. Location of the Ner Israel yeshiva 34. Unusual kosher meat 35. Mini-whirlpool 37. Practices 39. Onion relative 42. Lean (on) 44. Mike Portnoys instrument for Dream Theater 47. Space ___ (Seattle site) 50. ___ Adumim (Jerusalem suburb) 51. Pennsylvania politician Specter 52. Kind of smartphone 53. The Complete ___s Guide to Jewish History and Culture 54. Like very few games 59. Egg ___ 60. Hard-rock center 61. The other woman 62. Actor Silver (Enemies: A Love Story) 63. Nav. rank

Survivors and organizers, a male victim of breast cancer even spoke, Lauren wrote. Bellingham resident Katie Edelstein walked, too. The Hadassah national board member says she planned to be there the moment the organization announced the event. The event began for her the evening before with a reception at the U.S. Ambassadors residence. She met Nancy Brinker, Susan G. Komen for the Cure founder and sister of the late Susan Komen, as well as Senator Joe and Hadassah Lieberman. That night, the walls of Jerusalem were lit pink in support of the race. The day of the walk, Katie wrote, she was thrilled to see Jewish, non-Jewish and Arab women (and men) coming together and walking side by side in the streets of Jerusalem for a common cause. It created an extraordinary image that proved people can work together under the right circumstances. Katie said she has been inspired and infused with greater determination to do what I can to fight the fight against breast cancer. A slide show of the days events is at www.hadassah.org. Seattle Chapter Hadassah will be holding a cancer-awareness event called Breast Cancer Exposed this coming spring. Watch for details in early 2011. Robin Rogel-Goldstein of Bellevue will be installed as a vice president of Womens League for Conservative Judaism at its 2010 biennial convention on Dec. 12 in Baltimore. Womens League is the largest synagogue womens organization in the world and almost 1,000 women are expected to attend the event. Robin grew up in Congregation HerzlX PaGe 29

courTeSy lauren Mayo

Lauren Mayo, left, with one of her Young Judaea Year Course buddies, after the Susan Komen Race for the Cure in Israel last month.


Lauren e-mailed me that Young Judaeans participated in the walk as an organized group activity and said it was a fun event. (Young Judaea is the youth program of Hadassah.) At the end there were speakers and music.

friday, december 10, 2010 . www.JTnews.neT . JTnews

communiTy calendar


oNGoiNG EvENtsEvent names, locations, and times are provided here for ongoing weekly events. Please visit calendar.jtnews.net for descriptions and contact information.

9:45 a.m. BcMH youth Services Bikur Cholim-Machzikay Hadath

11 a.m.12 p.m. Women-only Torah Study class Chabad of the Central Cascades

suNDays10:15 a.m. Sunday Torah Study Congregation Beth Shalom 7:3010:30 p.m. Heari israeli Dancing Danceland Ballroom 8:30 p.m. Talmud, yeshiva-Style Eastside Torah Center

tuEsDays11 a.m.12 p.m. Mommy and Me Program Chabad of the Central Cascades. Call for location. 12 p.m. Torah for Women Eastside Torah Center (at Starbucks Bellevue Galleria) 7 p.m. alcoholics anonymous Meetings Jewish Family Service 8:15 p.m. Psalms with Beth Huppin Congregation Beth Shalom 7 p.m. Teen center Stroum JCC 78 p.m. Hebrew i (alef Bet) Congregation Beth Shalom. 7:30 p.m. Weekly round Table kabbalah class Eastside Torah Center (call for location) 8:159:30 p.m. living Judaism-The Basics with Mary Potter Congregation Beth Shalom

FriDays12:303:30 p.m. Bridge group Stroum Jewish Community Center 12:303:30 p.m. Drop-in Mah Jongg Stroum JCC 9:3010:30 a.m. SJcc Tot Shabbat Stroum JCC 11 a.m.12 p.m. Tots Welcoming Shabbat Temple Bnai Torah

moNDays10 a.m.2 p.m. Jcc Seniors group Stroum JCC 12:30 p.m. caffeine for the Soul Chabad of the Central Cascades 7 p.m. cSa Monday night classes Congregation Shevet Achim (at Northwest Yeshiva High School) 7 p.m. ein yaakov in english Congregation Shaarei Tefilah 10 a.m. Jewish Mommy and Me West Seattle Torah Learning Center (at Hiawatha Community Center) 8:30 p.m. Talmud in Hebrew Eastside Torah Center 8 p.m. Womens israeli Dance class Lakewood/Seward Park Community Club

7 p.m. Beginning israeli Dancing for adults with rhona Feldman Congregation Beth Shalom 78 p.m. Beginning Modern Hebrew Congregation Beth Shalom 78:30 p.m. Modern Hebrew literature Congregation Beth Shalom (1st Wednesday) 79 p.m. Teen lounge for Middle Schoolers NCSY (at Congregation BCMH) 7:30 p.m. Parshas Hashavuah Eastside Torah Center 8:159:15 p.m. resurrection, the afterlife & reincarnation Congregation Beth Shalom

saturDays910:15.am. learners Minyan with ron Scheenweiss Congregation Beth Shalom (2nd Saturday of month) 10 a.m. Morning youth Program Congregation Ezra Bessaroth 10:30 a.m. adult Torah Study Temple Bnai Torah 5 p.m. The ramchals Derech Hashem, Portal from the ari to Modernity Congregation Beth HaAri Beit Midrash 6:30 p.m. avot ubanim Seattle Kollel

thursDays10 2 p.m. Jcc Seniors group Stroum JCC 6:50 p.m. introduction to Hebrew Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation 7 p.m. Junior Teen center NCSY (at the Stroum JCC) 810 p.m. Teen lounge for High Schoolers Congregation BCMH 89:30 p.m. Beth Shalom Beit Midrash Congregation Beth Shalom (2nd Thursday of month)

wEDNEsDays11:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Talmud Berachot Tullys Westlake Center 1:30 p.m. Book club at the Stroum Jcc Stroum JCC

Have you visited the new online Jewish community calendar? Find it at calendar.jtnews.net!

Camp Solomon SchechterJoIn uS for the Summer of 2011!

registration open now!registration now open

Check us out www.campschechter.org Info@campschechter.org 206-447-1967


communiTy calendar

JTnews . www.JTnews.neT . friday, december 10, 2010

candle lighting Times 12/10/10.......................... 4:00 p.m. 12/17/10 .......................... 4:01 p.m. 12/24/10 ......................... 4:04 p.m. 12/31/10.......................... 4:09 p.m. suNDay

11 a.m.12:30 p.m. choices, changes and challenges: Parenting a Tween or Teen Marjorie Schnyder at familylife@jfsseattle.org or 206-861-3146 or www.jfsseattle.org/ uploads/pdf/ParentingTeens.pdf As children grow they go through many changes. Parents must adapt to new roles, learn new parenting approaches, and adjust to a changing relationship. Gain insight and tools on three topics of significant interest. Led by professionals from JFS. $10 per session. At Jewish Family Service, 1601 16th Ave., Seattle. 25 p.m. The Big Spin! Laura Glass at Laura@thebigspin.org or 206-579-5372 or thebigspin.org Get ready for The 2nd Annual Big Spin! The blow-out

12 DEcEmbEr

Hanukkah event featuring music, fantastic crafts and delicious food. Join organizers to help raise money for Seattle Childrens Hospital. At MOHAI, 2700 24th Ave. E, Seattle. 59 p.m. lamplighter annual Dinner & auction Tammy Nguyen at tammy@mmscdayschool.org or 206-523-9766 or www.mmscdayschool.org Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheders annual fundraising dinner and auction. $90. At the social hall at Ezra Bessaroth, 5217 S Brandon St., Seattle. 79 p.m. rosh chodesh group Carol Benedick at carolbenedick@ bethshalomseattle.org or 206-524-0075 or www.bethshalomseattle.org Cynthia Gayle will guide the group in a bibliodrama on the first heroines of Exodus, the midwives Shifrah and Puah. At Congregation Beth Shalom, 6800 35th Ave. NE, Seattle.

or 206-861-3183 or www.jfsseattle.org/ uploads/pdf/EO_Dec10_V1.pdf Jews have lived in China for more than 1,000 years. Learn about the fascinating stories of the Jews of China in an illustrated talk by Rabbi Anson Laytner, president of the Sino-Judaic Institute. Please RSVP. Free. At Temple De Hirsch Sinai, 3850 156th Ave. SE, Bellevue.

W THe aRTS PaGe 11



1011:30 a.m. Jews in china Ellen Hendin at endlessopps@jfsseattle.org

14 DEcEmbEr

7:30 p.m. Heroines of the Bible Her Story, My Story Devorah Kornfeld at roshchodeshmi@gmail.com Presented by the Jewish Learning Institutes Rosh Chodesh Society, discuss six celebrated personalities in Jewish history in this monthly series. Connect with these women and enter their stories. For December: Sarah, the mother of intention, our matriarchs mission. Presented by Devorah Kornfeld. For women only. Cost includes materials. $75 for series. At the Community Center at Mercer View, 8236 SE 24th St., Mercer Island.

15 DEcEmbEr

Wednesday, december 22, 1:30 p.m. uncle moishy Family concert Premier entertainer-educator Uncle Moishy brings his act to Seattle. There will be singing, dancing, and Jewish learning at a show fit for all ages. Tickets $18/$10 kids, available at Island Crust Pizza, the Bikur Cholim-Machzikay Hadath office, and at the door. At Torah Day School, 3528 S Ferdinand St., Seattle.

garlic loverS we mean BuSineSS!

Join the Seattle BBYo 180@$180 CampaignSeattle Friends & Alumni Network needs you to join us in securing the resources necessary to help BBYO flourish in our community. This Year Seattle FAN is recruiting 180 community members to meet the funding needs of our regions. pleaSe Join our 180@$180 Campaign todaY! (https://fan.bbyo.org/support/donate/seattle)For more information, or to get involved in Seattle FAN, please e-mail mlemchen@bbyo.org or call 206.388.0837donations of $180 and above made by 12/31/10 will be generously matched 100% by the Spitzer Foundation up to $5000.

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Alana Antique & Estate Jewelry ..............................................16 Ben Bridge Jewelers ................................................................16 Bellevue Club and Hotel Bellevue ..........................................22 Big Picture ..............................................................................20 Embassy Suites Bellevue .........................................................18 Emmanuels Fine Rug & Upholstery Specialists......................25 Kaspars Events & Catering .....................................................19 The Landing & Northcut Conference Room .........................20 Madison Park Cafe .................................................................19 Nosh Away Catering ..............................................................19 Organic Table ........................................................................18 Shawns Kugel ........................................................................19 Talaris Conference Center .....................................................19 Tulalip Resort Casino .............................................................22 United Insurance Brokers, Inc ................................................25 Well Done Events ..................................................................18 What the Chelm ....................................................................16 Woodland Park Zoo ..............................................................22Photo courtesy of Kaspars

Focus on bellevueAcura of Bellevue ....................................................................25 Aljoya .....................................................................................26 The Bellettini..........................................................................17 Bellevue Club and Hotel Bellevue ..........................................22 BMW Bellevue........................................................................29 Crossroads ..............................................................................28 Druxman, Esther/Realty Executives .......................................27 Embassy Suites Bellevue .........................................................18 Evergreen Speech & Hearing .................................................27 Frimer, Mary/John L. Scott ....................................................32 Greenbaum Home Furnishings ..............................................27 Minor & James Medical ..........................................................21 Oh! Chocolate .......................................................................18 Overlake Hospital ..................................................................25 S. M. Piha Company ..............................................................29 Sky High Sports .....................................................................20 Temple Bnai Torah ................................................................23 Temple De Hirsch Sinai.........................................................28 Thai Ginger ............................................................................27 Uwajimaya .............................................................................29Photo by David Johanson Vasquez/Big Picture Photography


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Ben BridgeNears A Century of Service In 1912 a personal jeweler opened a familyrun store in downtown Seattle. Nearly 100 years later, Ben Bridge is still a family-run business, but one that has grown to more than 70 stores. Today, Bens grandsons Ed and Jon Bridge manage the company. They attribute Ben Bridges longevity and success to the companys commitment to quality and customer service. We want our customers to feel confident with every selection, explains Ed Bridge, thats why Ben Bridge has more Registered Jewelers and Certified Gemologists than any other jeweler in the country. Though nearing its centennial, Ben Bridge is still growing. This includes opening a second store at Seattles University Village one dedicated to the wildly popular jewelry line Pandora, and relocating a very successful Ben Bridge Jeweler in Alaskas retail district in downtown Anchorage. As they look to the next 100 years, the Bridge family knows one thing will never change: Ben Bridge is dedicated to being your personal jeweler.

Alana Antique & Estate JewelryEverything in Alanas is a treasure something exquisitely beautiful that cant be found anywhere else. People come to Alanas to find something different, says owner Alana Fornoni. They dont want something someone picked out of a catalogue or something all their friends have. They also would like to know the story behind the piece. Alana is happy to share that story, if she knows it. But she has observed that most people inherit a piece of jewelry with no idea who owned it originally or what its worth. With her expert eye and years of experience, Alana recognizes quality when she sees it and can usually tell the owner when their jewelry was made and its market value. For more information about Alana: Antique & Estate Jewelry, visit www.alanajewelry.com. The Web site has extensive photographs of inventory and pricing.

The Bellevue Club and Hotel BellevueThe Bellevue Club and Hotel Bellevue is a four-star, four-diamond, internationally recognized boutique property that provides a private retreat in luxurious accommodations. Located in Bellevue, they are one of the Eastsides premier, most-sought-after locations to celebrate a special event. Their versatile and beautifully appointed Olympic Ballroom is the perfect setting for your special occasion. Their newly designed ballroom has rich textural mixes of warm woods, resin walls and a glass focal point. Suspenseful, color changing accent walls and cove lighting match your dcor. Your guests will find the intimate scale and elegant atmosphere to be truly exceptional. Whether you prefer a sit-down dinner, an elaborate buffet or hors doeuvres reception, their culinary team will assist you in creating the perfect menu with classic elegance to suit your style. They will help you to create a spectacular event with their attentive and professionally trained culinary and service staff. Private, professional and prestigious, they are the Eastsides only social address. Contact catering@bellevueclub.com or 425-688-3380.

Big PictureBig Picture is now available for all-ages parties! So now you can reserve Big Picture to celebrate your birthday, graduation, sweet 16, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or family reunion. Feature your special star on the big screen and enjoy a private DVD movie party. Big Picture is affordable and uniquely entertaining. To book your memorable event, contact at 425-556-0566 or info@thebigpicture.net. They have two locations: Redmond Town Center and in Belltown.



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Klezmer, Israeli, Yiddish, Ladino and more For all occasionsInfo and Bookings:

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Embassy Suites BellevueWhether its a holiday celebration, wedding, birthday, anniversary, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, Embassy Suites Bellevue can help make it a special event. A beautiful six-story garden atrium with lush tropical plants, river and cascading waterfall, elegantly appointed ballrooms, great food, two-room suites for your overnight guests, and a professional staff, will make the planning process easy. Their in-house chef is happy to accommodate custom menu requests or you can choose one of their pre-planned menu options. Their catering managers can also assist you with choosing your DJ, florist and photographer. With a great location, just off I-90, they offer plenty of free parking. Book an event with at least 30 guests and get a free nights stay in a standard suite. Not good with other offers. For more information call Brittany at 425-698-6689 or visit www.seattlebellevue.embassysuites.com.

KasparsYou will remember your special day for the rest of your life, so choosing the right partners to help you is an important decision. The team at Kaspars Special Events and Catering, with more than 20 years of experience and a reputation for excellence, will support you through the entire planning process, including venue selection, menu creation, ceremony, and reception planning, ensuring you are stress-free. Family owned and operated, Kaspars passion is to provide creative, fresh cuisine and superior service at a reasonable price. They cater to groups of all sizes, both within Kaspars as well as at offsite locations including private homes. Whether you are entertaining a few or a few hundred guests, the elements for success are the same: Superb fare, impeccable service, the proper ambience, and the right caterer! Kaspars Special Events and Catering has it all. Call 206-298-0123, fax 206-298-0146 or visit www.kaspars.com.

The Landing and Northcut Conference RoomGive your casual graduation party an extra touch of elegance, welcome your teen into adulthood with sophistication, or make your wedding sparkle. The Landing also transforms into the perfect setting for your theatre performance, wedding reception, prom, live band, or dance workshop. The patio with open terrace setting extends the pleasant ambience of any special event. The Northcut Conference Room meeting facility is an extraordinary setting for your offsite meetings, conferences, executive retreats, and ideas for all-staff retreats. For more information, please contact 206-786-0627 or info@northcutlanding.com.

Emmanuels Fine Rug & Upholstery SpecialistsTheyve been cleaning rugs, carpets, furniture and fine Orientals for more than 100 years. You can count on them! Highest-quality carpet cleaning, custom in-plant rug washing, rug repair and blind and upholstery cleaning. They specialize in Oriental care, repair and mending and restoration. Emmanuels is the place to go for consigned new and antique Orientals, rug sales and appraisals, as well as on-site carpet cleaning and maintenance. Fifteen percent off all in-home services. Gift certificates available. For more information call 206-322-2200, fax 206-325-3841 or visit www.emmanuelsrug.com.

Guess who moved in this winter?Obviously frowny-face is stressed out from all the holiday preparations. And smiley-face? Hes sipping cocoa while relaxing in front of a warm fire. Be a smiley-face, move into The Bellettini Retirement Community before the holidays. All of your needs will be taken care of so you can just have fun. See, weve got you smiling already! Call (425) 450-0800 now to schedule your complimentary guided tour and lunch.

1115 - 108th Avenue NE | Bellevue | (425) 450-0800 | www.thebellettini.com


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Madison Park CafSimmering in Seattle for more than 30 years. The Madison Park Caf provides full-service catering for all your Jewish lifecycle events including Bnai Mitzvah, weddings, and other simchot. The caf offers French bistro food and professional service as well as wine, liquor, beer and rentals. Contact Karen Binder at 206-324-2626 or madisonparkcafe@aol.com.

The Organic TableLet The Organic Table cater your next event with delicious food made from seasonal, local and organic ingredients. Their menus feature a seasonal selection of local, organic fare from farmers, ranchers, bakers, fishermen, and cheesemakers who they have grown to know personally in conjunction with their sister restaurants, the three Seattle-area Portage Bay Cafs. Host your evening event in one of their cafs, or let the Organic Table come to you. From full-service weddings and Bnai Mitzvah to simple breakfast buffets, their team will create a memorable event that will garner raves from your guests. Visit www.organictablecatering.com or call 206-551-4084.

Nosh Away CateringNosh Away Inc. is a full-service kosher catering company servicing the greater Seattle community. Size and type of event have no limitations. Whether it is dinner for two, or a gala event for 2,000, Nosh Away will bring to bear amazing concern for the event by paying meticulous attention to all of the details that ensure success. Nosh Away has teamed up with many venues in the Seattle area to provide customers and guests with a wonderful dining experience, providing excellent quality and professional service. Under kosher supervision of the Vaad of Greater Seattle, their 3,000-square-foot, fully equipped commissary and bakery operates daily to provide for all of Nosh Aways catering needs. Visit www.noshaway.com.

Shawns KugelShawns Kugel is the premier Jewish band in the Pacific Northwest. Voted Best Jewish Band by JTNews readers in 2007, they have performed for enthusiastic clients for more than 11 years. They specialize in getting guests to participate in folk dancing and horas at weddings, Bnai Mitzvah and other lifecycle events. Shawns Kugel has released four CDs, with the latest being Odyssey. Check out Shawns Kugel on MySpace, CD Baby, or iTunes to hear some songs and learn more about this Northwest treasure. Contact 206-523-9298 or shawnsax@jps.net or visit pweb.jps.net/~shawnsax.

Let The Organic Table cater your next event with delicious food made from seasonal, local and organic ingredients.

Bnai Mitzvah, company parties, reunions, weddings, a cozy dinner for 50...What will make your event memorable, beautiful, and easy on you?




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Suite Simcha Flexible banquet and meeting space, accommodating events with up to 500 guests Extensive catering menu selections with special requests available Six story atrium featuring lush tropical plants and waterfall 240 spacious two-room suites Complimentary full cooked-to-order breakfast and evening reception daily Complimentary parking Premier location to Eastside synagogues and easy I-90 access Book an event and bring in this ad to receive 10 dozen complimentary hors doeuvres (min. 50 dinners, not good with other offers)

Contact our professional Catering Department at 425.698.6689 for more information or to book your next event.Embassy Suites Bellevue, 3225 158th Avenue SE, Bellevue, WA 98008

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Talaris Conference CenterTalaris Conference Center, a retreat, event and meeting destination that combines a distinctively Northwest environment with metropolitan technology and amenities, is located on 18 acres in a natural park-like setting near the University of Washington in Seattle. It is within walking distance of neighborhood restaurants, cafes and jogging trails. With 31 guestrooms, three large conference rooms, two intimate meeting spaces, multiple breakout areas and, for events, the Pacific dining room, this wooded oasis is an ideal destination for intimate training workshops, meetings, retreats and other events for up to 150 people. And if business or personal travel brings you to the University District, they are the perfect alternative to a traditional hotel. Contact 206-268-7000 or visit www.talariscc.com for more information.

United Insurance Brokers, Inc.Your insurance source since 1968 Commercial, Employee Benefits, Group Long Term Care and Personal Insurance. Contact Linda Kosin or Trisha Cacabelos at lkosin@uib.com. Located at 50-116th Ave. SE, #201, Bellevue.

Tulalip Resort CasinoWith more than 30,000 square feet of flexible special event and reception space, two ballrooms and an expertly trained catering staff, Tulalip Resort Casino is the perfect location to host a holiday celebration. The AAA Four Diamond Tulalip Resort Casino accommodates events of every size, from small gatherings to large functions with up to 1,500 attendees. Every need is addressed by a capable and conscientious staff, whether the requirements involve state-of-the-art technological equipment, customized catering or providing the ideal venue for social gatherings. For more information about planning a special event at Tulalip Resort Casino, please contact James Hillman at 360-716-6830 or james.hillman@tulalipresort.com.

Voted Best Jewish Band by JTNews readers in 2007

for all your Jewish Life Passages

full service catering

Minutes from the city. Miles from distraction.Talaris Conference Center is the ideal event and meeting destination on 18-acres near the University of Washington for groups up to 150 guests. Mention JT News when you book and receive 5% off your master bill! Call for details.*

Shawns KugelThe Northwests Premier Music EnsembleWeddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Special Events Contact: Shawn WeaverWeddings Rehearsal Dinners Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Special Occasions

approved caterer of uW Hillel

206-523-9298email: shawnsax@jps.net http://pweb.jps.net/~shawnsax

call Karen Binder (206) 324-2626Simmering in Seattle for 31 years




*Event must be booked by December 31, 2010 and take place by March 31, 2011.

Seattles Finest Kosher Catering419 Rainier Ave. N., Renton WA 98057 206-772-5757Glatt Kosher supervised by the Vaad of Seattle Meat, Parve, Dairy or Cholov Yisroale available

Kaspars will ensure your celebration is spectacular!Chef Kaspar offers exceptional Northwest cuisine along with a superior staff versed in weddings, rehearsal dinners, showers and b'nai mitzvahs. Kaspars dining rooms can accommodate up to 300 guests or can offer full service off-premise catering at your home or other special location.Visit www.kaspars.com for menus and upcoming events: Christmas eve buffet Cooking classes Chefs table

Ask about our new venues!JeWiSh WeDDiNGS OuR SPeCiAltYKosher banquet space available at venues such as: Benaroya hall, Seattle Marriott, the Westin, the Sheraton, hillel, Bell harbor, Redmond Marriott & more!

Bnai Mitzvot n Delicious boxed meals n Office luncheons and party trays Shabbos and holiday take out n Private home events

Free planning and consulting for every budget


a seattle tradition for over 20 years

19 West Harrison Seattle, WA 98119 206.298.0123 info@kaspars.com


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Well Done EventsWell Done Events are precious! They know that your anniversary, wedding, and Bnai Mitzvah events create memories that cant be done better the next time. No, these celebrations are the once-in-a-lifetime memory makers of your family story. Well Done Events is proud to make them memorable, beautiful, and easy on you. What makes an event Well Done? Communication skills, resourcefulness, and high energy.

Artistry, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail. A sense of timing, grace under pressure, and relentlessly high standards. They believe that a Well Done Event is a reflection of them, the founders and planners, so they give every event their best. Well Done Events provides complete event planning services in the Seattle area. They can plan it all or they can help with just a few items on your to-do list. On the day of your event, relax and enjoy your own party! Visit www.welldonevents.com.

Come Bounce Off Our WallsDodg

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Book online for hourly jumps or call to plan a party!

www.JumpSkyHigh.com425.990.JUMP (5867) SEAinfo@JumpSkyHigh.com 1445 120th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98005

Wear tennis/gym shoes & comfortable clothing. A parent signed waiver is required for all patrons under 18 years old.

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What the Chelm!

What the Chelm has enlivened simchot since 1993 and entertained at countless Bnai Mitzvah and weddings around the area. Public performances have included Northwest Folklife, Klezfest, the Juan de Fuca Festival and moving the Boise synagogue to its new home, as well as annual gigs for the Bellingham Parks and the Whatcom Museum. What the Chelm has just released its third CD, Til Chelm Freezes Over. The band plays klezmer, Israeli, Yiddish, Ladino and other types of music. Contact Dan Raas at 360-676-1621 or visit www. whatthechelm.com.



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Woodland Park ZooWoodland Park Zoo, one of Seattles most cherished community resources, is the perfect location for your next event! Set on 92 acres with more than 300 species of animals, the zoo offers 17 unique venues to host your Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, holiday party, picnic, meeting, wedding, family reunion or birthday party. Funds generated by your event help support the zoos quality animal care, education programs and field conservation projects to help preserve wildlife species and habitats in the Northwest and around the world. For more information e-mail groupsales@zoo.org, or call 206-548-2590, or visit www.zoo.org.

Weddings Events Luxur y Hotel Full-Ser vice Spa World Class Athletics

The most sought after event space on the Eastside just got a whole new look.

CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAYSat Woodland Park ZooCreate Your Own Winter WonderlandWoodland Park Zoo offers facilities for:Photos by Ryan Hawk

Yo u v e r e a c h e d y o u r d e s t i n a t i o n .

For event planning... call 206.548.2500 or email groupsales@zoo.org

425.688.3382 catering@bellevueclub.com www.bellevueclub.com 11200 SE Sixth Street Bellevue, WA 98004

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Reform Hebrew high schools merge to keep their teens in the foldJaNis siEGEl JTnews correspondentTemple De Hirsch Sinais senior rabbi, Daniel Weiner, knows what just about every Jewish professional knows that to keep Jewish teens interested in even the best extracurricular Jewish studies program, youve got to build in some major socializing time. Temple Bnai Torahs assistant rabbi, Yohanna Kinberg, picked up on a similar idea for the future of their Hebrew high school after noticing how many teens from TDHS and other Reform congregations in the Seattle area were showing up at its Tuesday night school, just to hang out with their friends there. It was a natural extension of the obvious for both of them, so in October of this year, they combined the two high schools for a trial run at TDHSs Bellevue campus. They move to Bnai Torah in February. It makes Jewish education more fun, and all agree that thats a good thing. So far, both congregations say the kids really want to come and that parents are happy that their children want to be there. Its a win-win-win for everyone. From a social science point of view, the 9th through 12th grade is a critical time where young people not only affirm their identity as human beings, but particularly as Jews, Weiner told JTNews. One of the most compelling aspects of any kind of high school program is the social component. They clearly all know each other and want to be together, echoed Kinberg. Some kids are there exclusively for social connections and some kids are there because they want to continue their Judaic studies learning. But part of the challenge of having a high school program like our program is the balance between social and academic. Outside of the religious school environment, Reform Jewish teens across the country who belong to the National Federation of Temple Youth meet hundreds of other Jewish teens at events throughout the year. Local teens can also meet their peers in other congregations through the NFTY-affiliated youth groups at Reform synagogues in the area. The individual groups often collaborate on programming, and combine their efforts to connect as many teens as often as possible. If we can reaffirm that cohort on a weekly basis as well as during the summer and during monthly youth group events, thats all to the better, Weiner said. About 130 Jewish teens from both congregations attend the weekly one-hour and 45-minute evening sessions, taught by a total of six clergy members and five local instructors from the Jewish community. Each grade has a core curriculum from which students learn for half the evening, then choose from a wide range of electives for the remainder. The 9th grade students core class is Life Cycle and Year Cycle for Big Kids, an adult perspective on education for postBnai Mitzvah kids, based on the Union for Reform Judaisms Sacred Choices curriculum. Sacred Choices includes life cycles, human sexuality, and dealing with relationships from a Jewish perspective. Tenth graders study Judaism and Social Justice for the first part of the year, which culminates in a jam-packed weekend in Washington, D.C. with Jewish youth from across the country, to study the Jewish perspective on critical policy issues. The URJ Religious Action Centers Ltaken weekend program includes a full day of lobbying, where students spend the day on the Hill, talking to representatives about those issues. The rest of the year is spent preparing for Confirmation. Students in the 11th grade take Comparative Judaism and Comparative Religions for their core course, and seniors participate in the URJs Packing for College: Where does Judaism Fit? curriculum. We ask them, What are you looking for in your Jewish life when you leave your parents home? said Kinberg, and we give them the skills to find those sources, like a Jewish fraternity or a campus Hillel location. The other really important component, added Kinberg, is how to talk about Judaism and your background in a larger environment, and also how to talk about Israel, antiSemitism, stereotypes, and about navigating relationships. Electives include Whats Jewish About Glee? as well as leadership and songleading classes, and a course on Israel. The students have opportunities for travel as well. The wonderful culminating aspect of our 12thgrade program, which weve been doing for about 10 years, is our 12th grade trip to Europe for two weeks kaTe BigaM/rac to Jewish and non-Jewish Students from Temple Bnai Torah who traveled to Washington, sites, said Weiner. So far, d.C. to participate in the Reform movements Religious action weve taken the students to Committees LTaken program in 2008, in front of the Supreme Italy, Prague, Budapest, and Court building. Venice. Though in the past it has been a Temple De go to our program leave this area and the Hirsch Sinai trip, Bnai Torah kids have Reform congregations at a disadvantage always been eligible to join the group. because there are so many positive and Kinberg believes so much in the value mind-expanding experiences through this of the combined program she thinks its a program, she said. We really want to make mistake to pass it up. the Jewish lives of our students bigger. I really believe that kids who do not

Wherever you are on your Jewish journey we welcome you!

Photos by Gail Frank

Join us for any of the following programs: Shabbat worship & study each week Tot Shabbat weekly Chavurot Sisterhood Brotherhood Bnai Torah Youth (BTY) Mitzvah Corps Social Action Judaic Studies & Hebrew from pre-school through high school Temple Choir Adult Learning Life Cycle Events Holiday Celebrations 20/30s Activities Kabbalat Shabbat Services every Friday night at 8 :00 pm First & Third Friday Night Family Service at 6:00 pm Third Friday Night Community Shabbat Dinner at 6:30 pm Every Saturday Morning Shabbat Service at 10:30 am Every Saturday Morning Torah Study at 9:00 am Rabbi James L. Mirel Cantor David Serkin-Poole Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg 15727 NE 4th Bellevue, WA 98008 (425) 603-9677 www.TempleBnaiTorah.org


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after Israels deadly fire, mourning, vows to rebuild and finger pointingmarcy ostEr JTa World news ServiceJERUSALEM (JTA) In the aftermath of the deadliest fire in Israels history, Israelis this week set to the task of burying the dead, cleaning up and figuring out what exactly went wrong and who is to blame. Even before the blaze in the Carmel Mountains near Haifa came under control Sunday afternoon, Israelis were asking why the country wasnt better prepared for a wildfire of this magnitude. In all, 42 people were killed, about 250 homes were destroyed or severely damaged, 17,000 people were forced to evacuate, more than 12,000 acres were burned, and an estimated 5 million trees were lost. The Carmel disaster highlights the outrageous gaps in Israels strategic and day-to-day readiness, the editorialists at Haaretz wrote Dec. 5 while echoing a call for a state commission of inquiry to examine who bears responsibility for the failures of the Israeli fire service. Whats better to spend the State of Israels money on, firefighting aircraft or an F-15 fighter jet? wrote Eitan Haber, a former Rabin administration official and now a columnist for Ynet News. The damage to the area of the Carmel Forest in northern Israel was estimated at about $75 million, including damage to towns and kibbutzim, destroyed forests, and damaged roads. Yemin Orde, an aliyah youth village founded in 1953 that has served as a home and school to thousands of immigrant youths, most recently Ethiopians and Russians, was severely burned. In the artists village of Ein Hod, 10 houses and an art gallery were destroyed. On Sunday, the Israeli Cabinet approved a $16.5 million aid package to assist damaged communities, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered that each person whose home suffered severe fire damage be given an immediate aid disbursement of about $700. Calls came from many quarters for the resignation of Interior Minister Eli Yishai, whose ministry is responsible for the states firefighting forces. Yishai also is accused of refusing fire truck donations from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Yishai said his ministry was not funded well enough to purchase needed equipment in 2001, he noted, Ariel Sharons government voted to eliminate air support for firefighting and told Israel Radio that he was a target because of his Sephardic heritage.

courTeSy zaka

Members of the ZaKa religious disaster recovery service rappel down a ravine to search for remains of the 40 prison cadets killed in the massive forest fire in northern Israel.

Israel has 16 firefighters per 100,000 residents. By contrast, the United States, Japan and Greece have five to seven times that number per capita, The Associated Press reported. In total, Israel has 1,400 firefighters. A 14-year-old resident of the Druze village of Ussfiya was arrested Monday after admitting to starting the fire. The teen

reportedly said he was smoking a nargila water pipe and threw a live coal into an open area before returning to school. The arrest was announced hours after two teenage brothers from the same village arrested over the weekend on suspicion of negligence in starting the fire were released from detention by a Haifa court. The teens had been accused of lighting a bonfire near

Taptaptap. Whats Zubin Mehta doing February 26?Think for a moment of some of the food items you and your family cant do without around the holidays. Now consider how you can brighten someone elses holiday by simply donating to Food Lifeline to help provide some of these items for families in need.Use our Virtual Food Drive online or bring food to our warehouse Donate online or mail-in your contribution c/o JTNews. We can accommodate groups of up to 50 people


(and how can you get to see him do it?)

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206-545-6600 1702 NE 150th Street., Shoreline, WA 98155


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their home that sparked the blaze. High winds and dry conditions prompted by Israels parched winter thus far provided fuel for the blaze, which began tearing through northern Israel on Dec. 2. Northern Israel is covered by fields and trees, some natural forests and others planted over the last several decades many of them by pioneers during the British Mandate period. Others were planted with donations from Diaspora Jews through the Jewish National Fund.

With its green hills, the countrys north has a Mediterranean flavor distinct from its more Middle Eastern south, which is covered by desert. After the fire, the Israeli government said it would invest the resources to make the north green again. The fires rapid spread revealed a strategic weakness that could be exploited by its enemies, Israeli commentators wrote. Meanwhile, numerous figures in the Arab world cited the fire as punishment from God for Israels treatment of the Pal-

estinians and its occupation of Arab lands. The Palestinian prime minister in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniyeh, said the fire was a strike from Allah. The spiritual leader of the Israeli Orthodox Shas Party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, also said the fire was divine punishment, attributing the blaze to the sin of lack of observance of the Sabbath. For its part, the Israeli government issued a rare call for international assistance. Among the countries that responded were

Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, Britain, Spain and the United States. The Palestinian Authority also sent 21 firefighters and four fire trucks to help battle the blaze. Thirty-five firefighting airplanes came to Israel. New York sent a 747 loaded with Fire Troll 931, a fire retardant chemical, in a shipment organized by the Fire Department of New York City and the office ofX PaGe 29

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WikiLeaks reveals secrets, backroom dealmaking and cluelessnessroN KampEas Jta worlD NEws sErvicEWASHINGTON (JTA) A careful reading of the WikiLeaks trove of State Department cables which is laying bare some 250,000 secret dispatches detailing private conversations, assessments and dealmaking of U.S. diplomats reveals a notable if perhaps surprising pattern: How often they get things wrong. Again and again the cables show diplomats, lawmakers and heads of state predicting outcomes that never come to pass. A year ago, top Israeli defense officials in a meeting with their U.S. counterparts set 2010 as the absolute deadline to squeeze Iran on its nuclear program. Now Israeli officials say the date is 2012. In a 2005 assessment, the same Israeli cadre told U.S. interlocutors that the point of no return would be Irans ability to enrich uranium without assistance. Iran has had that capacity for years. In January 2008, Egypts intelligence chief said Hamas was isolated and would not stand in the way of a peace agreement. Hamas continuing control of Gaza, even following the war that broke out 11 months after the Egyptian assessment, still undercuts Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. In 2007, U.S. diplomats called Tzipi Livni an up-and-comer. Though now the leader of the Israeli opposition as head of the Kadima Party, Livni twice failed in bids to become Israels prime minister. The same State Department cable said the Israeli military and government dont get along never the twain shall meet! But they do get along, mostly, and meet often; the lack of cooperation in 2007 was the result of the short-lived term of Amir Peretz as Israeli defense minister. The disparities between predictions and reality reflect the on-the-fly nature of the discussions detailed in the newly revealed cables. Ed Abington, a former U.S. consul in Jerusalem who has consulted for the Palestinian Authority, said the authors of such cables work under pressure to come up with added value in analysis and fill in the vacuum with chatter that might not have any basis in reality. Youre looking for what you can add that makes it relevant to policymakers in Washington and elsewhere analysis, insight, Abington told JTA. A lot of the reporting, in hindsight, is irrelevant. David Makovsky, a senior analyst with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said facts on the ground also change rapidly a factor that helps explain how dire Israeli predictions about Irans imminent weapons program have dissipated, at least for now. Part of that may be attributable to efforts by the West to sabotage Irans nuclear program. Makovsky cited the recent success of the Stuxnet computer worm, which apparently disrupted Iranian centrifuges necessary to enrich uranium to bomb-making capacity.X PaGe 28

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world news

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Much of the material in the leaked cables offers frank U.S. assessments of everything from the temperament of foreign leaders to the shipment of arms between foes of the United States. In late 2009, U.S. officials told their Russian counterparts that they believed North Korea had shipped missiles to Iran capable of hitting capitals in Western Europe. The Russians were skeptical, but agreed that there was evidence of increased cooperation between the two rogue nations and it posed new dangers. The cables also track increasing concern among the United States, Israel and Western nations that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is leading Turkey along a path to Islamism and beyond the point of no return of accommodation with the West. In Cairo, U.S. diplomats told Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton that in meetings with Egyptian leaders, she should defer to Egyptian self-regard as the indispensable Arab state while acknowledging that the perception is long past its due date. Tracking the cables that straddle the Bush and Obama administrations also

demonstrates that on some matters policies have changed little, if at all. Stuart Levey, the treasury undersecretary charged with enforcing Iran sanctions, reassured Israeli Mossad chief Meir Dagan in December 2008 that President Obama was as determined as George W. Bush to isolate Iran through sanctions. Within a few weeks, Obama would confirm the point by reappointing Levey to the job, ensuring consistency. The leaks also show Iranian and Syrian duplicity. A 2008 memo, apparently from an Iranian source, details how Iran used the cover of the Iranian Red Crescent to smuggle officers into Lebanon in 2006 to assist in Hezbollahs war against Israel. Syria apparently provided sophisticated weapons to Hezbollah within weeks of pledging to U.S. officials that it would not do so. Some of those named in the leaks worried that their publication could inhibit frank dialogue. U.S. Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) was outraged that her private exchange with Netanyahu on Iran and Palestinian issues in a 2009 meeting became public knowledge. If Congress has no ability to have candid conversations with foreign leaders, we wont have some of the critical infor-

mation we need to make the judgments we need to make about countries like Iran, she told The Daily Beast. In condemning the leaks, Clinton said Monday that they represent policymaking only in its most nascent stages. Once the heavy hitters become involved, the policy is changed. So the content of the leaked cables is not of vital importance, she tried to argue. I want to make clear that our official foreign policy is not set through these messages but here in Washington, Clinton said. Our policy is a matter of public record, as reflected in our statements and our actions around the world. But the cables reveal policy discussions in blunter terms, and show the inner workings of intergovernmental relationships that the parties would rather have kept private. Saudi Arabia, for example, is shown in the cables to be beating the war drum for a U.S. attack against Iran a stance quite different from its public posture. In a 2008 meeting, the Saudi ambassador to United States reminds U.S. Gen. David Petraeus, the commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East, about the multiple times Saudi King Abdullah called on the United

States to cut off the head of the snake attack Iran to stop its nuclear program. But the message is not consistent. Other cables describe meetings in the Persian Gulf with Arab officials, including Saudis, who counsel against a strike, saying that the backlash would be incalculable. The cables least prone to such disparity may be those that describe meetings with Israeli officials. Successive Israeli prime ministers and defense ministers all say the same things and in the same ways that they do in briefings with reporters. Meeting with Israeli reporters after WikiLeaks began publishing the cables, Netanyahu said the Israeli government takes pains to make sure the most sensitive discussions between the two countries are kept private. It influences our work, what we do in meetings, who we bring into meetings, what we say in them, and when we narrow the meeting to two people, he was quoted as saying by the Jerusalem Post. The most important exchanges between the U.S. and Israeli governments are not detailed in the cables because top U.S. and Israeli political leaders speak directly to each other.

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m.o.T.: member of The Tribe


W ISRaeL FIRe PaGe 25

W M.O.T. PaGe 12

the citys mayor, Michael Bloomberg. Israel also rented the American Evergreen Boeing 747 Super Tanker, one of the most advanced firefighting planes in the world, loaded with 80,000 liters of water and fire retardant. It arrived early Sunday morning and had an immediate effect on helping douse the flames. The deadliest incident came in the fires early hours when a bus carrying about three dozen cadets from the Israeli prisons service on their way to evacuate a prison threatened by the blaze became trapped between burning trees. Nearly all those aboard perished, and the bus was left a scorched shell. Two firefighters who rushed to rescue the guards and a 16-year-old volunteer, Elad Riven, also were killed. All of the bodies were identified, some using DNA technology, by Saturday night, and funerals began being held while the blaze was still raging. No one sent you, no one called for you, no one but your wonderful and brave conscience, Israeli President Shimon Peres said during a eulogy at the funeral for Riven on Dec. 5. The disaster taught us that all of us Jews, Arabs, Druze and other peoples share the same fate. A day after the blaze was brought under control, the fires death toll rose by one with the death of Haifa Police Chief Ahuva Tomer, who was burned over most of her body while trying to assist the prison guard cadets. Jewish communities in Denver and Winnipeg, Canada, also mourned the death of one of the bus passengers, Rabbi Uriel Malka, 32, who was working as a chaplain in the Israeli Prisons Service. Malka, a father of five, worked as a Jewish Agency emissary for two years in Denver and then served as principal of the Ohr Hatorah Day School in Winnipeg. Malka had narrowly escaped death during combat in the Second Lebanon War.

Ner Tamid on Mercer Island and was president of the synagogues sisterhood before beginning her volunteer career with Womens League. An active member and former president of the regional branch, she has been a member of the board of directors since 1996 and chair of Zhavah, for younger women, since 2006. Robin has been a Girl Scout troop leader and served on the lay committee for the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattles J Team teen philanthropy group. Shes a Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutor and private jeweler, too. Founded in 1918, Womens League is dedicated to the perpetuation of traditional Judaism in the home, synagogue and community.


As a tribute to his father, who died of a heart attack in 1986, Seattle resident Jonathan Kaler has created a public service announcement and Facebook page to build awareness of heart attack symptoms and hopefully prevent other deaths. Jonathans writes that his dad Irving died after seeking help too late, for his symptoms. The short PSA can be viewed on YouTube and shows a medical animation of blood coursing through an aorta accompanied by a narration of a fastpaced mix of actual survivor testimony. It can be seen at www.youtube.com/ watch?v=wjo2P2hSxCg. Facebook members can go log on to that site and type Heart Attack Stories

into the search bar to get to Irving Kalers tribute page. Youre invited to contribute stories, photos, links and other media, specifically on heart-attack survival or loss to the site, in particular to spread the message that time is of the essence when experiencing heart attack symptoms. When heart attack strikes, time is life, writes Jonathan. Heart attacks can be fast and painful, but they can also be gradual and merely uncomfortable, particularly in women. Please take the time to review heart attack symptoms at the Heart Association Web page, or any number of other sites. If you think you are having a heart attack, call 9-1-1.





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JTNews searched far and wide to find five Jewish women making a difference in our community. We received far more nominations than we could possibly fit into the final five, but that only shows five isnt enough! But well do it again in the spring, so if you know of a local woman making a difference, tell us about her!

Wendy GoffeThe great equalizerDiana Brement JTNews Correspondent Name: Wendy Goffe City: Seattle Age: 46 Occupation: Attorney Whats on her mind these days: The possibility of gay marriage. You can often find attorney Wendy Goffe jetting around the country, speaking about her work with unmarried couples. Goffe hasnt had any trouble keeping her career in an upward trajectory. As an estate attorney with the firm Graham & Dunn, she works with high-net-worth individuals and is an expert in charitable giving and family business succession plans. A 1992 graduate of the University of Washington law school (where she was also an undergrad), she was designated a rising star by Washington Law & Politics in 2001, and a super lawyer in the years since. The publication Best Lawyers singled her out as one of the best lawyers in the country in 2009. She has a real passion for the law and is a great speaker says Seattle attorney David Stiefel. She is a true professional. She is a pleasure to work with [and]loves dealing with clients and complicated issues. Along the way, Goffe has developed an interesting sub-specialty. Shes become an expert in legal issues faced by same-sex couples and unmarried couples trying to craft documents that give them the same rights automatically accorded to married people to the extent possible, she says. And if not possible, Ive been working on legislation. Goffe gives talks around the country about the legal implications of changing laws on same-gender partnerships. In Washington she helped draft the Domestic Partnership Bill, and its two rewrites. The state legislature passed the first law in 2007, and the everything but marriage bill in 2009. An initiative to repeal the law failed later in the year. Over time Ive gotten to know and been fortunate to work with non-traditional


5 women To waTch

JTnews . www.JTnews.neT . friday, december 10, 2010

Women to Watch

STuarT iSeTT

Wendy Goffe and her family cook at home.

family structures and seen firsthand the challenges that people face caused by legislation and societal attitudes, and the barriers they face having to take care of themselves and predictably raise a family, Wendy says. Wendy says the challenges[and] unfortunate situations, shes seen have driven her to make a difference. The dot-com boom and Goffes early career made a fortunate collision. A lot of people in the Seattle area were getting jobs at Microsoft and getting to the point where they needed more advance planning. I was at the point in my career when I could do itI got involved with a lot of unmarried and same-gender couples. Wendy often travels to small towns and even fundamentalist churches to speak on the subject. I just came back from giving a talk in South Dakota on gay marriage where folks feel they are in a fishbowl, looking out, wondering what is happening out there [in the world], she says. (It was also the start of hunting season and Goffe says she was among a small minority of people in the airport not carrying a rifle.) She can make these speeches because Im married and Im Jewish, and there are a lot of placesthat want to know about this, but not from a zealot, she says. Im pretty safe. She did once receive hate mail from Jerry Falwell, Jr., which she jokes was the highlight of my career. Falwell included a DVD about a Jewish man who became a Christian. Growing up at Temple De Hirsch Sinai, Goffe, her husband, Scott Schrum, and their daughter Maya are currently unaffiliated. In recent years she has felt the most Jewish while in Houston where Scott has had a number of treatments for pancreatic cancer and the local Jewish Family Services reaches out to patients and families. For now, Goffe says, Gildas Club is our congregation. Goffe finds fun in her work, a lot of which she does on her own, and its kind of meditative. She loves the travel, and I always make time to go to a museum if there is one. Even in Sioux Falls she discovered the Museum of Visual Materials in a completely green building, featuring the founders collection of 80,000 buttons.

The Kavana Cooperative congratulates on being named one of 5 Women to Watch

Sarina Natkin

For more information about The Kavana Cooperative, please see www.kavana.org.

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5 women To waTch


Joel Magalnick

esther Bogomilsky, right, holds the big check for $1,500 given to The Friendship Circle by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattles J Team teen philanthropy group. The teens were impressed with esthers engagement with their peers and the special needs kids they work with.

Esther BogomilskyDiana Brement JTNews Correspondent

Making a safe and welcome space for kids who need it most

Name: Esther Bogomilsky City: Seattle Age: 34 Occupation: Director of Friendship Circle thats one of them Whats on her mind these days: Making sure I can run everything efficiently. Nominated for her role as director of the Friendship Circle, Esther Bogomilsky describes herself in three ways: I give classes for women, I hold womens events, and Im a mom. A student and Friendship Circle supporter, Fibi Duke, observes that for Esther, nothing is too much trouble, she says. As a leader, teacher, mother, and friend, she is always willing to get involved and make things happen. The Seattle native didnt start the organization, which she calls revolutionary, but brought it to the Seattle area and runs it with her husband, Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky, who serves as executive director. Colleagues of mine started the Friendship Circle in Michigan, Esther says, and she felt it exemplified the foundation of Judaism: Love your neighbor as yourself. Friendship Circle gives special needs kids something most lack: A friend and a social life. Carefully trained teen volunteers are matched with a participant, spend two hours a week in that childs home, and participate in group activities two Sundays a month, usually at the Mercer View Community Center on Mercer Island. Families come from the whole Seattle area, Esther says, from both Jewish and non-

Jewish homes. Even though Friendship Circle is affiliated with Chabad-Lubavitch, it is a separate charitable organization and very few families that are involved are Orthodox, she notes. Esther regrets that I cant afford to service everyone and everybodybut my plan is, in the future, that any family in King County that needs our help would be able to get it. None of the Jewish schools in the area have programs to serve special needs students, so Friendship Circle fills a gap with Jewish-themed programs, prayers, songs and holiday fun, almost like a Jewish school. Careful screening and matching of volunteers and clients is a big part of Esthers job. Volunteers stay with their special friend for the duration of high school and homes must be safe for them. The teens come from a variety of public and private schools in the area and now number almost 100, up from nine kids just seven years ago. The Bogomilskys also rely on volunteer coordinators and a slew of behavioral, music, art, movement therapists and [a] Kung Fu Master for their Sunday programs. The amazing drive behind the Friendship Circle, Esther wrote in an e-mail, is not only helping these families and their children , [but] creating a generation of future leaders that learn the most important act of kindness there is today: How to give of oneself to others. Even before she took on Friendship Circle, Esther had started the Womens Learning Circle. Ive always been inspired to teach other women Judaism, she says. An upcoming Rosh Chodesh (new moon) series called Lunachicks, focuses on female prophets, and Bogomilsky also organizes a pretty cool Shabbat retreat for women every other year. With the Friendship Circle, the womens programming, and being a mother herself, shes able to juggle it, says Esthers own mother, Devorah Kornfeld, a community leader and teacher in her own right. Shes really an inspiration to me with everything shes done so successfully and with all the hard work. Esthers passion is to inspire people towards Judaism, she says, as well as to speak out about how women are perceived in Judaism contrary to popular myth. Meanwhile, she dreams of a time when Friendship Circle has its own space, including a therapy center where clients could come any time. I would call us a homeless organization, Esther says. Its one of the hardest organizations to run because of this.Information on both circles can be found at www.seattlejewishwomen.org or www.friendshipcirclewa.org.

Colleagues at


Wendy Goffe

The volunteers and staff of The Friendship Circle would like to extend Mazel Tov to

Esther Bogomilskyon being named one of 5 Women to Watch. Her hard work and leadership is an inspiration.Seattle NCSY wishes a mazal tov to our Chapter Director (Seattle NCSY and summer programs Alum 98) on being named one of the 5 women to watch in Seattle. Check out our summer programs to Israel for only $2499 at www.seattlencsy.com

Jessica Hoffman

for being honored as one of

5 Women to Watchby JT News


5 women To waTch

JTnews . www.JTnews.neT . friday, december 10, 2010

Sarina Behar NatkinOvercoming the universal struggleJoel Magalnick Editor, JTNews Name: Sarina Behar Natkin City: Seattle Age: 37 Occupation: Parent educator and consultant Whats on her mind these days: Parenting support. This is my passion. Every parent deals with it. It is the toddler who wont stop crying when she doesnt get what she wants. Its the 3-year-old and his dad, both of whom are too stubborn to have a civil interaction. Its the kindergartener acting up in class, to the detriment of his fellow students. Every parent has fallouts with their children at one time or another, says social worker and parent educator Sarina Behar Natkin. Youre elevated and angry and frustrated, and so is your child, and you have nowhere to go. Sarina offers that support in private practice, on a local listserve for discussion among parents, and in classes. She believes its high time the support network that once existed among large, extended families needs to be reasserted and reinvented for todays harried, digitally connected parent. Were expected to do more and more with less time. In most families, both parents need to work now, and it just doesnt leave a lot of time to read all the parenting books, she says. They dont have the support and they cant take the time off. Sarina has been trained as an educator through the local Gottman Institute as well as in a movement based upon the book series Positive Discipline by noted family and marriage counselor Dr. Jane Nelsen. I really believe [Positive Discipline is] an ongoing role model for having healthy respectful relationships among families and being self-reliant emotionally healthy children, Sarina says. Though she has been a social worker for nearly 15 years, Sarina was originally doing crisis work in domestic violence situations. When her first daughter was born five and a half years ago, and she began to see parents struggling with many of the same issues, she turned her attention to helping them. She has since substituted as a parent educator in the Seattle Central Community College co-op preschool system, taught Bringing Baby Home courses for Jewish Family Service, and was doing informal consulting for friends and their families. Earlier this year, Sarina bought a business license, set up a Web site, and parlayed that informal consulting into a private practice, in which she offers family coaching and workshops. Around the same time, Sarina and another Bringing Baby Home instructor, Melissa Benaroya, independently came up with the idea of creating what Benaroya said has been lacking beyond Seattles rich offering of support for parents of newborns. We both kind of felt like we needed to create a place for all parents, no matter what your parenting style is, she says. A place you could go with any normal issue. The two had met in several different venues, and they found a connection with

liSi MeziSTrano WolF

Sarina Behar Natkin with her husband Michael and two daughters.

each other. We have very similar backgrounds and upbringings, and so weve met one another probably once a quarter just to check in, Benaroya says. So in addition to their private practices, she and Sarina have entered the nascent stages of creating a nonprofit that will offer parenting education and support for working with children ages newborn to 10 in essence, being the resource for normal problems that tells parents its okay to have these problems. Certainly you dont go to a child psychologist because youre having bedtime struggles. Where do you go? Sarina says. Their new program is a preventative model. Its giving the people tools ahead of time before they hit the crisis. Sarina now has two children, and she and her husband Michael are active in the Kavana Cooperative. Later this month, shell be offering a talk to Kavana preschool parents about social and emotional development. I think its really nice when theres a volunteer role that bridges between the professional and personal, says Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum, Kavanas executive director. Nussbaum calls Sarina a wonderful social connector, and said that when she sees new faces at events, they often will have learned about the organization through that connection. As for her career, Sarina says she is happier now than she has ever been and loves helping parents learn about overcoming the inevitable challenges they run into. We all need support. Its not about failing, she says. We need to say its okay to take the time to learn. Its not a failure, its just an opportunity to take the time to grow.Information about Sarina Behar Natkins consulting practice can be found at www.sarinanatkin.com.

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friday, december 10, 2010 . www.JTnews.neT . JTnews

5 women To waTch


Jessica Hoffman

Instilling Judaism in Seattles teensJoel Magalnick Editor, JTNews Name: Jessica Hoffman Age: 29 City: Seattle Occupation: NCSY Seattle co-director, founder of the Seattle Gemach, board member of Torah Day School

Nancy Goldov

Better living through danceLillian Cohen-Moore JTNews Intern Name: Nancy Goldov City: Seattle Age: 54 Occupation: Clinical psychology doctoral candidate. Whats on her mind these days: Converting my knowledge to meaningful work, where I can make a difference in the community: So, creating a job!

ari HoFFMan

kiM golDov

Jessica Hoffman serves food at a recent Hanukkah party.

Jessica Hoffman has spent more than half her life in NCSY. The Seattle native started in the Orthodox movements youth group, the National Conference of Synagogue Youth, when she was 14. Now, at 29, shes dedicated her life to the organization and to instilling Judaism into the regions Jewish teen population. And then some. The best opportunities are the ones that fall in your lap, Jessica says. Id just moved home. I was 8 months pregnant with my first child. And she just so happened upon an NCSY event, some kids selling brownies as a fundraiser. Do you guys have a director, an advisor? she asked them. They said, Nope, we have nobody this year. The best we can do is sell brownies. So she volunteered. And then became a paid staffer. And then her husband Ari joined up. Six years later, Seattle NCSY is no longer just a social club. Almost immediately the Hoffmans began injecting more of an educational focus into the programming, and doing more of what had attracted Jessica to NCSY when she was a teenager. I was more excited to go on a Shabbaton or a Saturday movie night than hang out with my friends in another scenario, she says. It wasnt just a movie night, but a movie night with other great stuff. Now she does much of the same thing, and builds one-on-one relationships with all of the teens at the same time. Its the end result that makes her do what she does: When you see a teenager thats 20 now, and theyre living a Jewish life, and when they were 14 they were considering Buddhism, thats inspirational to me. Jessica was recently nominated for NCSYs Ben Zakkai Honor Society, and will travel to New York next month to receive her honors. A major facet of the society is fundraising for NCSY summer programs, much of which will go toward Seattle NCSY members. This year were trying to focus on taking kids from the level of just simply attending programs locally to getting them off to summer programs, she says. To actually spend the entire summer with Jewish teens in Israel or Europe or the East Coasttheyre taking themselves to a new level of involvement in the Jewish community. Jessica and Ari are officially NCSYs Vicki Robbins, ctc co-directors, but intertwined are the Jewish Student Union, a club on high Robbins Travel school campuses around the region that at Lake City she compares to a younger Hillel; and Torah High, which just merged with the Voted Best Travel Agent 2006 Jewish Federation of Greater Seattles JTNews readers Hebrew High to create a larger, more We are your experts for Israel diverse supplementary education. our specialty! Then theres Shabbat. Once the sun goes down, their home in the Seward UW special contract fares Park neighborhood has become a El Al wholesaler magnet. Multi-lingual Immediately after dinner, the teenagers start flowing in, Jessica says. The Great prices on Hawaii packages, kids know if the doors unlocked, come cruises, international tickets on in. and tours. The teens hang out, sing, play with Your key to the world. the Hoffmans kids, and stay in a place 12316 Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98125 where their parents know where they Tel: (206) 526-5010 (206) 364-0100 are, often past the stroke of midnight.X PaGe 35Toll free: 1-800-621-2662 robbins@lakecitytravel.com

despite interning, volunteering, work and of course dancing, Nancy Goldov still needs to hit the books as she works for her Psy. d. degree.

Nancy Goldov began dancing in childhood, starting with ballet, modern and tap dance. Exploring folk dance in high school and the piano along the way, Nancy took her love of dance and music into college with her as a dance major at Cornish College. But she long had a desire to bring people joy through the use of movement. Now working on doctoral studies in clinical psychology, Nancy Goldov leads a busy life. She volunteers at Cancer Lifeline, where she is a clinical psychology intern, and is a licensed mental health counselor as well. Also, shes a board-certified dance-movement therapist. Dance-movement therapists, Nancy says, focus on movement behavior as it emerges in the therapeutic relationship. In dance-movement therapy, behavior and emotions that may have only been expressed verbally in another therapeutic setting is seen in the movement of patients. Upon discovering a program in psychology and dance at Evergreen State College while she was attending Cornish as a major, she fell in love with the idea of combining both disciplines. Her program would provide a jumping point from an undergraduate love of psychology to a need to combine dance and psychology. I was immersed in the study of body movement as a core component of dance, as it provided a means of expression, she says. Nancy moved to New York while she studied for her graduate degree, working in dance-movement therapy as she explored the body and mind as they coped with illness and disability. After four years, Nancy returned home, once again pursuing her artistic interests. She joined the Radost Folk Ensemble, a dance troupe devoted to the ethnic dance traditions of Eastern Europe, and steeped herself in Jewish music by performing in the Freylakh Klezmer band. With a life spent dancing, even studying as far away as Eastern Europe, Nancy still wanted to use her talents to help others, however. A life performing, as a dancer and artist, still couldnt match the fulfillment she had experienced in New York whileX PaGe 35

Keeping Healthy Play Alive

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Dentists (continued)Warren J. Libman, D.D.S., M.S.D. 425-453-1308 www.libmandds.com Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics: Restorative Reconstructive Cosmetic Dentistry 14595 Bel Red Rd. #100, Bellevue

Hyatt Home Care Services Live-in and Hourly Care 206-851-5277 www.hyatthomecare.com Providing adults with personal care, medication reminders, meal preparation, errands, household chores, pet care and companionship.

Linda Jacobs & Associates College Placement Services 206-323-8902 linjacobs@aol.com Successfully matching student and school. Seattle.

Arnold S. Reich, D.M.D. 425-228-6444 www.drareich.com Just off 405 in N. Renton Gentle Care Family Preventive Cosmetic Dentistry

Counselors/TherapistsJewish Family Service Individual, couple, child and family therapy 206-861-3195 www.jfsseattle.org Expertise with life transitions, relationships and personal challenges. Jewish knowledge and sensitivity. Offices in Seattle and Bellevue. Day and evening hours. Subsidized fee scale available.

Seniors Helping Seniors Home Care Agency 206-971-6616 www.seniorshelpingseniors.com A senior helping another senior. We offer all the services you need to remain in your own home: transportation, errands and doctor appointments, companion and personal care, homemaker services, pet care and more. A way to give and receive.

Martin A. Rabin, D.M.D., P.S. Kirkland: 425-821-9595 Seattle: 206-623-4031 www.rabinimplantperio.com Specializing in Periodontics. Dental Implants Cosmetic Gum Surgery Oral Conscious Sedation

Solomon M. Karmel, Ph.D First Allied Securities 425-454-2285 x 1080 www.hedgingstrategist.com Retirement, stocks, bonds, college, annuities, business 401Ks.

Eastside Insurance Services Chuck Rubin, agent 425-271-3101 F 425-277-3711 4508 NE 4th, #B, Renton Tom Brody, agent 425-646-3932 F 425-646-8750 2227 112th Ave. NE, Bellevue We represent Pemco, Safeco, Hartford & Progressive www.e-z-insurance.com

Michael Spektor, D.D.S. 425-643-3746 info@spektordental.com www.spektordental.com Specializing in periodontics, dental implants, and cosmetic gum therapy. Bellevue

MohelimRabbi Simon Benzaquen 206-721-2275 206-723-3028 Fastest Mohel in the West Certified Mohel

Funeral/Burial ServicesCongregation Beth Shalom Cemetery 206-524-0075 info@bethshalomseattle.org This beautiful new cemetery is available to the Jewish community and is located just north of Seattle.

PhotographersDani Weiss Photography 206-760-3336 www.daniweissphotography.com Photographer Specializing in People. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, parties, promotions & weddings. Reasonable rates Digital or film

CateringLeahs Catering, Inc. Seattles Premier Kosher Caterer 206-985-2647 leah@leahscatering.com Full Service Glatt Kosher Delivery or Pickup All your catering needs. Vaad supervised.

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Wendy Shultz Spektor, D.D.S. 425-454-1322 info@spektordental.com www.spektordental.com Emphasis: Cosmetic and Preventive Dentistry Convenient location in Bellevue

Financial ServicesHamrick Investment Counsel, LLC Roy A. Hamrick, CFA 206-441-9911 rahamrick@hamrickinvestment.com www.hamrickinvestment.com Professional portfolio management services for individuals, foundations and nonprofit organizations.

Hills of Eternity Cemetery Owned and operated by Temple De Hirsch Sinai 206-323-8486 Serving the greater Seattle Jewish community. Jewish cemetery open to all preneed and at-need services. Affordable rates Planning assistance. Queen Anne, Seattle

PhysicianVision Improvement Center of Seattle, PS Joseph N. Trachtman, O.D., Ph.D. 206-412-5985 tracht@accommotrac.com 108 5th Avevue S, Suite C-1 Seattle, WA 98104 Serving the Central District. Vision improvement and rehabilitation.

Madison Park Cafe Simmering in Seattle for over 30 years 206-324-2626 Full service catering for all your Jewish life passages: Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Weddings Brit Milah Special Occasions. Karen Binder

DentistsToni Calvo Waldbaum, DDS Richard Calvo, DDS 206-246-1424 Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry Designing beautiful smiles 207 SW 156th St., #4, Seattle

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Matzoh Momma Catering Catering with a personal touch 206-324-MAMA Serving the community for over 25 years. Full service catering and event planning for all your Life Cycle events. Miriam and Pip Meyerson

Senior ServicesJewish Family Service 206-461-3240 www.jfsseattle.org Comprehensive geriatric care management and support services for seniors and their families. Expertise with in-home assessments, residential placement, family dynamics and on-going case management. Jewish knowledge and sensitivity.

Because giving feels good.Find meaningful opportunities to give this holiday season. Log on to jtnews.net to download a copy of the 2010 Tzedakah Book, filled from cover to cover with inspiring stories of people helping those in need. www.jtnews.net

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The Summit at First Hill 206-652-4444 www.klinegallandcenter.org The only Jewish retirement community in the state of Washington offers transition assessment and planning for individuals looking to downsize or be part of an active community of peers. Multi-disciplinary professionals with depth of experience available for consultation.

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5 women To waTch



W GOLdOv PaGe 33

They just have a good time, its a safe environment, Jessica says. But the teens are just one part of the lifecycle in which Jessica is involved. She is also in her first year on the board of the Torah Day School of Seattle. What were working on is boosting the image of Torah Day School and cementing ourselves financially and really becoming a part of the community at large, she says. She also started and maintains the Seattle Gemach, in which she stores and loans out modest wedding gowns primarily to Orthodox brides and bridesmaids, but really to anyone who needs it for women who cant afford their dream dress. Every day it grows, Jessica says. I get e-mails weekly from people to drop stuff off. Shes the only Seattle resource listed on a Web site, donatemydress.org, that takes donations for wedding and prom dresses, so much of what she receives is not necessarily from the Jewish community. Julie Greene, activities director at Congregation Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath, said of Jessica in an e-mail: Jessica is the essence of what every Jewish mother dreams of when it comes to finding a true gem to have her daughter admire and emulate. With her fingers dipped in so many pots plus three small children, the youngest of which is just 3 months old you may think Jessica is wearing herself out. But growing up, her mother would always juggle at least five or six different volunteer projects. To me, doing three things doesnt feel like a lot, Jessica says. To me it feels like Im doing a minimal amount.For more information on NCSY or donating a dress, contact 206-295-3726 or hoffjessica@aol.com.

practicing dance-movement therapy. So Nancy began to work in elder care, opening a new chapter in her life when she began to work at the Kline Galland Home in 1998, where she helped to provide a foundation for what would evolve into a creative arts program at Kline Galland. Feeling a drive to expand her own opportunities, both in employment and knowledge, Nancy most recently enrolled in a doctoral program at Argosy University in Seattle. Uniting dance-movement therapy and clinical psychology in health psychology, Nancy began rigorous training and conducting studies in her field. Focusing her dissertation on body image and women with breast cancer, Nancy uses dance movement therapy to help patients one on one through the difficult and often fraught experience of dealing with cancer. Her work at Cancer Lifeline includes much of the same compassionate psychology practice, in particular while working with people during their time receiving transfusions. Jill Cohen met Nancy during their days in the Radost Folk Ensemble 18 years ago. Immediately gravitating toward each other, the two have been friends since and Nancy helped Cohen when she had her own battle with breast cancer. I have always admired Nancys ability to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances, Jill says. Her decision to pursue a [Psy. D.] later in her career reflects both her commitment to the helping professions and an enhancement of her work in dance therapy.For more information about Nancy Goldovs practice, contact 206-979-9743 or nancy@goldov.com.


Dec. 31 at 9pm

for Connections 2011 A Special Jewish Womens Philanthropy Event


FeaturingNANCY PEARLnoted National Public Radio (NPR) Commentator, author

C ONC ERT, C OUNTD OWN & C ELEBRATIONFeaturing Beethovens Ninth Symphony and a countdown to 2011 with Maestro Gerard Schwarz.


Discovering Community T Books hroughSunday Brunch January 30 10:30amHyatt Regency Bellevue Bellevue Place RSVP www.JewishInSeattle.org/ConnectionsWe Were the Mulvaneys

for all ages and stages. The Los Angeles

One Lusty Librarian.


20 6.215 . 4 74 7

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community relate woman JewishMORE BOOK LUSTBOOK LUST Journal

and authority on


books of all genres,


Times learning calls Nancy,





december 10, 2010

shouk @jtnewsappliance sales home services catering


help wanted

nfty northwest regional advisorthe Union for reform Judaism is seeking a highly motivated part-time regional youth advisor Must have bachelors degree and knowledge of and experience with the Reform Movement & NFTY. Candidate can be located anywhere in the Northwest region. Send cover letter and rsum to sbanaszynski@urj.org

WisemansapplianceGE AmAnA ASKO Sub-zErO friGidAirE

mAytAG dAcOr ElEctrOlux wOlf thErmAdOr KitchEnAid bOSch viKinG

Since 1960, Wisemans Appliance still gives personal attention and friendly service Prompt & Reliable Service Great Selection Competitive Pricing Professional Appliance Installation 2619 California Ave. SW, Seattle

handyman & home maintenance repair services Reliable, affordable, with over 30 years in businessSmall jobs welcome as well as remodels, additions, handicap accessibility and seismic retrofits Licensed Bonded Insured

get ready for the holidays!

sepHardic delicaciesmeDIterranean cUIsIne Phone for price list and orders




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lba haUgen homes, inc.LBAHAH1945pw

Gift Certificate Available!


425-603-1492a housecleaning service Seattle Eastside 206/325-8902 425/454-1512 www.renta-yenta.com Licensed Bonded insured

college placement

develoPment associateUrJ camp kalsman seeks a dynamic, experienced and highly motivated individual to become our full-time Development Associate in our Bellevue, WA office. for more information and to apply, please contact david berkman at dberkman@urj.org training & instruction

a college eDUcatIon Is a maJor InVestmentSensitive professional assistance to ensure a succesful match between student and school

Commercial & ResidentialtoRChdown/shingle speCialties new re-roofs leaks repairs 24 hours

domestic angelsReasonable rates Licensed/Bonded Responsible References Free estimate Seattle/Eastside

Clean your house and office


lic. #roofM**961pD

linda Jacobs & associates college Placement services

Call Yolimar Perez or Maria Absalon206-356-2245 or 206-391-9792ylmrprz@aol.com




seeking writersPoems (3 max) and/or essays and fiction (under 5,000 words) on Northwest and Jewish themes from established and emerging writers for Spring 2011 issue of Drash. Include separate page with contact info and short bio. deadline: december 15, 2010 submit by snailmail only to: Wendy Marcus, Music Director Temple Beth Am 2632 NE 80th St., Seattle 98115 206-525-0915 www.templebetham.org

senior servicesAFH Options provides FREE Placement Assistance in adult family homes when the current residence of a loved one is no longer the safest option. Complimentary nursing assessments Placements based on care needs, location & cost Comprehensive screening of care facilities Personalized tours available 7 days a week Follow up calls and visits Serving families of King and Snohomish counties Call us: 206-786-9124 Or visit us at: www.AFHoptions.com

Hebrew instruction Beginners to advancedHorseback riding Classical Training Rider, Horse & PonyAges 8 to 80 Beginners welcome Experienced trainer Gift certificates available Colony Park Stables, Bothell, WA

Bar/Bnai Mitzvahs Children & adults welcome Israeli instructor fluent in Hebrew

esterne12@yahoo.com house for rent

206-232-2193 or 425-443-0766

Rita Kapetansky 425-232-7565 ritakap@comcast.netentertainment

funeral/burial services complete funeral/burial services

BiRCH BAy On tHE BEACHVery desirable, just remodeled house. 2 bd/1.75 ba, partially furnished, all appliances, covered deck, garage. $850/mo. 1st/last deposit. N/S, no pets.

musician & singer One man band Keyboard piano Plays & sings all types of music for any simcha Bar/Bat Mitzvahs All your special events I do it all! From klezmer, Hassidic, Israeli to swing & rock & roll. Customize the music to your taste.

michael bilavsky

WE NEED CARS! Free Pick-up No DOL filing No smog certif. Running or not

Serving the needs of the greater Seattle community Planning assistance Affordable $2295.00

Howden-Kennedy funeral HomeDennis 206-799-3334 Jack Barokas 206-725-0364

call 206-713-2802apartment for rent

Donate your used car to Chabad & receive a tremendous tax write-off. Any vehicle okay Plus RVs, boats, real estate, lots, etc.

cemetery gan shalomA Jewish cemetery that meets the needs of the greater Seattle Jewish community. Zero interest payments available. For information, call temple Beth am at 206-525-0915.

EntiRE dOwnstAiRs OF lAkEviEw sEwARd PARk HOmE2 br/1ba rental available immediately. Very large separate living and formal dining room, full kitchen, fireplace, W/D. Two min. walk to Microsoft connector, close to synagogues. N/S. Includes elec. $1350/mo.Contact mkap2@msn.com or call 206-923-0079

206-527-1411next issue: december 24 ad deadline: december 14 call becky: 206-774-2238

Traditional Jewish funeral services provided by the Seattle Jewish Chapel. For further information, please call 206-725-3067. Burial plots are available for purchase at Bikur Cholim and Machzikay Hadath cemeteries. For further information, please call 206-721-0970.

or michael_bilavsky@yahoo.com


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lifeGilbert (Gil) SternMay 11, 1932November 1, 2010 Gil is survived by his wife, Velva, and his children, Meryll Dawson (Don), Bruce Stern (Maureen) and five grandchildren. His son, Howard, preceded him in death. Gil was legendary in the shoe business. He was loved and will be missed by all who knew him. Gil was friends with so many, and he loved his home in Palm Desert where he enjoyed spending the winter. Besides his loving family, he loved his dogs, Goldie and Louie! Funeral services were held at Arthur A. Wright Chapel.

Bar Mitzvah

Ryan KubastaRyan will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah on December 18, 2010 at Congregation Kol Ami in Woodinville. Ryan is the son of Stacy Schill and Ron Kubasta. His grandparents are Stan and Fran Schill of Mercer Island, JoEllen Schill of Bellevue, and the late Marlene (Marlie) Kubasta. Ryan is an 8th grader at Kenmore Jr. High. He is a Boy Scout, Rank First Class, and a madrich at religious school. His interests include oceanography, swimming, animals, camping, hiking, computers, and reading. For his mitzvah projects, Ryan volunteered at the Jewish Family Service Food Sort and on various Boy Scout projects.

Paula Jean Sussman RoseOur courageous and beautiful Paula left us on December 1. She has been an inspiration to us all. Paulas smile and warmth is legendary. She would light up any room, her personality made her friends with everyone she met. Paulas friends were numerous, many dating from elementary and high school, and the University of Washington. The most important thing in her life was her family. She was wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and sister. She adored her children and grandchildren. Paula was born in Tacoma in 1940 and was raised in Lakewood by her father Leslie Sussman and mother Sophie Sussman, who was by her side when she passed, along with her brother Alan and other family members. Paula was a community leader and a patron of the arts. She was a board member of Pacific Northwest Ballet and a founding board member of Northwest Parkinson Foundation. She served on the boards of United Way, Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, and Jewish Family Service. She was a counselor at Planned Parenthood. Paula was recognized as a woman of understated taste, style, and elegance. She loved her homes on Mercer Island, and in Rancho Mirage, where she loved to play tennis. Her summers were spent boating on Second Mates with her husband, children, grandchildren, and friends. Her zest for living was wonderful. She was a gift to all of us. Paula is survived by her husband Ronald Leibsohn, mother Sophie Sussman, brother Alan Sussman (Annie), daughters Alisa Rose and Megan Stolber (David), son Michael Rose, grandchildren Jesse, Samantha, Ari, Olivia and Evan. Her step-children are Matthew Leibsohn (Jackie), Brian Leibsohn (Heather), David Leibsohn, and step-grandchildren Joshua, Alec, Jacob, and Noah. A memorial service was held Friday, Dec. 3 at Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation on Mercer Island with burial at Home of Peace Cemetery in Tacoma. Contributions in her memory may be made to any of the following organizations: Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Northwest Parkinson Foundation, or Pancreatic Cancer Alliance. The family wishes to express our appreciation to the doctors and nurses at Virginia Mason Medical Center and the Booth Gardner Parkinson Clinic. Your care and compassion was extraordinary. Paula, we will cherish your memory forever.

Bar Mitzvah

Elliott Jacob MossElliott celebrated his Bar Mitzvah on November 13, 2010 at Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation on Mercer Island. Elliott is the son of Brian and Brandy Moss of Bellevue. His brother is Ryan Moss. His grandparents are Leon and Phyllis Moss of Spokane, and the late Jacob and Ruth Schwartz. Elliott is a 7th grader at Vista Academy. He enjoys many sports, including soccer and basketball, but mostly loves baseball. He has played Little League for the past six years. He has also attended Camp Solomon Schechter for the past five years. For his mitzvah project, Elliott has been and will continue to fundraise and volunteer for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Alaska, Montana, Northern Idaho and Washington.


Carla Wollach and Jared SandersonCarla and Jared were married on August 26, 2010. The ceremony was officiated by Rabbi Chalom of San Diego Chabad at the Dana Hotel in San Diego. Carla is the daughter Jeff and Yael Wollach of Victoria, B.C. She is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal and is currently a law student. Jared is the son of Phil and Estelle Sanderson of Vancouver, B.C. His grandparents are Mary Piha Cohen of Seattle, the late Isaac Piha and the late Leon Cookie Cohen. He is also a graduate of McGill University and works as an employment consultant. The couple lives in San Diego. X PaGe 38

Life begins at the top!

n n n n n n

n n n n n n

The one and only Jewish retirement community in Washington State Financial simplicity of rental-only; no down-payments, no buy-ins Concierge services and 24 hour building security On-site highly trained, multi-professional staff Unparalleled location near shopping, health care and other essentials Priority access to nationally renowned rehabilitation, Hospice and long term care at the Caroline Kline Galland Home Delicious gourmet Kosher cuisine Culture at your doorstep: minutes to all venues Desirable variety of daily in-house enrichment programs Attention to every detail of your home environment An inclusive, welcoming community Choices for floor plans and personalized servicesn

Enjoy the view at The Summit

2-for-1 Get Well Soon CardsWhen you let JFS Tribute Cards do the talking, you send your best wishes and say you care about funding vital JFS programs here at home. Call Irene at (206) 861-3150 or, on the web, click on Donations at www.jfsseattle.org. Use Visa or MasterCard. Its the most gratifying 2-for-1 in town.

Enjoy a complimentary meal & tour

Inquiries: Trudi Arshon 206-652-4444

The SummiT aT FirST hill 1200 university Street, Seattle, Wa 98101 n 206-652-4444Retirement Living Re-visioned


communiTy news

JTnews . www.JTnews.neT . friday, december 10, 2010

W eveRGReeN PaGe 1

Israel is, like one professor said, a tempest in a tea pot. And well consider the different ways Jewish and pro-Israel community leaders on and off campus are seeking to change the status quo at Evergreen. To the extent that the Evergreen students body is engaged in Middle East politics, it is strongly and vocally critical of Israel. In June, students passed two nonbinding resolutions, one calling for the college to divest from companies that profit from Israels illegal occupation of Palestine. The other would ban the use of Caterpillar construction equipment from campus. Evergreen is also the alma mater of Rachel Corrie, the International Solidarity Movement activist who was killed by an Israeli tractor in Gaza in 2003. From everything Ive heard, its not a place where its comfortable to have a pro-Israel opinion or even to be openly Jewish, said Akiva Tor, Israels consul general to the Pacific Northwest. I think the situation is totally outrageous.

But not everyone even accepts that a situation exists. Emily Weisberg, a Jewish student actively involved in Evergreens branch of the boycott, divestment, sanctions movement, TESC Divest, says she personally knows more campus Jewish students supportive of BDS than there are members of the campus Hillel as a whole. Im a Jew on campus and I have never felt unsafe, said Weisberg. I am very vocal about being Jewish. I wear a Star of David around my neck. I have never felt unsafe at all about being Jewish. Steve Niva, a professor of International Politics and Middle East Studies, believes that nothing more is going on at Evergreen than a rigorous, if sometimes tense and occasionally uncivil, debate. He suspects that the discomfort felt by pro-Israel students is the result of having only been exposed to one mindset and one way of framing the Israel-Palestine conflict. My take on it is that the self-described pro-Israel side has really exaggerated their feelings of being marginalized because theyve never really been in an environ-

ment where such strong criticism of Israel has been aired, Niva said. Niva, however, is among the faculty members accused of doing the marginalizing and according to Rob Jacobs, regional director of StandWithUs Northwest, delegitimizing Israel. The dissonance between the perspectives is self-evident: A stance that seems to Weisberg and Niva to be not just critical but moral appears to Jacobs as a worrisome effort to delegitimize Israel with the added consequence of offending Zionist students. I would say Niva puts [Israel] out in the center as if its the worlds worst bad guy, Jacobs said. The office of Evergreen president Les Purce does not see a problem with the nature of Israel-Palestine dialogue on campus, and rejects the notion that Evergreen is a single-issue campus. The school has also made clear that it will not act on the divestment resolutions. Were a college, said Jason Wittstein, a spokesperson for the presidents office. A wide variety of opinions are going to be

expressed in the classroom. The fact is we have a long tradition of respecting differences. We respect open debate and intellectual freedom. Sheryl Shulman, a professor of Computer Science and advisor to the campus Hillel, does not believe Evergreen to be an anti-Semitic place. But she does believe that the dialogue about Israel could stand a great deal of improvement in the classroom, between students, and even between faculty members. Shulman entered Evergreens IsraelPalestine debate via TescTalk, an intracampus listserv, in the months after Rachel Corries death. Shulman describes herself as pro-Israel and pro-Palestine in favor of a two state solution. She felt obligated to join the fray when fellow professors began posting what she believed were extremely polarizing statements critical of Israel. The resulting dialogue remained extreme only with Shulman in theX PaGe 39


Home owners club1202 harrison seattle 98109

Birth Noah Hayden FentonFormer Seattleites Garrett and Jessica Fenton welcomed Noah to the world on October 13, 2010. Noah is the little brother of Joseph and grandson of Jani Goldberg of Portland, Ore. and Palm Springs, Calif., and Esther and Norman Freedman of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. His greatgrandparents are Anita Goldberg of Portland, and Murray Borenstein of Ft. Lauderdale. Noah was named in honor of his maternal great-grandmother Natalie and his paternal great-grandfather Howard.

Have you ever worried about which

electrician to call for help? Which painter or carpenter or appliance repairman? For over 50 years the Home owners club has assisted thousands of local homeowners in securing quality and guaranteed home services! To join or for more information call


(206) 622-3500

How do i submit a lifecycle announcement?

Brian J. Calvo

Mortgage Banker/Broker

Send lifecycle notices to: JTNews/Lifecycles, 2041 Third Ave., Seattle, WA 98121 E-mail to: lifecycles@jtnews.net Phone 206-441-4553 for assistance. Submissions for the December 24, 2010 issue are due by December 14 Download forms or submit online at www.jtnews.net/index.php?/lifecycle Please submit images in jpg format, 400 KB or larger. Thank you!Member


10230 NE Points Dr., Suite 530 Kirkland, WA 98033 Direct 425.893.5729 Cell 206.769.4432 brian.calvo@sterlingsavings.com

Dennis B. Goldstein & AssociatesCertified Public Accountants Personalized Consulting & Planning for Individuals & Small Business Tax Preparation12715 Bel-Red Road Suite 120 Bellevue, WA 98005 Phone: 425-455-0430 Fax: 425-455-0459 dennis@dbgoldsteincpa.com

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world news


W eveRGReeN PaGe 38

Israel under the radar: Sexy paranormalistsmarcy ostEr JTa World news ServiceJERUSALEM (JTA) Here are some recent stories out of Israel that you may have missed. to invitations to parties taking place on Friday night. Some 42 percent of Jewish women in Israel do not serve in the army 35 percent of them signed a declaration that they are religiously observant. The army has 60 days to challenge the declaration, according to The Jerusalem Post. messages from people telling me that Im in the magazine, so I immediately ran to the store to buy it. On the one hand Im a little embarrassed, but on the other hand this is very exciting. It was never my goal to be on it, but it is definitely cool to be included in the distinguished list.

middle of it. Exhausted and made to feel uncomfortable after refusing a live debate on Israel-Palestine issues because the Middle East is not her area of expertise, Shulman took a two-year leave of absence from Evergreen and went to teach at St. Martins College in Tacoma. Although Shulman has since returned to Evergreen, her story is reminiscent of Milsteins. The polarized and fiery nature of the Israel-Palestine issue on campus drove her to seek refuge elsewhere. But Israel-Palestine is not the only issue, Shulman believes. I think Evergreen is a difficult place to be Jewish for a variety of reasons, Shulman said. But I think part of it is that theres not a large enough Jewish community and if you have that pro-Israel view, its hard to find a comfortable place to share an opinion.

Draft-dodging women caught on FacebookMemo to Israeli women: If you claim to be religious to avoid army service, dont update your Facebook status on Shabbat. And dont post photos of yourself in immodest clothing. The Israel Defense Forces is using the social networking site to help catch draftdodging women and reportedly has nabbed 1,000. Military investigators looking for women who lied about being religious to evade mandatory army service have found young ladies posting photos of themselves in immodest clothing, dining in non-kosher restaurants and responding

Sexy entertainerOne of the sexiest men alive, at least for the year 2010, lives in Israel. Israeli paranormalist Lior Suchard was named to People magazines Sexiest Man Alive list for 2010 representing his age group, 28, on the Sexy at Every Age list of 100 men. I still cant believe that Im on the list; Im in shock, Suchard, who is currently performing his Uri Geller-esque act in Las Vegas, told Ynet. I got all sorts of text

Sex and the City, Israeli styleCasting has begun for an Israeli version of the hit HBO series Sex and The City, Ynet reported. The series will follow the lives and loves of three 30-something gal pals. The four American women lived in New York; the three Israelis will reside in Tel Aviv. Ynet reported that young Israeli actress Neta Plotnik has been tapped to play the Carrie Bradshaw character made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker, a Jewish actress.

Congratulations to Rhonda Rubin, Morton Shecter, Debra Rettman, and Ariel Weber. You are our 2010 Hanukkah Kosher winners.

Congratulations to Jeri Bernstein, Michelle Yoshi Medrano, Rebekka Fox, and Melanie Wittmier-Steffler. Each of you will receive a pair of tickets to attend a performance of Beethovens 9th Symphony at Benaroya Hall.The world premiere of this concert is part of the Gund/Simonyi Farewell Commissions, 18 new works which honor Maestro Schwarzs Farewell Season as Music Director of Seattle Symphony.

Each winner will receive a $50 gift card from one of our contest sponsors to purchase Kosher treats.

Congratulations to Ellen Cote and June Jacobs. Each wins a gorgeous mezuzah carved by Seattle artist Al Benoliel. Want to win one? To enter Januarys random drawing for a mezuzah, log on to www.jtnews.net and join our mailing list. Its as simple as that. Joining our mailing list means you receive e-newsletters from JTNews and jew-ish.com. Join today! JTNews will not share or sell your personal information.


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Going to the grass roots: Reform looking at ways to reinvent the movementsuE FishKoFF JTa World news ServiceSAN FRANCISCO (JTA) After the Reform movement broadcast online its first session devoted to reassessing itself, in mid-November, the comments poured in. One viewer suggested that the movement create a network of schools, camps, shuls and seminaries focused on tikkun olam, the Jewish injunction to repair the world. Another said the movement should train five times as many rabbis and cantors to provide more entryways into Judaism through music, social action and prayer. Another wrote to express concern about the lack of civility in Jewish discourse, particularly concerning Israel. One asked how Jews could use media and technology to create community. It is exactly the sort of grass-roots input that members of the reassessment team, called the Reform Think Tank, want as they take a hard look at where American Jewrys largest religious denomination is today and where it ought to go in the future. Five years from now, congregations wont look like they do today, said Rabbi Eric Yoffie, the longtime president of the Union for Reform Judaism, told JTA in an interview. Yoffie, who plans to retire in mid-2012, is one of the major players in the movements reassessment project. The project is online and offline, top down and bottom up. Each of the three major Reform institutions the synagogue movement, rabbinical association and seminary nominated 10 members to lead the 18-month discussion, which will be punctuated by four live streaming forums devoted to specific topics. Each is being archived online at urj.org/thinktank. The first, held Nov. 21 in Los Angeles, dealt with the impact of social media on religious life. About 300 individual viewers watched in addition to about 50 watching parties at Reform congregations. They could follow a blog and Twitter feed along with the broadcast, and sent in comments and questions to help direct the conversation. Weve never done anything like this before, Yoffie said. Its kind of scary, said Steven Windmueller, a professor at the School of Jewish Communal Service at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles and one of the co-organizers of the project. Everythings on the table. If we reinvent this whole thing, what will it look like? Were not moving from one place to another in linear fashion were experimenting. Demographic changes, financial challenges, new family structures and the changing nature of social media and how people connect to each other are just some of the pressures forcing change upon a movement founded 200 years ago in Germany but that developed its institutions in North America following World War II, Yoffie said. Back then, the world and American Jewry had different needs and interests, he said. We are primarily a suburban, familyoriented movement, Yoffie told JTA. Thats one thing that must change if Reform Judaism is to appeal to the next generation, according to Yoffie. We need more synagogues in the major metropolitan centers, he said. The recent economic downturn already has forced changes, including the dismantling of much of the Union for Reform Judaism itself, where consultants have replaced many staff departments. That was in the works already, Reform leaders insist; the recession just advanced the move quicker and gives a greater urgency to the reassessment project. Those who want to participate in the project can send in their comments anytime over the next year and a half. Pulpit rabbis involved with the project will take the conversation to their congregations and take the pulse of the community before the next forum, Windmueller said. The team also will consult with youth groups, synagogue presidents and other Reform activists. Most of the questions we received were in line with the questions we ourselves have, Tasch said after the first forum. The nature of community in a world where everything is online; the tension between face-to-face communication and technology; the nature of membership; what does it mean to belong in a world where everything is out there and available? Yoffie believes that synagogues will continue to be the foundation of Jewish life in North America but must evolve radically to adjust to how people communicate and relate via technology. Social media can be contentious, he told JTA, and congregations are not contentious places. Its where you go for comfort and support. So how do we deal with the contention of modern media while preserving the congregation as a place of menschlikeit and mutual respect? The truth is, we have to take risks if were not going to be irrelevant.

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