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  • Digital Strategy

    By: Jessica Kilmer

  • Big Idea

    Move forward a+er the crisis Remind customers of their

    extensive history of serving customers for over 120 years

    Display ads and website homepage with 100+ baby faces to represent the history of Johnsons

    Videos on social media and website featuring healthy adults who grew up using Johnsons products

    Image: h)p://

  • Mainly parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers o Audience Persona: New

    Mom Nancy

    Also need to focus on extending target market to people without children and to the parents themselves due to the versaElity of the products

    Target Audience 1


    1. h)ps://

    2. h)p://

  • Johnsons needs to have a beFer distribuEon of content on each plaGorm and fully commit to responding to consumers

    Social Media

  • Only 2 language opEons o English and Spanish

    Inability to purchase products from website


    Images: h)p://

  • Mobile site needs to have easier access to social media plaGorms

    Products should be displayed in a way that is more visually pleasing

    Promote sleep expert app for babies on social media plaGorms

    Mobile Realm

  • Should consider other key phrases and key words, so their website is closer to the top of search engine results: o bath products for babies o lo4on for babies o baby advice o baby products

    Search Engine Marketing

  • Overall traffic to website oContent and blogs should drive traffic

    Growth in email databases Add purchase opEon to website

    to track sales


    Image: h)p://

  • Allocate 6-12% of gross revenue to digital markeEng

    Large amount of budget on display ads and website to remind consumers of their history and trustworthiness

    Approximately 30% of their budget should go to SEM to increase the overall traffic to their website

    ImplementaEon should occur over a course of 12 months


    Image: h)p://

  • The future will be bright if Johnsons can reestablish the lost trust caused by the crisis

    This digital strategy will allow Johnsons to expand their target market to people of all ages, remind consumers of their longstanding history and direct more consumers to their website

    The Future of Johnsons

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