Jewelry handmade designs diy bridesmaid jewelry earrings our of pearls

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  • Handmade Designs-DIY Bridesmaid Jewelry

    Earrings out of Pearls

    Creating new jewelry handmade designs is about

    more than spending money and being able to show off

    what weve made; its about being connected to the

    daily life and personal emotions. Here, in this post I

    will show you how to make a pair of DIY bridesmaid

    jewelry earrings using cost-effective acrylic pearl

    beads. To complete this idea, youll merely need half

    an hour of preparation.

    Supplies needed in this bridesmaid jewelry:

    6mm Acrylic Pearl Bead

    12mm Crackle Glass Bead

    10mm Faceted-round Glass Bead

    (2 types) Bead Cap



    Earring Hook

    Flat Nose Pliers

    Round Nose Pliers

    Side Cutting Pliers

    How to create the jewelry handmade designs?

    Step1: preparation of components Step 2: group the above parts

    Want to create just-sweet-enough jewelry handmade designs for a girlfriends wedding? You can follow

    these instructions for a pair of DIY bridesmaid jewelry earrings out of lightweight but vivid acrylic pearl


    For one earring, you need: bead*3, eyepin*1,

    headpin*2, bead cap*3.

    Slide the bead and matching bead cap onto a pin

    as picture the shows. Loop the end.

    1. Hook a loop from the 10mm bead to the

    12mm bead.

  • Step 4: make a complete pair

    Repeat all the above steps and you will ac complete pair of DIY bridesmaid jewelry

    These DIY bridesmaid jewelry earrings are so

    adorable, arent they? All elements are handmade

    and make use of simple yet affordable acrylic pearls

    and transparent crackle glass beads. For those of you

    who desire a remarkable and meaningful wedding,

    you all deserve to make receive these jewelry

    handmade designs!

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    2. Hang the pearl beads from the holes in the

    bead cap. One hole can hold two dangles; use

    about 12 pieces for an earring.

    Step 3: add on earring hook

    On the top loop, attach an earring hook.