how to make genuine goldstone earrings diy jewelry making tutorial

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How To Make: Genuine Goldstone Earrings


Materials: 2 ball headpins around 3 inches long, 2 sandstone (goldstone) beads size 10 mm, 4 copper beads size 4 mm, 4 copper beads size 3 mm, 2 copper beads size 2 mm, 8 bead caps size/diameter 9 mm, 4 bead caps size/diameter 7 mm,Pair of earwires

Tools: Round Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters

Step 1: Insert two copper beads (size 3 mm and 4 mm) onto the headpin

Step 2: You need to bend bead cap (size 9 mm) as shown in the photo. The best way to do it is by squeezing it on the headpin

Step 3: Insert 2 more bead caps (size 7 mm and 9 mm), a sand stone bead and again bead caps (9 mm and 7 mm)

Step 4: Insert 1 bead cap (size 9 mm) and copper beads. Then move those elements up on the headpin in order to bend the bead cap by squeezing in delicately. Then move it all to the sand stone bead

Step 5: Create a loop, trim the pin if you need to and close the shape to create final loop. Repeat all the steps to create second Earring. Now attach earwires. Your earrings are ready to wear!