Jelastic (PaaS + IaaS) Virtual Cluster on Google Cloud Engine

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Architecture of Jelastic Virtual Private Cluster on top of Google Cloud Platform.


<ul><li> 1. JELASTIC CLUSTER ONTOP OF GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM CTO, Ruslan Synytsky June 14 </li> <li> 2. Jelastic Cluster uses Google Cloud API allocating private networks and mapping the subnets toVMs. </li> <li> 3. VPN (PPTP) allows to get access to any private network on anyVM </li> <li> 4. End users Containers use internal IP addresses from mappedVPN to get access to Internet. </li> <li> 5. Live Migration of Containers is the key feature. VPN allows Jelastic Cluster to migrate Containers betweenVMs. </li> <li> 6. However, this workaround has one issue. Traffic is routed viaVPN toVMs where IP networks were mapped. It causes network overhead in case of high traffic and big number of VMs in the cluster. </li> </ul>