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<ul><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 1/35</p><p>CLOUDPaaS &amp; IaaSPLAYBOOK</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 2/35</p><p>Modern industry leaders are constantly looking for ways to create innovative business models that will disrupt t</p><p>technologies, but many enterprises are hindered by a lack of agility that is vital to their ongoing success. The new</p><p>deploying a business service is in days or weeks, not in months and years anymore.</p><p>As part of a ful ly integrated Cloud offering, Oracles Platform and Infrastructure as a Service enable your customers to have in</p><p>and a more cost-effective control over their entire IT stack, for development and deployment. Oracle is leading the new era of c</p><p>systems and Cloud systems with a solution that enables you to move any workload between the two at ease.</p><p>In order to be successful and thrive in this new way of doing business, we need to fully grasp the opportunities that the Oracle</p><p>than ever, we all need to educate ourselves and get access to relevant content sooner. We need to learn from what is working a</p><p>the new continent. To facilitate this very essential step of getting ourselves in the new model, we saw the need for a reference </p><p>in one place everything you need and want to know about Platform and Infrastructure as a Service with Oracle. This is our PaaS</p><p>volume of our Cloud handbook. I t is now ready and available; we are making a commitment to keep updating it so it stays as t</p><p>I cannot emphasize enough how this is a must-have for all of us to be successful in the current Cloud era. It all starts here. Goo</p><p>PaaS &amp; IaaS PLAYBOOK</p><p>INTRODUCTION</p><p>Jean-Marc GotteroEMEA A&amp;C Vice President</p><p>Cloud</p><p>Jean-Marc is driving the solutions development, recruitment</p><p>and enablement of Cloud Partners across the entire ecosystem.</p><p>He is responsible for creating and driving Cloud sales strategy</p><p>and programs as well as the engagement model to accelerate</p><p>Oracle, and Partners success in the Cloud. With a rich history</p><p>and experience in the IT industry, Jean-Marc is recognized as a</p><p>thought leader on the topics of Cloud, partnering and channel</p><p>development as well as go to market models.</p><p>Jean-Marc reports to David Callaghan EMEA A&amp;C SVP and is</p><p>a member of both management teams EMEA A&amp;C, led by</p><p>David, and EMEA Saas Board led by Alain Blanc, EMEA</p><p>Applications SVP.</p><p>Gottero joined from Cisco, where he was most recently</p><p>Managing Director for the Strategic Partners organization across</p><p>EMEA, driving more than 2B$ of business. He incubated in 2011</p><p>the Cloud business and set up the first Cloud GTM/team.</p><p>Others responsibilities a</p><p>for the Partner organiza</p><p>service industry and con</p><p>Solutions Group.</p><p>Before joining Cisco, Go</p><p>Andersen Business Con</p><p>Services practice and en</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 3/35</p><p>PaaS &amp; IaaSOPPORTUNITYFOR PARTNERS</p><p>The Market is Growing Fast</p><p>The Value of</p><p>Cloud Adoption</p><p>Cloud Adoption:</p><p>The Driving Force</p><p>WHY ORACLE?ACCELERATE YOUR</p><p>BUSINESS</p><p>Oracle Overview</p><p>Setting Partners Up for Success</p><p>Commercial Propositions</p><p>YOUR DEFINITIVEGUIDES</p><p>IDC</p><p>Integrate. Accelerate. Lead</p><p>PaaS for Dummies</p><p>Strategic Partner Playbook</p><p>GO TO MARKET WITHPaaS &amp; IaaS</p><p>PaaS 4 SaaS</p><p>Development Cloud</p><p>Document Cloud</p><p>Business Modernisation</p><p>Data Management Cloud</p><p>Analytics Cloud BICS and DVCS</p><p>IaaS</p><p>PaaS &amp; IaaS PLAYBOOK</p><p>CONTENTS</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 4/35</p><p>Il minctum faceatis eaqui re qui ommos utatur? Quibusandel ma sequam et volescitas aut liquodi gendsiminum comnis quis aut qui que liquuntia doles sinctur?</p><p>Agnihil latuscia pedia cusamet ipsapel ibusante</p><p>derae ex et et estrum aperempore doluptur</p><p>sed que pa doloribus autaturest, nossed</p><p>magnimillaut ressit aut ium, sediora</p><p>Lam sin culparibus ipsunt mo voloribusto</p><p>temporibus ut unt re ni rat qui tem quodiatiorro</p><p>maion por susam, que volupti aepudit eosa</p><p>voles ex et fuga. Ed quistru ptaturenimus</p><p>archica tasperem volendae qui quo eum</p><p>expliqui offic to eius dolupta tetur, nus dolorepellecuptatem faceaturepre iur, officipis volum</p><p>quide dit faccae nes minctas siminimus,</p><p>eumento odis et vellitatur?</p><p>XIM ESTIS NONSEQUISQUE DOLUPICIL ETUR</p><p>AM FUGIAM AUT QUATUR?</p><p>Ihiciaes expeleniasi alit liam harumqu</p><p>istorepudi veles et odi vent fugitatur? Uga.</p><p>Cores eaqui utecatin et idel ma voloreicatis</p><p>ullor reperum restrume poresti consecto vel</p><p>expliqui dolor reicillandae nisto blaborum</p><p>cor aceperum fuga. Evel ma con coratiossit</p><p>quisquatur sim landion cullabore solorrum id</p><p>eumqui debit dolut videnis que cusdaepedit,toresciati vel molorer chilitas ne pa quatet</p><p>laborec</p><p>XIM ESTIS NO</p><p>AM FUGIAM A</p><p>Ihiciaes expele</p><p>istorepudi vel</p><p>Cores eaqui u</p><p>ullor reperum</p><p>expliqui dolor</p><p>aceperum fug</p><p>Evel ma con ccullabore solo</p><p>videnis que cu</p><p>chilitas ne pa </p><p>HEADING</p><p>SIDE BAR TITLE</p><p>SUB HEADING</p><p>PaaS &amp; IaaS</p><p>OPPORTUNITYFOR PARTNERS</p><p>PaaS &amp; IaaS PLAYBOOK</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 5/35</p><p>$9.30B</p><p>17%</p><p>CAGR</p><p>$2B</p><p>17.9%</p><p>CAGR</p><p>$4.99B</p><p>17.2%</p><p>CAGR</p><p>PLATFORM AS A SERVICE (PaaS)THE MARKET IS GROWING FAST</p><p>ACROSS THE GLOBE, PAAS ADOPTION IS ON FIRE!</p><p>2014 2018 2014 2018 2014 2018 2</p><p>NAS PaaS</p><p>MARKET GROWTH</p><p>EMEA PaaS</p><p>MARKET GROWTH</p><p>APAC PaaS</p><p>MARKET GROWTH M</p><p>$4.99B $3.12B $1.2B $3</p><p>Source: Gartner Survey Analysis: G eographic Differences Among Buyers Cloud Services Planning,</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 6/35</p><p>CLOUD MARKET TRENDSTHE VALUE OF CLOUD ADOPTION</p><p>Companies of all sizes are moving to the</p><p>Cloud for its many benefits:</p><p>RAPID INNOVATIONRapidly build, deploy and manage rich new</p><p>applications and extend SaaS apps with</p><p>custom code.</p><p>STANDARDIZATION &amp; EFFICIENCYRun workloads in the Cloud for instant value,</p><p>productivity and efficiencies.</p><p>FLEXIBILITYScale easily to quickly meet business demands.</p><p>COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEEmpower line of business and improve the speed</p><p>of decision making without CapEx investments.</p><p>THE MOVE TOTHE CLOUD PUBLIC CLOUD SERVICE MARKET</p><p>The overall Cloud computing growth rate is 5x morethan</p><p>2016</p><p>$2105XGROWTH2010$77B</p><p>CLOGRO</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 7/35</p><p>TOP 10 BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS DRIVING CLOUD ADOPTIO</p><p>CLOUD ADOPTION: THE DRIVING FORCE</p><p>MULTI-SYSTEM/CLOUD</p><p>RATIONALIZATION</p><p>NEW PROJECT</p><p>PILOTS</p><p>CONNECTED</p><p>COLLABORATION</p><p>INFRASTRUCTURE</p><p>INVESTMENT AVOIDANCE</p><p>GLOBAL</p><p>EXPANSION</p><p>SHARED SERVICE</p><p>INITIATIVE</p><p>ACQUISITIONS &amp;</p><p>DIVESTITURES</p><p>SUBSIDIARY</p><p>STRATEGY</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 8/35</p><p> WHY ORACLE?</p><p>ACCELERATEYOUR BUSIN</p><p>PaaS &amp; IaaS PLAYBOOK</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 9/35</p><p>ORACLE CLOUD PLATFORM</p><p>ORACLE OVERVIEW</p><p>THE PLATFORM FOR</p><p>TRANSFORMATION</p><p>ORACLE PAAS PROVIDES YOUR</p><p>CUSTOMERS THE PLATFORM FOR</p><p>SCALABLE CLOUD GROWTH</p><p>BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION</p><p>AND OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY</p><p>INNOV</p><p>SOLU</p><p>TRANSFORMATION</p><p>ASSESSMENTS</p><p>MODERNIZE WITH</p><p>ORACLE SAAS</p><p>TAILOR</p><p>EXPERIENCE</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 10/35</p><p>ORACLE OVERVIEW</p><p>ONE PLATFORM, MANY USES</p><p>EXTEND SAAS TO</p><p>SUPPORT UNIQUE</p><p>REQUIREMENTS</p><p>SIMPLIFY</p><p>ENTERPRISE</p><p>MOBILECONNECTIVITY</p><p>SHARE DOCUMENTS</p><p>IN THE CLOUD</p><p>BUSIN</p><p>IN THE</p><p>MOVE DEV AND TEST</p><p>TO THE CLOUD</p><p>MOVE PRODUCTION</p><p>WORKLOADS TO</p><p>THE CLOUD</p><p>ANALYZE BIG DATA</p><p>IN THE CLOUD</p><p>INTEGR</p><p>HYBRID</p><p>MANA</p><p>DATABASE JAVA DEVELOPER MOBILE DOCUMENTS</p><p>SOCIAL</p><p>NETWORK BIG DATA ANALYTICS MESSAGING</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 11/35</p><p>GETTING STARTED</p><p>Customers are looking for the right Partners to deliver solutions to help</p><p>streamline and grow their businesses. New Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN)</p><p>Cloud designations offer Partners the opportunity to showcase expertise,</p><p>skills and investment in the Oracle Cloud. Mapped to the model in which</p><p>you engage and the maturity of your Cloud business, these designations</p><p>complement existing OPN program levels to provide you with varying</p><p>levels of recognition and benefits.</p><p>Click hereto learn more about how to differentiate with Oracle Cloud and</p><p>Oracle PartnerNetwork.</p><p>SETTING PARTNERS UP FOR SUCCESS</p><p>TRANSFORMATIVE CLOUD PROGRAMS FOR OPNMEMBER DIFFERENTIATION AND RECOGNITION</p><p>CLOUD ELIT</p><p>CLOUD PREM</p><p>CLOUD SELE</p><p>CLOUD STAND</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 12/35</p><p>DIFFERENTIATE YOUR OFFERINGS</p><p>See business innovation</p><p>in action</p><p>Watch how Oracle Cloud drivesbusiness innovation in your</p><p>business. From sales to supply</p><p>chain, from database to social</p><p>networks, see how it works.</p><p>Click hereto go to Oracle Cloud</p><p>demos</p><p>Test-drive a w</p><p>Cloud service</p><p>The best wayCloud service</p><p>try them.</p><p>Click hereto </p><p>trials</p><p>Are you ready to dive in and start?</p><p>Let an Oracle Cloud expert help</p><p>you quickly get on your way</p><p>Click hereto contact an Oracle</p><p>representative</p><p>Reimagine yo</p><p>CloudWorld</p><p>What if technmobile, socia</p><p>analytics wer</p><p>business ope</p><p>envision you</p><p>processes.</p><p>Click hereto </p><p>CloudWorld e</p><p>SETTING PARTNERS UP FOR SUCCESS</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 13/35</p><p>STEP 1</p><p>Review Available Products</p><p>Step 1: Click hereto review available products</p><p>STEP 2</p><p>Check Criteria</p><p>Step 2: Click hereto view the full criteria</p><p>Apply </p><p>Step 3: Cl</p><p>RESELL ORACLE CLOUD PAAS &amp; IAAS</p><p>COMMERCIAL PROPOSITIONS</p><p>For more information, click hereto go to the Oracle PaaS Knowledge Zone and hereto go to the Oracle IaaS Knowledge zone</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 14/35</p><p>SUB HEADING</p><p>GO TO</p><p>MARKETWITH PaaS &amp; IaaS</p><p>PaaS &amp; IaaS PLAYBOOK</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 15/35</p><p>53% of organisations have seen innovation hindered due to an inability to integrate systems they have and other </p><p>EXTEND, INTEGRATE AND MOBILISE YOUR SAAS APPLICA</p><p>PaaS 4 SaaS</p><p>EXTEND SAAS WITH PAAS</p><p>Rapidly build new functionality</p><p>Quickly create new mobile apps</p><p>Securely share SaaS related documents</p><p>INTEGRATE SAAS WITH PAAS</p><p>Simplify connections and processes</p><p>Innovate faster with less cost</p><p>Manage all connections in one place</p><p>Zero learning curve for hybrid integrations</p><p>ANALYSE SAAS WITH P</p><p>Blend SaaS data with o</p><p>Blend SaaS data with o</p><p>Data Visualisation for li</p><p>Analytic mash-up for lin</p><p>HOW MANY SAAS APPLICATIONS DO YOU OWN TODAY?</p><p>ERP EPM HCM TALENT</p><p>SALES CPQCUSTOMERSERVICE</p><p>SCM</p><p> SOCIAL RELATIONSHIP MANAGER</p><p>For more information visit here</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 16/35</p><p>QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR CUSTOMERPaaS 4 SaaS</p><p>1. Do you have multiple SaaS solutions?</p><p>2. Are you replicating data across different SaaS solutions?</p><p>3. Do you find users entering the same data on multiple</p><p>SaaS applications?</p><p>4. Do you want to add functionality to SaaS applications butfind it difficult to do so?</p><p>5. Are you under pressure to make SaaS services availableon mobile devices?</p><p>6. Have you found traditional integration solutions complexand expensive?</p><p>7. Would you like to empower business users to integrateApps the way that works for them?</p><p>8. Would you like to unlock and use your data bothon-premise and in the Cloud?</p><p>9. Does the business want access and be able to mash-updata across all platforms?</p><p>10. Can you stand in front of your Board and show datavisually from all your applications?</p><p>TA</p><p>CUSTOMER PROFILE</p><p> Customers who have purchased and deployed multiple SaaS products</p><p> Customers who have requirements to Extend/Integrate/Analyse their existing service</p><p> Customers who want to do more with their SaaS services</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 17/35</p><p>Savings of up to 59% compared to running development environments on-premise.</p><p>Consider ALL of the costs involved in the setup and running of a development environment. In addition to cost savings, consider agility</p><p>and speed, and you will see a huge reduction in the number of steps taken to provision a database.</p><p>REMEMBTELL HAL</p><p>The compademonstra</p><p>provisionin</p><p>In reality, s</p><p>time round</p><p>and money</p><p>preprogram</p><p>drop funct</p><p>connection</p><p>process, to</p><p>just a few </p><p>For more i</p><p>TEST AND DEVELOPMENT ON PAAS</p><p>DEVELOPMENT CLOUD</p><p>ORACLE CLOUD PLATFORM: CORPORATE IT AND DBAsRAPID PROVISIONING AND ECONOMICS</p><p>COST</p><p>OPERATIONS</p><p>SOFTWARE</p><p>HARDWARE</p><p>FACILITIES</p><p>PROVISIONING</p><p>ON-PREMISE ORACLE CLOUD</p><p>VALUE</p><p>CREATION</p><p>ON-PREMISE ORACLE CLOUD</p><p>726STEPS 37STEPS</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 18/35</p><p>QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR CUSTOMERDEVELOPMENT CLOUD</p><p>1. How long does it take you to provision a T&amp;D</p><p>environment?</p><p>2. What percentage of your current on-premise estate is forT&amp;D?</p><p>3. Do you currently use any other Cloud services for T&amp;Dand do they allow you to easily transfer between Cloudand on-premise?</p><p>4. According to surveys, the operational elements (backup,patching, upgrading etc) of running a DB environmentrepresent 59% of the total cost would this be true for</p><p>you?</p><p>5. Would it be advantageous to you to only pay for the timeyour T&amp;D is running?</p><p>6. Does the business feel that you (IT) respond quickly to</p><p>requests for services?</p><p>7. What would it mean to you to be able to fail (or succeed)quickly?</p><p>8. Do you understand why a Platform approach securesyour future better than an Infrastructure approach?</p><p>9. Do you need a continuous delivery platform?</p><p>10. Would it be beneficial to be able to build applicationsdirectly on the Database without coding Java?</p><p>TAR</p></li><li><p>7/26/2019 Cloud Paas and Iaas Playbook 2993836</p><p> 19/35</p><p>61% of employees confess they do not delete confidential documents (in violation of company policy), or</p><p>accidentally forward files or documents to unauthorized recipients. Document Cloud is the next-gen Cloud-</p><p>based content collaboration solution, built for the enterprise with robust security, application integration and</p><p>mobile enablement.</p><p>BOXONEDRIVE 4</p><p>BIZ (MSFT)IBM DROPBOX ORACLE*</p><p>Complete Cloud (Public, Private, hybrid)</p><p>User Experience</p><p>Data Sync</p><p>Integration with Oracle Cloud Apps</p><p>Security</p><p>Integration with Vendors Information Worker Suite</p><p>Single Vendor Accountability (IaaS, PaaS, and...</p></li></ul>