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As 3D technology continues its rapid, game-changing, and exciting evolution, you need a trusted partner to help you navigate the products and potential of the 3D world. Javelin is that partner, because we care as much about advancing your business as you do. Since 1997, Javelin’s 3D experts have inspired and enabled thousands of companies with solutions for design, data management, and 3D printing. No matter the size of your business, we can propel your organization to new heights.


  • 1. Javelin Solutions3D Design, Data Management, and 3D Printing1-877-219-6757 | sales@javelin-tech.com | www.javelin-tech.com

2. 0505 - 12Make Conceptual DesignYour Business AdvantageInnovate in an instinctive, powerful modelingenvironment that gives you the freedom todesign the way you want.13 14 - 15 3. Contents04 About Us3D Software05SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design SoftwareSOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Software0607080910111213SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD ProductStratasys 3D Printers14153D Printer SeriesJavelin Services161718SOLIDWORKS Simulation SoftwareSOLIDWORKS Simulation Product MatrixSOLIDWORKS Electrical Design SoftwareSOLIDWORKS Communication SoftwareSOLIDWORKS Data Management SoftwareLifecycle Management SoftwareStratasys 3D PrintersServices / DriveWorksJavelin TrainingSubscription Service19 Contact Javelin3081417 4. About UsWhy choose Javelin?As 3D technology continues its rapid, game-changing, andexciting evolution, you need a trusted partner to help younavigate the products and potential of the 3D world. Javelinis that partner, because we care as much about advancingyour business as you do.Since 1997, Javelins 3D experts have inspired and enabledthousands of companies with solutions for design, datamanagement, and 3D printing. No matter the size of yourbusiness, we can propel your organization to new heights.Local service & company-wide prideEvery member of our team is proud to help Javelin becomean outstanding Value-Added Reseller (VAR) that isrecognized as the best in Canada. With locations across thecountry, were here and ready to help.Count on us for in-depth product knowledge, smoothimplementation, fast technical support, and personalizedtraining that will help you work with efficiency andcreativity. With thousands of customers in a mix ofindustries, weve answered and logged more technicalsupport inquiries than most other VARs in the world.4What our customers tell usWith our help, Javelin customers can truly aim high. Theyare designing new products, taking on customers theynever thought theyd be able to serve, entering newmarkets, and securing their futures through increased R&D.They tell us how weve inspired them, how were therewhen they have complex problems, and how we do it allwith personal service.Javelin offers the complete package:good products, good service andvalue for what you need. Theyre agreat bunch of people who are alwayswilling to help you out. Mark McCumber, Senior Designer, FBT Inc. Mark McCumber, Senior Designer, FBT Inc.www.javelin-tech.com/about-us 5. SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design SoftwareCOLLABORATEInnovative conceptual design is the core of any successful product. SOLIDWORKS Conceptual,powered by Dassault Systmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, gives you an instinctive, powerfulmodeling environment focused on the four key elements of conceptual design:CONCEPTUAL Rapidly create and evolve your concepts theway you want without design barriers, and automaticallycapture your ideas to use anytime in the future.INSTINCTIVE Design the way you think with agile,instinctive design tools in a structureless modelingenvironment with direct editing.SOCIAL Use familiar social collaboration tools in aninteractive environment to harness the collective intelligenceof your company, customers, and vendors.CONNECTED Enhance collaboration with automaticallysaved design iterations to keep data safe, up-to-date, andaccessible anytime, anywhere.Then use the powerful, easy-to-use simulation and verification capabilities of SOLIDWORKS software to evaluate and select the bestdesign concept.www.javelin-tech.com/concept-design 5 6. SOLIDWORKS 3D DESIGN SOFTWARESOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software delivers powerfuldesign functionality with the intuitiveSOLIDWORKS user interface to speed up yourdesign process and make you instantlyproductive.SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD SoftwareSOLIDWORKS StandardGet up to speed quickly with SOLIDWORKS Standard and unlock thebenefits of this powerful 3D design solution for rapid creation of parts,assemblies, and 2D drawings. Application-specific tools for sheetmetal, weldments, surfacing, mold, and tool and die; make it easy todeliver best-in-class designs.SOLIDWORKS ProfessionalSOLIDWORKS Professional builds on the capabilities of SOLIDWORKSStandard to increase design productivity with advanced photorealisticrendering, automated cost estimation, eDrawings Professionalcollaboration capabilities, automated design and drawing checking, anda sophisticated components and parts library.SOLIDWORKS PremiumSOLIDWORKS Premium is a comprehensive 3D design solution that addspowerful simulation and design validation to the capabilities ofSOLIDWORKS Professional, as well as ECAD/MCAD collaboration, reverseengineering, and advanced wire and pipe routing functionality.6Design better products byharnessing the power ofSOLIDWORKS 3D designsoftware to unleash yourcreativity and improveproductivity.SOLIDWORKS 3D solutionsenable you and your team toquickly transform new ideasinto great products. Paul Sesto, Business Manager, OneCADwww.javelin-tech.com/3d-design 7. SOLIDWORKS PRODUCT MATRIXCategory and FeatureSOLIDWORKSPremiumSOLIDWORKSProfessionalSOLIDWORKSStandardSOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Product Matrix73D DESIGN3D Solid Modeling & SurfacingSheet Metal & Weldments, Mold DesignFull ECAD-MCAD Data ExchangePipe, Tube, and Electrical RoutingDrawings, Dimensioning, Bill of Materials & TablesStandards CheckingFlattened Harness DrawingsSearch, Automation and ConfigurationsSmart Components and Smart FastenersStandard Component Library and Task SchedulerSOLIDWORKS Costing and QuotingAssembly Animation, Fly-or-Walk Through AnimationsImport Scanned Data RenderPhotorealistic RenderingCollision, Interference Detection and Hole Alignment ChecksFluid Flow Simulation and SustainabilityTolerance Stack-Up Analysis and Kinematic Motion SimulationStructural ValidationImport / Export, DWG / DXF and eDrawingseDrawings ProfessionalData Vaulting, Revision Control and Feature Recognition 8. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Software8Raise the quality of your productsand reduce costs for physicalprototypes and testing by easilysubjecting your designs toreal-world conditions.Efficiently evaluate performance, improve quality, and boostproduct innovation with the powerful and comprehensivesuite of SOLIDWORKS Simulation packages.Set up virtual real-world environments to test against a broadrange of parameters during the design process, such asdurability, static and dynamic response, motion of assembly,heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and plastics injection molding.SOLIDWORKS Simulation PremiumEnsure product robustness using the range of powerfulstructural simulation capabilities in SOLIDWORKSSimulation Premium including tools for simulatingnonlinear and dynamic response, dynamic loading, andcomposite materials.SOLIDWORKS Flow SimulationEfficiently simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forcescritical to your design's success. Driven by engineeringgoals, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation takes the complexityout of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and enablesProduct Engineers to use CFD insights for making theirtechnical decisions in a concurrent engineering approach.SOLIDWORKS SustainabilityConduct Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on parts or assembliesdirectly within the SOLIDWORKS 3D design window. Searchfor comparable materials, see in real time how they affectenvironmental impact, and easily document your findings.Case StudyGrantec Engineering Inc. use SOLIDWORKSSimulation analysis software to analyze structuresthat must withstand substantial forces, such as theCanadian Navy's Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel.Consider the benefits:Increased analysis productivity by a factor of 40Expanded range of analysis capabilitiesEnhanced handling of complex geometriesImproved communication of results to customerswww.javelin-tech.com/simulationSOLIDWORKS PlasticsPredict and avoid manufacturing defects during theearliest stages of plastics part and injection mold designusing SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulation software. Whendesigning plastic parts or molds, improve quality, eliminatecostly mold rework, and decrease time-to-market. 9. 9SOLIDWORKS PRODUCT MATRIXSOLIDWORKS Simulation Product MatrixCategory and FeatureANALYZE & VERIFYSimulationProfessionalSimulationPremiumFlowSimulationAssembly SimulationMechanism AnalysisEvent-Based MotionCompare and Optimize DesignPredict Buckling or CollapseSimulate Heating or CoolingSimulate Drop TestPressure Vessel DesignSimulate Plastic and Rubber ComponentsSimulate CompositesSimulate Forced VibrationsNonlinear DynamicsSOLIDWORKSPremiumSimulate Natural FrequenciesSimulate FatigueFluid Flow Simulation 10. SOLIDWORKS Electrical SoftwareSOLIDWORKS Electrical provide a range of electrical system design functionality to meet theneeds of professionals. All design data is synchronized in real time, bi-directionallybetween schematics and the 3D model within a collaborative environment.10SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3DSOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D enables you to place electri-calcomponents and use advanced routing technologyto automatically interconnect electrical design elementswithin the 3D model. Determine optimal lengths forwires, cables, and harnesses, all while maintainingdesign and Bill of Materials (BOM) synchronizationbetween electrical and mechanical designs.SOLIDWORKS Electrical ProfessionalCombine the electrical schematic functionality of SOLID-WORKSElectrical Schematic with the 3D modeling capa-bilitiesof SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D and do it all in onepowerful, easy-to-use package. SOLIDWORKS ElectricalProfessional is ideally suited for the user that supportsboth the electrical and mechanical design integration.SOLIDWORKS Electrical SchematicA powerful easy-to-use suite of collaborative schematicdesign tools drive rapid development of embedded electri-calsystems for equipment and other products. Built-inlibraries of symbols, manufacturer part information, and 3Dcomponent models provide common reusable materials,op