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Since 1997 Javelin has been dedicated to providing solutions to our customers to improve their productivity. As Canada’s premier provider of 3D design training; we are committed to helping you reduce your time to market, reduce costs, and improve quality. We focus our efforts to help you achieve success. We know that your people are a competitive advantage. Investing in their skill sets dramatically improves your key projects and initiatives. The value of training is well documented; combined with powerful technology that is constantly evolving - it is especially impactful.


  • 1. Javelin Training ServicesLearning and coaching solutions to advance your team1-877-219-6757 | training@javelin-tech.com | www.javelin-tech.com

2. Why Take Training?Go to Page 9 for Course List 3. Training your team can dramatically improve your busi-ness.After taking training customers have realized a50% to 90% reduction in their design time becauseteam members are able to use SOLIDWORKS softwaremore effectively:SOLIDWORKS is always changing, with over 250 newenhancements added every year your team needs todevelop their skill set in order to maintain best practicesand be effective:Advance the careers of your team members and gainnew business with a SOLIDWORKS Certification. With 12certification programs to choose from, including indus-tryspecific designations, there is a certification program3IMPROVEYour BusinessMAINTAINBest PracticesADVANCEYour TeamDesigners are able to reduce their design time.Have a consistent design approach.Work more effectively to create and reuse geometry.Users tend to work in the way they were last trained and need to stayup-to-date with SOLIDWORKS best practices.SOLIDWORKS skills are not easily shared by the whole team and powerusers are often too busy to develop other users and teach best practices.Continuous skills improvement allows users to develop and become moreproductive over time.designed for your business.Prove to customers that your team is proficient with SOLIDWORKS andhelp sales to win more business.Ensure team members are able to develop over time by providing themwith a structured career path.Become more confident in the team abilities with the knowledge that theyare certified professionals. 4. Why Javelin?Javelin customers beingawarded their SOLIDWORKSCertification from BertrandSicot, Dassault SystmesSOLIDWORKS CEO (far left).Since 1997 Javelin has been dedicated to providing solutions to our customers to improve theirproductivity. As Canadas premier provider of 3D design training; we are committed to helpingyou reduce your time to market, reduce costs, and improve quality. We focus our efforts to helpyou achieve success.We know that your people are a competitive advantage. Investing in their skill sets dramaticallyimproves your key projects and initiatives. The value of training is well documented; combinedwith powerful technology that is constantly evolving - it is especially impactful.Expert Training TeamJavelins Training Development Teamworks with you to find a creative, costeffective training solution that willdramatically impact your design time.With our experience and knowledge,we build customized solutions thatmeet your requirements, always withthe goal to improve productivity andmaximize your investment.4Certified InstructorsOur Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructorsdeliver best-in-class training solutionsto your individual team members,imparting the knowledge they need toenhance their productivity.Public training courses are situated in afriendly classroom setting, whereparticipants are encouraged to interactand share their knowledge andchallenges.Customized ProgramsTraining programs are not one-size fitsall. That is why we have developed aflexible training approach to personalizeyour training experience.Javelin has an extensive offering oftraining products and solutions. We offercustomized training to fit your learningrequirements and budget.Whether you need an Essentials class fora new employee, or a comprehensiveassessment of needs combined with yourbest practices for your entire team, weare the right partner for you. 5. Javelin Training MethodsIn-Class Group TrainingImprove your productivity and knowledge of SOLIDWORKS andSOLIDWORKS Partner products with certified instructor led training.In-class training can be delivered at any of our 12 training locationsacross Canada.Training is delivered using SOLIDWORKS approved training contentand methodologies that incorporate hands-on exercises. Studentsreceive a comprehensive SOLIDWORKS manual only availablethrough these courses, which includes a complete set of trainingexercise files. Students will receive a certificate for any courseJavelin Online Live Training (JOLT)Javelin Online Live Training provides the same effective trainingexperience you receive from our classroom training. During thetraining session, you can get help by virtually raising your hand via theonline training system, and privately chatting with the instructor.Just like traditional classroom based training, you will experience aninteractive learning environment where you can give feedback, gainaccess to the SOLIDWORKS training files, and get time to work onexercises. Students will receive the headset required for the audioportion of the course.Private On-site TrainingPrivate training provides the same effective training experience youreceive from our classroom training, only its held privately at yourfacility. This collaborative learning environment allows you to bringyour employees up to a consistent level of knowledge by having themtake the same training at the same time. In this setting, employees areable to share questions and experiences.With private training, you will benefit from flexible schedulingoptions and a potential savings of 35%. Javelin will bring ourstate-of-the-art mobile classroom to your facility.Javelin provides the highest quality of training. We back this statement with our complete Satisfaction Guarantee. 5 6. Flexible Training ProgramsFlex Day ProgramsSimplify purchasing and scheduling training of employees with Javelins Flex Days. This program allows you to purchase bulktraining days at 20% off the list price in a single order to reduce your upfront planning and administration. Your days can beapplied to any public course in any location, including online options, and can be shared across all of your employees.A dedicated Flex Day coordinator will work with you to determine your training requirements, as well as schedule and manage allof your Flex Days, and provide regular reports on consumption. If requested, we can also work with your Human Resourcesdepartment to manage employee development programs."What I learned will makeme more productive andmake my company morecompetitive." Ed Petruskavich, Island Automation Ltd.Mix n Match Tailored TrainingThe Mix n Match course is a tailored solution withtraining content designed to target your specificneeds. Javelin will collaborate with you to browseSOLIDWORKS courses and select only the relevantmodules that you need.Our SOLIDWORKS Experts will perform in-depth trainingassessments with your users on-site, over the phone or viaonline remote sessions and tailor custom courses to yourspecifics. The training assessment ensures maximumrelevance and, ultimately, success for your company.6 7. 7SOLIDWORKS 3D DESIGN SOFTWAREPraesent lacinia, nisi in feugiat convallis, nisl tellus tincidunt justoCustom Training and CoachingBenefits of the programProfessional Training DaysProfessional Training Days are perfect for the learnerwho is faced with a specific challenge and requireson-the-job coaching.A Javelin Certified Instructor will review your projects withyou to help find solutions to your needs, either on site atyour location, online, or at a Javelin facility. Professionaldays are scheduled to match your calendar and designproject deadlines.Custom Skill Builder ProgramYou understand the value of skills training in increasingefficiency and want the best possible 3D design toolswith the ability to use them to their full potential.If taking days away from the office for training is not anoption, let Javelin come to you. Receive advancedtraining paired with customized on-the-jobcoaching with Javelin's Certified Instructors.The SOLIDWORKS Custom Skill Builder Program isflexible and convenient, and keeps your team rightwhere it needs to be at work growing your business.Included with the programA Training Needs Assessment for your team.Custom, personalized training content working on yourown critical 3D projects.Flexible delivery format with the most effective trainingmethod for your team.Follow up coaching sessions and management summa-ryto ensure the new skills have been adopted."I liked that I could learnthings even in areas where Iwas already familiar. Someof the tips and tricks willhelp me do my job faster andmore eficiently." Lyndon Graff, Brandt IndustriesMaintain productivity with training at your location.Apply best practices immediately at your work place.Tailored lessons to minimize information overload andmaintain engagement for learning.Engage in team building while brainstorming newideas and ways of using SolidWorks.Develop and improve your and company processes. 8. LSeOaLrInDiWngO PRaKtSh s 3 aDn Dd EASsIsGeNs sSmOeFnTtWsARECustom Learning PathsThe best way to learn SOLIDWORKS iswith a custom learning path which willguide you from aquiring core skills togaining advanced knowledge.The paths are structured in a way thatmakes it easy for you to learn skills withina specific role or industry.Contact us to get your learning path.Annual PassportGet more SOLIDWORKS classroom training for less!If you need to acquire in-depth SOLIDWORKS knowledge, then a Javelin TrainingPassport is the most cost-effective solution for you. Pay an annual price to takeunlimited SOLIDWORKS training for a year with a saving of up to 65%.There are two different levels of passports available, Professional or Premium,with up to 14 courses and a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional exam voucherincluded. In-class and web courses are included with an annual passport.Training AssessmentsWith a personalized training assessment you gain a betterunderstanding of what training you or your team needs tobecome more efficient with SOLIDWORKS software.8Custom assessments designed to your specifications.For 1 to 50+ persons individual and team focused.Assessments can be carried out on-site or online.Results delivered in an extensive report.CoreAdvancedExpert 9. Training CoursesS