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  • 1. Metadata Best Practices for the Description of Digital Objects Entered into Rosetta Molly OBrien & Rachel Jaffe Metadata Librarians @ Binghamton University Libraries Source: http://www.mrdowling.com/604-rosettastone.html
  • 2. IntroductionSource: http://prints.encore-editions.com/500/0/circus-performer-leaping-through-a-ring-of-fire.jpg
  • 3. Binghamton University (SUNY)Binghamton University, one of four comprehensive doctoral researchuniversities within the State University of New York, is recognized forstellar academics, an international focus, high graduation rates andoverall value. Undergraduates: 11,706 Graduate students: 3,007 Average SAT score range: 1190-1340 Average ACT score range: 26-31 Top 25% of high school class: 85% In the past 10 years, 91-93% of freshmen returned for their sophomore year Students of color: 33.3% International students: 10% Students come from all 50 states and 100 countries
  • 4. Q: Why ?What is digital preservation (vs. digital access)? A series of managed activities necessary to ensure continued access to digital materials for as long as necessary. (DPC) Actions required to maintain access to digital materials beyond the limits of media failure or technological change. (DPC) !noitavreserP : A
  • 5. BU LibrariesDigital Preservation Goals Libraries Special collections Archival materials Campus Born-digital objects University photographs Faculty Data sets, research notes, etc.Source: http://blogs.sundaymercury.net/weirdscience/2010/05/newtons-tree-in-space.html
  • 6. Organizing Chaos: Metadata SuperheroesSources: http://icanhascheezburger.com/; http://www.damsimple.com/tag/dam/page/2/
  • 7. Dublin CoreSources:http://glennas.wordpress.com/2010/01/31/dublin-core-metadata-initiative-dcmi-learning-resources/http://www.vuw.ac.nz/staff/alastair_smith/technophile/DublinCore.gif
  • 8. Best PracticesOur Principles: Consistency, simplicity, intelligibility Foresight Bringing everyone on boardSource: http://www.gafferdistrict.com/owner_education.php
  • 9. Building a Metadata FormCreate a form:
  • 10. Building a Metadata FormAdd fields:
  • 11. Building a Metadata FormAdd field information:
  • 12. Building a Metadata FormCompleted metadata form:
  • 13. Rosetta Workflow Stages IE (Intellectual Entity) Digital Object(s) /SIPs Assessment Arrangement Approval
  • 14. View in Rosetta: an IE Is Born!
  • 15. View in
  • 16. Rosetta in Primo
  • 17. Metadata Best Practices for the Description of Digital Objects Entered into Rosetta rjaffe@binghamton.edu - obrienm@binghamton.edu Find It! http://library.binghamton.edu/ Contributions to this presentation have been made by: Sandy Card, Edward Corrado and John Meador.