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  • 1. September 10th , 2008 Prioritization Project -- The Way Forward Margaret Dischler Phoenix United Associates, Inc.

2. 08/10/13 Prioritization Project Overview Problem Statement Project Process Overview Interview Summary Brief Systems Demo Next Steps Final Examination 3. Problem Statement At Phoenix and subsidiaries, there is not a consistent process or tool in place to prioritize initiatives/projects that will maximize the value of IT to the business. 4. Most Popular Interview Results Question 1: Definitions Project Application Incident Initiative ** Most were fairly consistent. 5. Most Popular Interview Results Question 2: Current Tools MS Project MS Office Standardized Forms MS Excel Templates Each group uses a tool tailored to their needs. 6. Most Popular Interview Results Question 3: Impact of Inaccurate/Untimely Reports Not Meeting Customer Needs Too Much Work, Not Enough Resources Project Overrun Late Delivery Inability to Effectively Manage Projects 7. Most Popular Interview Results Question 4: Benefits of Accurate Information Clear Communication Clarifies Priorities Effective IT Management Clear Strategic Use of Information for Marketing & Sales departments Happy Customers & Enhanced Perception of IT 8. Most Popular Interview Results Question 5: Function/Process Your Group Should Manage All Technical Functions That Impacts Deliverables Capturing Business Rules & Decision Points Facilitate Prioritization with Business 9. Most Popular Interview Results Question 6: Function/Process Your Group Should NOT Manage Prioritization Process Large Projects Operations Steering Committee unless you are asked. 10. Most Popular Interview Results Question 7: Addition Project Information for Enhancement Standardize Document Storage System (Centralized) On-going Mgt. Presentation Status Alignment with Business Strategy New Tracking Tool Better Communication 11. Most Popular Interview Results Question 8: Perceptions of VPs Needs Priority Setting Process Project Cost Project Overview Time Reporting by Project Project Status Common Fear: If you dont match 100% to projections, prepare resume because your time is limited. 12. Most Popular Interview Results Question 9: Issues Around Project Tracking System Administrative Overhead -- KEEP IT SIMPLE Level of Detail Project Level Information Interactive Dependency Among Systems Prioritization Based on Business Need 13. Most Popular Interview Results Question 10: Obstacles (Opportunities) to Overcome Staff Buy-in Compliance Prioritization Setting Process Time Reporting 14. Most Popular Interview Results Question 11: Improve Chances of Success Upper Level Communication Keep System Simple Senior Level Buy In Show Benefits (all levels) System Results (Peer Pressure) Training 15. Primary Problems Tracking Tool Will Need to Initially Address Must Be Easy to Use Must Provide High Level Project Information ( ie Cost, Status, Overview) Timely Project Information Impact/Dependencies on Other Systems Historical Data Cost Benefit Analysis 16. Sample Systems on the Market When watching this video primer, keep in mind that we have not yet developed our top requirements or specifications. 17. Where Do We Go Now ? (Next Steps) Recommendations Develop a Standard Process for All of Phoenix & Subsidiaries (any shared IT functions) Establish IT Steering Committee Establish Business Steering Committee Implement A Basic Tracking System 18. Q&A