israeli drama and the israeli/palestinian conflict

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Israeli Drama

Drama and the Israeli/Palestinian ConflictNicole GoldsteinTHEA 481 Presentation


Introduction to Israeli DramaIsraeli Theatre was non-existent until the countrys establishment in 1948. Plays were mostly social dramas, using audiences as both spectators and participants. Thoughts about Israeli Theatre and perception

The Israeli/Palestine ConflictJews escaping various religious persecutions from other countries in the 1900s.1947: The United Nations divided Palestine 1948: Israel declared a state/ Israeli war of Independence

The Israeli/Palestine Conflict Continued

Israel gained more territories while the Palestinians were being forced to move away from these areas.2000: When Israel was willing to hand over 95% of the West Bank and Gaza back to the Palestinians, but they would not agree.

Result of Conquests

Pre 19th Century 1947 1948 2005

Israeli/Palestinian Conflict PlaysVarious titles including:An Arab Woman SpeaksAn Israeli Love StoryMy Name is Rachel CorrieSeven Jewish Children/Seven Other ChildrenTo Pay the PriceThe TrainerVia DolorosaWallWhat Strong Fences MakeDAI (Enough)

*Not all of these shows were written by Israelis, but this really tells a lot about individuals and cultures around the world and their perspectives and feelings into this gruesome conflict.

Israeli PlaywrightsYehoshua Sobol War of the Jews (1981)

Hanoch Levin Murder (1998)

Israeli Playwrights ContinuedWomen playwrights were not discovered until the 1970s.Focused on Realities of current events Individual responses to the national phenomenaWarThe Intifada (Arab terrorist groups)

Themes Written about in Concerns with the ConflictIsraeli Identity, particularly in the younger crowd.Dehumanization Ethical IssuesPersonal and collective responsibilityFraming the Palestinians as different and to be considered a threat

Drama and Ideology in Modern IsraelThe Israeli/Palestinian war is described as nightmarish; the stage became a discussion for these serious issues of the conflict. Historical and social forces influence the works of Jewish Theatre today.

Questions Asked of MeHow does the perspective of theatre and performance affect ones outlook on the crisis? Can the conflict itself be seen as performance for the world?Recognition by the world for Israelis or Palestinians?

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