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  • 1. The Power of Integrative Teaching Using interdisciplinary instruction

2. Background for Interdisciplinary Unit

  • Interdisciplinary Instruction:
  • - applying knowledge, principles, and/or values tomore than one academic discipline simultaneously
  • - thematic unit: framework with goals/outcomes that specify what students are expected to learn

3. Types of Interdisciplinary Instruction:

  • -MULTIDISCIPLINARY:lessons or units developed across many disciplines with a common organizing topic
  • -CURRICULUM INTEGRATION:integration of experiences, social integration, integration of knowledge, & curriculum design

4. Benefits of Interdisciplinary Instruction:

  • - enthusiasm from students, staff, & parents
  • - increase attendance
  • - improvement in test scores
  • - students learn at their pace
  • - ends fragmentation & isolated skills instruction
  • - ability to cover more curriculum in less time

5. Teacher Benefits

  • Participating in an interdisciplinary unit is beneficial for your new teacher evaluation forms.
  • It can be used in these objectives:

New Teacher Evaluations

  • 4A
  • 4C
  • 4E
  • 4F
  • 4H
  • 5C
  • 2B
  • 2D
  • 2E
  • 3A
  • 3B
  • 3C
  • 3D

Standard 2 b. Teachers embrace diversity in the school community and in the world. d. Teachers adapt their teaching for the benefit of students with special needs. e. Teachers work collaboratively with the families and significant adults in the lives of their students. Standard 3 a. Teachers align their instruction with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study . c. Teachers recognize the interconnectedness of content areas/disciplines. d. Teachers make instruction relevant to students. Standard 4 a. Teachers know the ways in which learning takes place, and they know the appropriate levels of intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of their students. c. Teachers use a variety of instructional methods. e. Teachers help students develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. f. Teachers help students work in teams and develop leadership qualities. h. Teachers use a variety of methods to assess what each student has learned. Standard 5 c. Teachers function effectively in a complex, dynamic environment.. 6. Points to consider for Interdisciplinary Instruction: - RTI: Response to Intervention - PBIS: Positive Behavioral Intervention Support - Planning/Collaboration - Professional Learning Communities - Technology 7. Concerns with Interdisciplinary Instruction:

  • - staying true to the original intended instruction & activities
  • - superficial coverage of content & discounts the value of deep subject specific knowledge .

Despite these concerns. YOU can make these units successful! 8. Examples of Interdisciplinary Units

  • Elementary School:
  • - Memory book
  • - Create an alphabet book
  • Middle School:
  • - Club Day
  • - Interdisciplinary Day
  • High School:
  • - Combination of Units
  • - Collaborative learning
  • Vertical Integration:
  • - Older students teaching younger students
  • - Younger students do basics while older students do advanced work
  • - Multidisciplinary buddies have replaced reading buddies

9. Examples Elementary School Vertical Integration High School video link Middle School Photo of book Photo of book 10. Interdisciplinary Example The Olympics 11. Interdisciplinary Example Elementary School Language arts/Social Studies:create your own gold medal Geography/Art:Create a map of a country Language arts/Social Studies:compare and contrast a triathlon with a pentathlon using a ven diagram Math:Students measure parade route for Opening Ceremonies Art/Current Events:Draw Olympic mascots Writing:examine/create poems for winners of events PE:participate in your own events Science:Creating meals for athletes using food pyramid 12. Interdisciplinary Example Middle School Language arts:create a newspaper of events Math:area and perimeter of shapes related to events Social Studies:travel brochure of countries Science:how technology has improved athletics Health:fueling the Olympic body PE:sports of the Olympics Art:Olympic posters/advertisements Band/Music:Playing National Anthems CTE:Create a new multi-event sport using technology 13. Interdisciplinary Example High School Spanish:play-by-play of events English:research paper on various countries Health/CTE (Foods):actually create Olympic meals Art:create your own Olympic logo History:life in ancient Greece CTE (career mgt):planning a trip to the Olympics (costs) Mythology:Olympic/Ancient Greece culture Math:Have times/speeds evolved in proportion with the years? Science:How athlete bodies have evolved over the years 14. Make Your Own Interdisciplinary Unit - Across North Carolina - American Revolution - Change in Your Community - Consumer Choices - Human Body - Start a City - Taking a Trip - The Weather Possible Topics: Bueller?Bueller? 15. Interdisciplinary Unit Checklist

  • Does your unit provide quality learning?

Is it student centered? Does it maintain the integrity of each discipline? Does it increase depth of understanding and student achievement? Does it align with established learning standards? Does it provide a balance among the disciplines being studied? Does it reach all kinds of learners? Does it involve community resources in and out of school? Does it encourage multiple solutions to problems? 16. Small Group Questions

  • What individual projects/lessons can your group come up with for your topic?
  • What additional teaching tools would you need to complete your interdisciplinary unit?
  • What subject/teacher had the hardest time coming up with a connection to the interdisciplinary unit?
  • What additional topics could you see working for your students and how could you relate it to other classes?
  • What about interdisciplinary units do you see as the biggest benefit to your students?
  • How can an interdisciplinary unit help you as a teacher?

17. Links Interdisciplinary Examples Glogster iTunes U (K-12) Learn NC 18. PowerPoint

  • This PowerPoint is available online through the Pender County Schools web page.
  • You can get there through the TECH WIKI which is at