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Industrial disasters

Industrial disasters

These are the disasters caused by industrial companies man made disaster

either by accident or negligence/incompetence great damage to property, human life and environment

Defense industry Manufacturing Industry Mining Industry Energy industryChemical IndustryDefense: In defense accidents are mainly caused by explosives in storage buildings Improper maintenance or violating Standard Operating Procedures INS Sindhurakshak submarine- sinked due to explosions and 18 killed on board

Military Storage Center in Rawalpindi, Pakistan exploded more than 1300 killed

Manufacturing Due to fire, explosion, electrocution or building collapse 40 killed in fireworks factory explosion in Sivakasi on 2012 An eight-story factory building collapsed on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and killed 1129 people.

Garment factory Building, Dhaka

Sivakasi Fire Work ExplosionMining fire, explosion, suffocation, formation of chemical gases, flood, landslide or earth wall collapse Soma mine disaster in Turkey. An explosion occurred 2km below the surface. Fire and CO poisoning killed 301. Dhanbad coal mine explosion killed 375 miners on 1965Energy accidents in power generating industries, nuclear reactors, oil- spill or explosion during transportation

Chernobyl disaster uncontrolled reactor led to meltdown. Killed 100 & radiation affected 10,000 people. December 9,2014 an oil tanker collision caused 3.5L furnace oil spread in Sundarbans ,Bangladesh an protected mangrove area

Chemical Industry improper maintenance and safety procedures, unskilled workers

Bhopal Gas Tragedy December 3,1984 MIC- Methyl Iso Cyanate gas leakage in a pesticide manufacturing company. Reduction in investment led to old equipment, less no of workers and no maintenance to reduce loss by Union Carbide Ltd. Death toll around 15,000 within two weeks and 5 lakh people affected

10 workers buried alive after wall collapse of effluent tank in SIPCOT, Ranipet. common effluent facility for 80 Tanneries, which had more sludge than its capacity and poor structure of unauthorized tank 1.5 lakh chemical sludge spread surrounding area and it will contaminate soil and ground water of that region

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