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<ul><li><p>Environmental Domino Effects</p><p>Disasters </p></li><li><p>Environmental Domino Effects</p><p>Disasters </p></li><li><p>Bhopal: The Union Carbide gas LeakDecember 3, 1984Gas cloud escapes from pesticide company, cloud covers a area more than 30 square miles. Kills 4000 instantly, 500,000 sick</p></li><li><p>Chernobyl, Russian nuclear power plant explosion April 26, 1986 reactor 4 leak causes reactor to experience nuclear meltdown. 31 killed instantly, 4,000 long term.Did not notify towns people, tried to cover it up</p></li><li><p>Seveso: Italian dioxin crisisJuly 10, 1976 Explosion occurred in dioxin reactor, dioxin cloud escapes into atmosphere. 3300 animals, and skin damage amongst locals. </p></li><li><p>Amoco Cadiz Oil SpillMarch 16, 1978 Liberian tanker Amoco Cadiz came aground off the cost of France.230000 tons of crude oil into English Channel. </p></li><li><p>Piper Alpha Explosion July 6, 1988 the Piper Alpha oil platform explodes. 167 people died instantly. Poor emergency plan</p></li><li><p>Gulf War DisastersOn January 1991 Iraqi forces committed two environmental disasters. Set fire to 650 oil wells Dumped two full oil tankers into the Persian Gulf </p></li><li><p>The Love Canal Chemical Waste Dump1920 Hooker Chemicals turned Niagara Falls into a chemical waste dump.1953 site was filled, land sold to town for $1Neighborhood was constructed on waste dump. </p></li><li><p>The Baia Mare Cyanide SpillJanuary 30, 2000 cyanide used in a gold mine overflowed into the regions major river. Damages include human death, and the destruction of the rivers ecosystem </p></li><li><p>Three Mile Island Nuclear Disaster March 28, 1979 the cooling system in reactor 2 at Three Mile Island nuclear plant fails and causes a melting of the reactor core </p></li><li><p>Choices for Research Bhopal: The Union Carbide gas leaks Chernobyl: nuclear power plant explosion Seveso: dioxin crisisAmoco Cadiz: oil spillPiper Alpha: oil platform explosion Gulf WarLove Canal chemical waste dumpBaia Mare cyanide spillThree Mile Island disasterBP Oil Spill </p></li></ul>