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  • 1. Engineering Disasters
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2. St. Francis Dam failure
3. St. Francis Dam Failure
Concrete gravity arch dam near Los Angeles, CA
Failed on March 12, 1928
Resulted in the death of more than 450 people
Cause: It was built on a fault line in a weak geological area unable to support the dam
4. Big Dig Ceiling Collapse
5. Big Dig Ceiling Collapse
July 10, 2006
A concrete ceiling panel weighing 3 tons fell in the Fort Point Channel Tunnel in Boston
The panel fell on a car, killing the passenger and injuring the driver
Cause: The bolts used were too short and the epoxy used was not up to standards
6. I-35 Bridge Collapse
7. I-35 Bridge Collapse
Minneapolis, Minnesota over the Mississippi River
Collapsed on August 1, 2007 during the evening rush hour
Resulted in the death of 13 people and injured 145
Cause: Undersized gusset plates and increased deadweight due to construction error
8. New orleans levee Failures
9. New orleans levee Failures
August 29, 2005 after Hurricane Katrina
28 failures reported in the first 24 hours and over 50 in the following days
85% of New Orleans was flooded
Cause: Overtopping of levees, undermining of flood wall foundations, and soil giving way.
10. Charles de gaulle roof collapse
11. Charles de gaulle roof collapse
May 23, 2004 at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France
A portion of Terminal 2Es ceiling collapsed
Resulted in the death of 4 people
Cause: The concrete vaulted ceilings were pierced by metallic pillars and the design had little margin for error to reduce costs
12. Tropicana Parking Garage collapse
13. Tropicana Parking Garage collapse
October 30, 2003 at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City
4 construction workers were killed and 21 others were injured
Cause: The concrete floors were not allowed to cure properly before temporary supports were removed and additional floors built
14. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
15. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
November 7, 1940 in Washington State
Cause: Aeroelastic flutter caused by 42 mph winds. The wind matched the resonance frequency of the bridge causing the main span to collapse.
16. Big Blue crane collapse
17. Big Blue crane collapse
July 14, 1999
Occurred during the construction of Miller Park in Milwaukee
3 people were killed as a result
One of the most serious heavylift crane accidents
Cause: The effect of side winds was not calculated for the 450 ton load
18. Sunshine Skyway bridge disaster
19. Sunshine Skyway bridge disaster
May 9, 1980
The southbound span of the original bridge was destroyed
Resulted in the death of 35 people
Cause: The freighter MV Summit Venture collided with a support column sending 1200 feet of bridge into Tampa Bay
20. Seongsu Bridge Collapse
21. Seongsu Bridge Collapse
October 21, 1994
32 people died and 17 injured
A concrete slab fell from the bridge when the suspension structure failed
Cause: Improper welding of the steel trusses of the suspension structure beneath the roadway