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  • 1. DISASTER VS HAZARD EVENT: EARTHQUAKESHaiti (2010): 250,000 victimsSan Francisco (1989): 63 victims

2. DISASTER VS HAZARD EVENT: TSUNAMIJapan (2011): 1,800 victims California (2011): 1 victim 3. DISASTER VS HAZARD EVENT: TROPICAL CYCLONESCyclone Nargis, Burma (2008) (cat.4): 150,000 victimsHurricane Ivan, Caribbean-USA (2010) (cat.5): 100 victims 4. DISASTER VS HAZARD EVENT: DROUGHTTexas (2010): 0 people hungryEthiopia (2003): 20M people hungry 5. DISASTER VS HAZARD EVENT: INDUSTRIAL LEAK Three-Mile Island, USA (1979): no victimsBhopal, India (1984): 3,000-8,000 victims 6. SCALES USED TO MEASURE A HAZARD EVENT Suggest other factors which can be used to measure the intensity of a disaster 7. CAUSE AND IMPACT OF A DISASTER RESULTING FROM A NATURAL OR HUMAN-INDUCED HAZARDNATURALThoku, Japan (2011): M=9.0 during 6 min. (16,000 victims)List likely features for each phase:1.PRECONDITIONS Phase 1: everyday life (decades prior) Phase 2: incubation period (months prior)2. DISASTER EVENTPhase 3: triggering of event (seconds)Phase 4: Impact (minutes)Phase 5: Secondary damages (hours/days)Phase 6: Outside emergency aid (days, weeks)3. RECOVERY/RECONSTRUCTIONPhase 7: cleanup/relief camps (weeks, months)Phase 8: reconstruction/restoration (years)HUMAN-INDUCED:List causes and consequences of the benzene river pollution in China(2005) which affected 4 million people in Northern China and EasternRussia (region of Harbin, Manchuria)See p.224-225 8. DISASTERS CHANGES OVER SPACE/TIME