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<p>IndIan fertIlIzerscenari o2010Department of FertlizersMinistry of Chemicals and FertlizersGovernment of India MINISTER OF CHEMICALS &amp; FERTILIZERSGOVERNMENT OF INDIAShastri Bhawan, New Delhi -110115M.K. AlagiriMessageWithnearly1.2billionpopulaton,Indiarequiresarobust,modernized agriculturesectortoensurethefoodsecuritytoitspopulaton.Inorderto meetthefoodgrainrequirements,theagriculturalproductvityandgrowth need to be sustained and further improved. It is imperatve to manage critcal inputsandresourceslikecultvableland,irrigaton,highyieldingseedsand fertlizers for a higher food producton. Also, balanced use of fertlizers, based onthesoilconditonswillcertainlyimprovetheagriculturalproductvityin India. With the above objectves, this publicaton of Department of Fertlizers ispublishedeveryyearforthebeneftoftheFertlizerIndustry.Inorderto make useful informaton available to the public, policy makers and researchers, theDepartmentofFertlizersispublishingIndianFertlizerScenario-2010 relatng to fertlizer sector.It has been constant endeavour to make the publicaton user-friendly and to improve the coverage and content of the yearbook so that fuller perspectve of the informaton in the feld of fertlizer of the year under reference is duly presented.I extend my best wishes to this publicaton.(M.K. Alagiri)MessageThegrowthofIndianeconomyinthepastunderlinestheimportanceof improvingtheagricultureproductvitytomeetthegrowingdemandforfood to provide food security to the entre naton. The fertlizer sector outlook is fast changingintheinternatonalarena.Indianfertlizerindustryneedstocatch upwiththegrowthintermsoftechnologyandfertlizerproducton.Fertlizer statstcsoftheDepartmentofFertlizerspublishedeveryyearforthebeneft of fertlizer industry. In tune with established standards, it will be an important toolforthepolicymakersandplannersintheprocessofensuringadequate availability of fertlizers and thereby providing food security.Itismyearnesthopethatthepublicaton"IndianFertlizerScenario-2010" brought out by the Department of Fertlizers will be an endeavour in this directon. The fertlizer statstcs, needless to say, it is an outcome of concerted eforts of ofcers and staf of Department of Fertlizers.I hope this publicaton will be utlized by the policy makers and planners for beterment and development of fertlizer sector.(Srikant Kumar Jena)SRIKANTKUMARJENADR. SUTANU BEHURIASecretaryforewordDepartmentofFertlizersismandatedtoensuringsmoothandtmely availabilityoffertlizersinadequatequanttytothefarmersinallpartsof thecountry.GovernmenthasimplementedNutrientBasedSubsidy(NBS)for decontrolled Phosphatc &amp; Potassic fertlizer with efect from 1st April, 2010 with aviewtopromotebalancedfertlizaton.Efortswerealsomadetoplanand make available chemical fertlizers in tme and in sufcient quantty.At present, there is a need for more foodgrains producton in the country which could only be achieved through proper policy initatves and planning based on reliable database. The publicaton, namely, "Indian Fertlizer Scenario-2010" has been prepared with the objectve of making useful informaton available for beter planning and policy making in the fertlizer sector.I hope the publicaton will be useful for all stakeholders interested in this sector. Suggestons to improve the content and quality of this publicaton will be appreciated.(Sutanu Behuria)Tel:+91-11-2338 3695Fax :+91-11-2338 7965email: fertsec@nic.indepartment of fertilizers ministry of chemicals &amp; fertilizersiiiCONTENTSPage No BASIC FACTS1 Table1.Basic Facts3Table2.Distributon of Area according to Annual rainfall3Table3.List of Agro Climatc Zones of India4Table4.Number, Area covered and Average size of landholdings6THE FERTILIZER SECTOR7Table5.Type of Fertlizers produced in India9Table6.All India Demand Forecast of Fertlizers10CAPACITY, PRODUCTION AND IMPORTS OF FERTILIZERS IN INDIA11Table7.Installed Capacity of various fertlizers13Table8.Producton of Urea, DAP and Complexes from 2002-03 to 2009-1013Table9.Plant-wise annual installed capacity and producton of Urea from 2002-03 to 2009-1014Table10. Plant-wiseinstalled capacity and Producton of DAP from 2002-03 to 2009-10 15 Table11.Unit-wise, product-wise annual installed capacity and producton of Complex Fertlizers16Table12.Product wise summary of producton of Complex Fertlizers19Table13.Sector wise producton of Complex Fertlizers from 2002-03 to 2009-1020Table14.Import of major Fertlizers from 2002-03 to 2009-1020Table15.Port wise Import of Fertlizers from 2004-05 to 2009-1021AVAILABILITY &amp; SALES AND MOVEMENT OF FERTILIZERS23Table16.Availability &amp; Sales of Urea, DAP, MOP &amp; Complex from 2006-07 to 2009-1025Table17.Statewise, Monthwise availability &amp; sales of Fertlizers26Table18.Dispatches of Urea, DAP, MOP &amp; Complex Fertlizers from 2006 to 200954CONSUMPTION OF FERTILIZERS57Table19.Producton, Import &amp; Consumpton of Fertlizers59Table20.Consumpton of Fertlizers by States during 2009-1060Table21.Usage of inputs-Fertlizers by major size groups-all crops61Table22.NPK Consumpton rato since 1985-8662Table23.Producton of Biofertlizer in India from 2003-04 to 2009-1063Table24.Consumpton of Fertlizers in selected countries in 2007 &amp; 0864Table25.Fertlizer consumpton vis--vis Foodgrain producton From 2002-03 to 2009-1065indian fertilizer scenario 2010 ivPRICES OF FERTILIZERS67Table26.Maximum Retail Prices of Fertlizers, by products69Table27.Prices of imported Fertlizers70Table28.Internatonal Price Trend in 2009-1071FERTILIZER SUBSIDY73Table29.Subsidy on Fertlizers75Table30.Company-wise subsidy paid on indigenous Urea by FICC76Table31.Company-wise concession paid on indigenous P &amp; K Fertlizers77Table32.Company-wise concession paid on imported MOP &amp; DAP78POLICY NOTIFICTIONS1.Notfcaton on New Pricing Scheme (NPS)-III for Urea812.Notfcaton on Fortfed and Coated Fertlizers853.Notfcaton on nutrient based pricing of subsidized fertlizers874.Notfcaton on Concession Scheme for Single Super Phosphate (SSP)89 5.Notfcaton on Implementaton of the Nutrient Based Subsidy(NBS) Policy for Phosphatc and Potassic (p &amp; k) Fertlizers926.Notfcaton on Implementaton of the Nutrient Based Subsidy(NBS) Policy for Phosphatc and Potassic (P &amp; K) Fertlizers967.Notfcaton on Implementaton of the Nutrient Based Subsidy (NBS) Policy for Single Super Phosphate (SSP) fertlizers 998.Notfcaton on Modifcaton in Certain Elements of the Concession Scheme on Decontrolled Phosphatc&amp; Potassic (P &amp; K) Fertlizers1039.Notfcaton on Uniform freight subsidy on all Fertlizers10610.Notfcaton on Revised Concession Scheme for Single Super Phosphate (SSP) Fertlizer10811.Notfcaton on Revised Policy for AD HOC Concession for Single Super Phosphate (SSP) Fertlizer11012.Notfcaton on Policy for New Investments in Urea Sector and Long-Term of Takeof Urea From Joint Ventures Abroad112 13.Notfcaton on Policy for Conversion of FO/LSHS Urea units to Natural Gas11614.Notfcaton on Policy for Conversion of FO/LSHS Urea Units-Amendment11815.Notfcaton for amendment of NPS-III- Policy for resumpton of Urea Productonby RCF-Trombay Unit11916.Notfcaton for amendment of NPS-III- Policy for restart of existng urea units12017.Notfcaton on Policy for uniform freight subsidy on all fertlizers under the fertlizer subsidy regime121department of fertilizers ministry of chemicals &amp; fertilizersv18.Notfcaton on policy for uniform freight subsidy on all fertlizers under the Fertlizers Subsidy regime12219.Notfcaton on Policy for stage-III of New Pricing Scheme for Urea ManufactureUnits-Amendments thereof123 20.Notfcaton on Proposal for Conversion of Fuel Oil/Low Sulphur Heavy Stock (FO/LSHS) Based Urea Unit At Bathinda Unit of NFL to Natural Gas (NG)12621.Notfcaton on Proposal For Conversion of Fuel Oil/Low Sulphur Heavy Stock (FO/LSHS)Based Urea Unit at Panipat Unit of NFL to Natural Gas (NG)12822.Notfcaton on Proposal For Conversion of Fuel Oil/Low Sulphur Heavy Stock (FO/LSHS)Based Urea Unit at Nangal Unit of NFL to Natural Gas (NG)13023.Notfcaton on Policy for Stage-III of New Pricing Scheme for urea manufacturing units - Extension of provisions of policy from 1.4.2010 on provisional basis13224.List of Companies/Units eligible for Nutrient Based Subsidy for decontrolled P &amp; K Fertlizers133ENERGY PERFORMANCE OF VARIOUS PLANTSTable33Energy performance of urea units (NPS-II)137PERFORMANCE OF MAJOR FERTILIZER PSUs139FIGURES Figure-1Agro-Climatc Zones of India5Figure-2Producton of Urea, DAP and Complexes13Figure-3Foodgrain producton VIS-A-VIS Fertlizers consumpton65Figure-4Subsidy on Fertlizers75MaPsLocaton of Straight Nitrogenous Fertloizers Plants (UREA, AS, CAN &amp; ACI)viLocaton of DAP&amp; Other Complex Fertlizer Plantsviii indian fertilizer scenario 2010 viMaPsI. LOCATION OF STRAIGHT NITROGENOUS FERTILIZER PLANTS (UREA, AS CAN &amp; ACI)department of fertilizers ministry of chemicals &amp; fertilizersviiSl.No.State/Name of thePlant and locatonEndProductIN PRODUCTIONAndhra Pradesh1 Nagarjuna Fertlizers &amp; Chemicals Ltd., KakinadaUrea2 Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd., VisakhapatnamASAssam3 Brahmaputra Valley Fertlizer Corporaton Ltd., (BVFCL), Namrup-IIUrea4 Brahmaputra Valley Fertlizer Corporaton Ltd., (BVFCL), Namrup-IIIUreaJharkhand5 SAIL, Bokaro ASgoa6 Zuari Industries Ltd., (ZIL), Zuari Nagar UreaGujarat7 Cyanides &amp; Chemicals Ltd., Surat AS8 Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertlizers Co. Ltd. (GNFC), BharuchUrea,CAN9 Gujarat State Fertlizers &amp; Chemicals Ltd (GSFC), VadodaraUrea,AS10 GSFC-Polymer Unit, Vadodara AS11 Indian Farmers Fertlizer Coop. Ltd. (IFFCO), KalolUrea12 Krishak Bharat Coop. Ltd. (KRIBHCO)(2 Plants) HaziraUreaHaryana13 Natonal Fertlizers Ltd. (NFL), Panipat UreaKarnataka14 Mangalore Chemicals &amp; Fertlizers Ltd. (MCFL), MangaloreUreaKerala15 Fertlizers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd. (FACT), UdyogamandalAS16FACT, Cochin-1 UreaSl.No.State/Name of thePlant and locatonEndProductMadhya Pradesh &amp; Chhatsgarh17 SAIL, Bhilai AS18 NFL, Vijaipur UreaMaharashtra19 Rashtriya Chemicals &amp; Fertlizers Ltd. (RCFL), Trombay VUrea20 RCFL, Thal Vaishet ( 2 plants) UreaOrissa21 SAIL (Fert. Plant), Rourkela CAN22 SAIL, Rourkela ASPunjab23 NFL, Nangal ( I &amp; II) CAN, Urea24 NFL, Bhatnda UreaRajasthan25 Chambal Fertlizers &amp; Chemicals Ltd., Gadepan, KotaUrea26 Shriram Fertlizers &amp; Chemicals (SFC), KotaUreaTamil Nadu27 Madras Fertlizers Ltd., (MFL), Manali Urea28 Southern Petrochemical Industries Corpn. Ltd. (SPIC), TutcorinUrea29 Tutcorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertlizers Ltd., TutcorinASUtar Pradesh30 Duncans Industries Ltd., Panki Urea31 IFFCO, Aonla Urea32 IFFCO, Phulpur Urea33 Indo Gulf Fertlisers, Jagdispur Urea34 KRIBHCO Shyam Ferts. Ltd., ShahjahanpurUrea35 Tata Chemicals Ltd., Babrala UreaWest Bengal36 IISCO, Burnpur-Kult AS37 SAIL, Durgapur ASLIST OF STRAIGHT NITROGENOUS FERTILIZER PLANTS ( UREA, AS, CAN &amp; ACI)indian fertilizer scenario 2010 viiiMaPsII. LOCATION OF DAP &amp; OTHER COMPLExFERTILIZER PLANTS64435109278813151411111216department of fertilizers ministry of chemicals &amp; fertilizersixLIST OF DAP AND OTHER COMPLEx FERTILIZER PLANTSSl. No.Name of the Company Units/End ProductsAndhra Pradesh IN PRODUCTON1. Coromandel Internatonal Ltd (CIL) Name of M/s Coromandel Fertlizer Ltd. was changed to M/s Coromandel Internatonal Ltd. w.e.f. 23.9.09. (M/s. GFCL merged with CIL w.e.f 1.2.2008)Kakinada - DAP &amp; NPKs Vishakhapatnam - NPKsgoa2. Zuari Industries Ltd.(ZIL) Zuari Nagar -DAP &amp; NPKs Gujarat3. Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertlizers Co. Ltd.(GNFC) Bharuch - DAPNPK4. Gujarat State Fertlizers &amp; Chemicals Ltd. (GSFC) Sikka - DAP &amp; NPK Baroda - DAP &amp; NPK 5. Hindalco Industries Limited (HIL) Dahej -DAP &amp; NPKs 6. Indian Farmers Fertlizers Co-operatve Ltd.(IFFCO)Kandla - DAP &amp; NPKs Karnataka7. Mangalore Chemicals &amp; Fertlizers Ltd.(MCFL) Mangalore - DAP &amp; NPK sKerala8. Fertlisers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd.(FACT) Udyogmandal - NPK Cochin - NPKMaharashtra 9. Deepak Fertlisers and Petrochemicals Corpn., Taloja Taloja - NPK10. Rashtriya Chemicals &amp; Fertlizers Ltd.(RCF) Trombay - NPKOdisha11. Paradeep Phosphates Ltd.(PPL) Paradeep - DAP &amp; NPKs12. Indian Farmers Fertlizers Co-operatve Ltd.(IFFCO) Paradeep - DAP &amp; NPK Tamil Nadu13. Southern Petrochemical Industries Corp. Ltd.(SPIC) Tutcorin -DAP &amp; NPK 14. Coromandel Internatonal Ltd (CIL) ennore -NPK15. Madras Fertlizers Ltd.(MFL) Manali - NPKWest Bengal16. Tata Chemicals Ltd (TCL)(Erstwhile Hind Lever Chemicals Limited merged into TCL w.e.f. 1.6.04)Haldia - DAP &amp; NPKs indian fertilizer scenario 2010 xMadhya Pradesh22 Agro Phos. India Limited, Dewas23 Mexican Agro Chemicals Ltd,.(erstwhile Asha Phosphate Ltd.)Mandsaur24 Khaitan Chem. &amp; Fert. Ltd, Khargone25 Liberty Urvarak Limited, Khargone26 Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd,Sagar27 Madhya Bharat Phosphate Pvt. Ltd., Raisen28 Madhyabharat Phosphate Pvt. Ltd. (unit II), Meghnagar29 Basant Agrotech (I) Ltd. (Erstwhile Madhya Pradesh Orgochem Ltd.), Jhabua30 Mukteswar Fert. Ltd.,Ujjain31 Rama Phosphate Ltd., Indore32 Indra Organics Ltd., Indore, M.P. (erstwhile Swastk Fertlizer &amp; Chemicals Ltd), Dhar33 Arihant Fertlizers &amp; Chemicals Ltd.,Neemuch34 Suman Phosphates &amp; Chemicals Ltd., Indore35 KMN Chemicals &amp; fertlizers Ltd. RaisenSl. No.State/Name of the Plants and locatonIN PRODUCTIONAndhra Pradesh 1. The Andhra Sugars Ltd., West Godavari District 2. Chemtech Fertlizers Limited, Medak3. Prathyusha Chemicals &amp;Fert, Vizag4. GDS Chemicals &amp; Fertlizers (P) Ltd.(Erstwhile Priyaanka Fertlizers &amp; ChemicalsLtd., Vizag)5. Subhodaya Chems Ltd., Warangal6. Agri Green Fert. &amp; Chem. Pvt. Ltd., Cuddapah7. Krishna Industrial Corp. Ltd., West Godavari District8. KPR Fertlizers Pvt. Ltd., East Godavari District 9. Bhaskar Fertlizers (P) Ltd.,AnantapurAssam10. Progressive Fertchem Pvt. Ltd., MorigaonBihar11. Sri Krishna Fertlizer, MuzafarpurChhatsgarh12 BEC Limited, Bilaspur13 Jairam Phsophate Ltd., RajnandgaonGujarat14 Aart Industries Limited, Valsad15 Liberty Phosphates Ltd, Baroda 16 Nirma Ltd, Ahmedabad17 Narmada Agro Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Junagadh18 Sona Phosphates Ltd , Valsad19 T.J.Agro Fertlizer, NavsariHaryana20Nitn Chemicals &amp; Fertlizers Ltd., AmbalaKarnataka21 Tungabhadra Ferts &amp; Chems Co. Ltd, KoppalMaharashtra36 Balaji Fertlizers, Nanded37 Basant Agro-tech India Limited, Akola38 BEC Limited, Pulgaon, Wardha39 Bharat Fertlizers Industries Ltd., Thane40 DMCC, Ambernath, Thane41 Kasturchand Fertlizers (Erstwhile Jairam Phosphate, Nagpur, Maharashtra), Gadchiroli42 Rama Krishi Rasayan, Pune43 Shiva Fertlizers Limited, Nanded44 Liberty Phosphate Ltd, Pali, Raigad45 Shree Bhavani Mishra Fertlizer Ltd., Nanded46 Rajlaxmi Agrotech India Ltd., Jalna47 Shri Gajraj Fertlizers Pvt. Ltd., Yavatmal48 R.C. Fertlizers Pvt. Ltd., NasikLIST OF SSP FERTILISER PLANTSdepartment of fertilizers ministry of chemicals &amp; fertilizersxi49 Shree Data Fertlizers &amp; ChemicalsPvt. Ltd., AmravatRajasthan50 Arawali Phosphate Limited, Udaipur51 Arihant Phosphates &amp; Fertlizers Limited, Chitorgarh52 Bohra Industries Limited, Udaipur53 Dharamsi Morarji Chem. Co. Ltd., Khemli, Udaipur54 Gayatri Spinners Ltd, Bhilwara55 Indian Phosphate Limited, Udaipur56 Jubi...</p>