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  • 1.
    Providing the Safety and Security Expertise Your Company Depends On
  • 2. Who We Are
    Operating from Memphis, Tennessee and Reno, Nevada, The Hospitality Security Consulting Group, LLC (HSCG), a licensed security consulting firm, provides risk assessment and suggested corrective measures to mitigate a wide variety of threats to hospitality guests, personnel, facilities and systems.
    To meet your needs, we are available to assist on a global basis.
  • 3. Managing Members
    Former Loss Prevention and IT executives of one of the largest hospitality companys in the world.
    Tom McElroy
    Tom Daly
    Strategic partnerships with some of the top fire and life safety, IT and physical security providers in the nation. By utilizing these strategic partnerships and network of professionals, we can draw on the very best and brightest our industry has to offer.
  • 4. Board Certified
    In addition to decades of hospitality experience, each Principal partner is Board Certified in one or more related disciplinesincludingASIS International - Certified Protection Professional (CPP); Board of Certified Safety Professionals - Certified Safety Professional (CSP), and Certified Lodging Security Director (CLSD) by the American Hotel & Lodging Associations (AH&LA) Educational Institute.
  • 5. Professional Affiliations
    The Managing Members are active participants in several professional organizations, including:
    US State Department Overseas Security Advisory Council
    American Hotel and Lodging Association
    National Fire Prevention Association
    ASIS International
  • 6. Our Services
    By performing industry specific consulting services, as well as serving as unbiased litigation experts and legal witnesses,our goalis to establish adequate plans and programs that protect the guests, employees, and assets of the hospitality client. We will recommend cost beneficial and practical solutions to reduce risks that could cause significant losses and/or liabilities by conducting a comprehensive review and audit of your fire and life safety, IT and physical security analysis, project management, and training programs.
  • 7. Program Management
    We have the experience to identify the safety and security risks that can adversely affect the performance and profitability of your hospitality business. In order to manage these risks and control the economic impact after any loss has occurred, we will employ innovative techniques to avoid and reduce both the chance and magnitude of a loss. Identifying risks is the first step to successful risk management.
  • 8. Our program includes:
    Safety and security assessments andrisk analysis, baseline organizational safety and security reviews, elevated threat response planning, real-time incident response preparedness and procedures, and business continuity/disaster recovery.
    HSCG's diagnostic process is the result of years of development and ranks among the most comprehensive in the hospitality industry. Our diagnostic processwill not only identify gaps in existing processes, it will greatly assistyou developing your site specific program.
  • 9. Planning and Design
    Our Members have played key roles in the technical planning and design of all of the typical hospitality safety and security systems, including: fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems, CCTV systems, access control and electronic locks systems, security lighting, and IT Networks.
  • 10. Your Project..
    From design to operation, our experts are available to assist at all levels of your project.We can play an active role in the feasibility study;preliminary design; final design; bidding and negotiation, construction, and operation phases.
    Utilizing our experiencewill provide you with a proper project foundation, design, and managed installation.
  • 11. Facing Litigation Involving..
    Standards of Care
    Security Practices & Procedures
    Negligent Hiring & Retention
    Inadequate Training
    Premise Liability
    Illegal Detention
    Parking Lots & Garages
  • 12. Forensic Consulting
    Need assistance with litigation issues of alleged safety or security negligence? We can assist you in determining if the alleged incident was foreseeable; if a duty to provide existed and if so, was that duty breached?
  • 13. Training Services
    In-house or web based, our hospitality specific training programs include:
    OSHA Compliance
    Physical Security Management
    Physical Security Awareness
    Information Systems Security
    Emergency Response and Procedures
    Loss Prevention Auditing Process
    All training programs are customized to meet your needs.
  • 14. Support Services
    To meet the needs of Travel and Meeting Planners, we are available to assist with pre-event site safety and security surveys. If you so desire, our team will remain on site during their events to act as a liaison to the sites staff. We act in a consultant/liaison capacity only; we do not provide life/fire safety or security services.
  • 15. For additional information about HSCG and our members, visit our website at: www.thehscg.com or call us at 1.800.880.4485
    For current news on issues concerning hospitality safety and security, visit our Blog at: http://thehscg.blogspot.com/ or follow us on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/tommcelroycpp