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  1. 1. Lesson Objectives 1. 2. By the end of the lesson you will be able to : Explain what is CLICKER, why it used and why it will be used. List the correct steps for taking a survey using the CLOCKER by taking a quiz
  2. 2. A classroom response system (sometimes called a personal response system, student response system, or audience response system). It is a set of hardware and software that facilitates teaching activities.
  3. 3. Clickers allow you to select anonymously an answer to multiple-choice, true/false, yes/no, numeric, and alphanumeric questions displayed by the teacher.
  4. 4. Clickers, or student response systems, are a technology used to promote active learning. Most research on the benefits of using clickers in the classroom has shown that students become engaged and enjoy using them. (Martyn, 2016)
  5. 5. Based on the responses, for example, the teacher might lead the class into group discussions. 1. A teacher poses a multiple- choice question to his or her students via an overhead or computer projector. 2. Each student submits an answer to the question using a handheld transmitter (a clicker) Software on the teachers computer collects the students answers and produces a bar chart showing how many students chose each of the answer choices. 3. 4. pixabay pixabay pixabay Senteo Clickers 010, 2013
  6. 6. (Allen, 2008)
  7. 7. Now its time to show you to navigate your CLICKER. In this video you will learn (1) How to navigate the key features
  8. 8. #1 Wake up your clicker with the centre silver button. #2 Press the silver button once again to begin the test. (You will receive a "Welcome"
  9. 9. #3 Press the RIGHT FUNCTION KEY ( ) under the word "Okay" to begin the
  10. 10. #4 Input your first answer using the key pad. (Watch for the symbol) #5 Use the right arrow key to navigate to the next question. #6 Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all remaining questions. Use the arrow keys to navigate between questions.
  11. 11. #7 Once you have finished answering all questions press Right Function Key ( ) under "End" to end the test and submit or press Left Function Key ( ) under "Go To" to enter a specific question number and change your answers.
  12. 12. #8 To change your answers, press the Left Function Key ( ) under the "Back Arrow" and you will be brought back to the answer screen then use Left Function Key ( ) again now under "GO TO" to choose a question and input a different answer.
  13. 13. #9 Once you are at the submission screen it will display "Are You Sure?". You may press the Left Function Key ( ) under the "BACK ARROW" to go back again, or the Right Function Button ( ) under "OK" button to submit.
  14. 14. The clicker will then save the test and submit displaying the symbol. (Not illustrated) If the test has been successfully submitted, the screen will display a [SMILEY FACE] and then the clicker will automatically reset to the home screen.
  15. 15. References Allen, L. (2008). Using the Clicker [Online image]. Retrieved April 3, 2016 from Martyn, M. (2016). Clickers in the Classroom: An Active Learning Approach. Baldwin-Wallace College EDUCAUSE Quarterly, 30(2), 71. Senteo Clickers 010 [Online image]. (2013). Retrieved April 3, 2016 from Taking a Test Using a Clicker | The Center for Teaching and Learning | UNC Charlotte. (2016). Retrieved 18 April 2016, from


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