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How to spend the day like a millionaire - online bingo


  • How to Spend the Day Like a Millionaire

    We know them, we love to pry into the way they spend their lives: the rich and

    famous. We all wish we could be like them, but deep down we think that its an unattainable dream. However, this is WRONG! With the huge prize Bingo Hall

    (or prizes) can give you, its actually easy to penetrate the world of the wealthy. It only takes a lucky break in our Million Dollar Party and your life will never

    be the same. Therefore, lets escape the real world for a while and see how it would feel like to spend your life like a millionaire.

    A typical morning

    You have just won the biggest prize Bingo Hall has ever provided! It was worth

    millions of dollars and it has changed your life forever. The first thing you did

    was buy a Malibu beach house. Now you have just woken up, and you want to

  • get some breakfast. But youre a millionaire now, so put that cereal box back in the cupboard and have your chef make you some Moroccan baked eggs. Their

    luxurious taste is only exceeded by their ability to energize you for a long day.

    After you have eaten, take some time to play online bingo for about an hour and

    take a dip in the pool.

    Its your nieces birthday

    As youre swimming in your pool, you suddenly remember that its your favorite nieces birthday and you have just a few hours left to plan something really special for her. You know shes been dying to get that new smartphone, but getting it is the easy part. While youre drying, your neighbor comes for some coffee and a chat, and you realize he could be your salvation. Hes a very successful music producer and he knows all the trendiest stars. You ask him if

    theres someone he could call on such a short notice, and he says Bruno Mars might be available. Your eyes grow wide, as you remember that he is your

    nieces favorite. And because of your connection with the neighbor, booking him for the party would cost less than 0.01% of the prize Bingo Hall has granted


    A bit of fun on the side

    As the party gets going and Bruno Mars makes his appearance, you see your

    niece and all her friends shrieking with joy and excitement. Everything turns out

    great and you have lots of fun for the next couple of hours. However, with the

    prize Bingo Hall has given you, much has changed. You have to leave early

    because you have been invited to the premiere of the new Avengers movie. Its not really your thing, but you just couldnt say no to Robert Downey Jr and that smile of his.

  • This could be you!

    This is how a random day in the life of a millionaire would be like. And this

    could be your life too, if you play enough to win a huge prize Bingo Hall