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Singer-songwriter Matt Henshaw used his profile to launch a career comeback. He proves no matter what your dream - its all about how you put yourself out there. Whats your dream? Picture yourself where you want to be and let LinkedIn help you get there.


  • Hello, Im Matt Henshaw I launched a successful career comeback
  • Whatever you want to do Ive got some advice that will help get you there.
  • Heres my story
  • This was my band CENSORED It all started as a bit of teenage fun.
  • A local gig here and there, A few lads from Nottingham, messing about.
  • SOMEHOW we landed ourselves a record deal.
  • Less than a year on we were in the NME and playing Reading and Leeds. I couldnt believe it
  • I didnt even have time to collect my A-Level results PRETTY rock n roll EH?
  • We were supporting our heroes like Ocean Colour Scene and Supergrass
  • I never really thought about the future. Dont get me wrong, I was passionate
  • But I was having a great time making music. I thought we were SET for LIFE
  • Anyway it was 2008. BBC Radio 1 were set to play our latest track. WHAT COULD POSSIBILY GO WRONG?
  • Thenit slowly started to unravel
  • We organised a completely CRAZY line-up of back-back gigs.
  • Without any real guidance, wed spread ourselves too thin.
  • St. Georges Day 2009 It finally caught up with me.
  • We were playing to a sold out crowd. I only lasted 3 SONGS I was burnt out.
  • We had to break for about 2 months. We cancelled all of our festivals.
  • Wed suddenly lost our momentum. we had to CALL IT A DAY
  • I was in touching distance of my dream career. SUDDENLY it was gone.
  • I took some time off. I remember my Mum asking me WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM LIFE?
  • In truth I really just wanted to learn again.
  • I decided to go to university I did an MRes in Film and Television
  • I wasnt going out that much, more gardening, staying in and drinking tea. Not so ROCK n ROLL
  • I felt older and mature for the first time ever. It was a chance to get on with life.
  • I found a job as a COMPUTER SCIENCE SUSTAINABILITY RESEARCH ASSISTANT Try saying that with a mouthful
  • But something was missing I couldnt put my finger on it
  • Then in 2012 I went to watch some gigs. Watching people on stage
  • Something clicked inside me. IM ONE OF THESE PEOPLE Im a Musician
  • I realised the job I was doing wasnt my dream
  • After so many years away, music was calling my name again
  • WAIT It hadnt exactly gone to plan last time
  • This time it was different ID GROWN UP.
  • My first experience had awakened me to see things in a whole new way.
  • The musical landscaped had changed a lot since 2008
  • So many social networks, promotional tools I had to be SMARTER this time.
  • Think matt, THINK.
  • I remembered LinkedIn from training sessions I had done at work
  • I logged back on THOUGHT If this works for office stuff, why cant it work for music?
  • I checked out other peoples profiles and then used the interactive guide to update my own one. type type type type
  • I realised how easy it was to tailor it to music to showcase my skills.
  • I wanted to get across my passion and most of allmy personality
  • Funnily enough most of my endorsements were already for signing and songwriting.
  • When I updated my profile more and more endorsements started coming in from people I already knew. It was a massive CONFIDENCE BOOST
  • Keeping my profile UP TO DATE was a sure-fire way of making sure people took me seriously and saw me as a professional. Not just another lad with a guitar.
  • I did a search Amazingly I found loads of relevant people JOURNALISTS AGENTS PR MARKETING
  • Then one day I got the message youve got a new connection
  • That one connection opened up a whole new range of people Triggered a fresh network of possibilities.
  • What was most amazing was that instead of sending out speculative messages to find opportunities
  • suddenly, opportunities were coming to me! My profile was like a MAGNET and all because Id added a bit more detail.
  • Just adding a bit more about yourself in the summary and adding a profile picture makes it much easier for people to find you.
  • It turns out if you have a complete profile, youre 40 times more likely to receive opportunities.
  • And it meant people contacted me with relevant and meaningful jobs in mind
  • Be it a gig or festival or just helping put stuff together in the recording studio.
  • SUDDENLY Ive got a gig coming up at the Roundhouse Camden and a slot at the Elevator Music Festival
  • Its my very own COMEBACK tour if you like all off my own back.
  • At which point, youre probably thinking
  • Good for him But you might not want to be a musciain...
  • Thats not really the point. The point is that I recovered from being down and out!
  • Ive become the MASTER of my own career
  • I went from knowing what I wanted to GETTING what I wanted
  • Whether youre a musician a lawyer, a scientist or an accountantyou can always DO BETTER
  • Follow what youre passionate about. WORK AS HARD as you can GET THERE
  • You see, LinkedIn isnt just for business people. Its for anyone with AMBITION
  • If I can do it, then you wont have a PROBLEM
  • Im a better musician NOW than I ever was
  • LinkedIn played its part for me and it can FOR YOU
  • LinkedIn Whats your dream Update you profile