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When people talk about social media, they usually mention Facebook and Twitter. But for professionals who are serious about using social media to advance their careers, there's no better network than LinkedIn. In this presentation, I provide some stats on why you shouldn't ignore LinkedIn. The presentation also provides some important details when filling out your LinkedIn profile. For more information about LinkedIn, please visit my blog:


<ul><li>@KCCLAVERIA WHY YOU SHOULD ROCK (And 10 tips on how to do it) </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA WHY LINKEDIN? @KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Because it is the worlds largest professional network. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM It has 277 million members (and growing).Photo credit: </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Your LinkedIn profile ranks high on Google. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Recruiters use it.Credit: </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA SO, HOW DO YOU ROCK LINKEDIN? @KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM TIP #1: Complete your profile. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Go for it. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM TIP #2: Use keywords in your profile. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Add keywords to your professional headline. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Use keywords in your summary. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Mention what tools and software you have experience with. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Mention clients you have worked with. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Keywords increase your chances of getting found. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM TIP #3: Show off key projects. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Go to your experience section and add links to each role. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM LinkedIn will show your projects under each role. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM TIP #4: Connect only with people you know or youve met. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Connect with colleagues, classmates, friends or people youve met at networking events. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM TIP #5: Customize your message when inviting people. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Customize this section. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM ALWAYS. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM TIP #6: Post consistently. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Share links to industry news and your own work, photos, etc.. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Posting regularly keeps you on peoples radar. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM TIP #7: Mention people. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM But only do it when its appropriate. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM TIP #8: Check whos checking your profile. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Youll find this at the right-hand side of your LinkedIn feed. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Check this section to discover new people to connect with. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM TIP #9: Recommend (awesome) people. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Share the love. Dont be shy to leave a recommendation for people whove worked with. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Also, dont be shy about asking for recommendations. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM TIP #10: Invite people to meet you offline. </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM Invite people for coffee. Ask for informational interviews. Network. (Talk to people.) </li><li>@KCCLAVERIA@KCCLAVERIA | KCCLAVERIA.COM P.S. For more info visit: </li></ul>