How to Raise Your Web Design Fees - and Get Them

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In these times where anyone can set up their own WordPress website and overseas freelancers are undercutting rates, its easy to doubt whether you can charge enough or find enough clients to make a living. Maybe youve raised your fees, but find yourself giving discounts or doing a lot of extra work for free. Maybe you know you need to raise your rates to support yourself and your family, but cant get yourself to do it. The truth is there are two components to having a highly successful web design business. You have to do the outer work of setting up the best systems, knowing the best tools to use, marketing your services, and, of course, developing strong design skills. These are the mechanics of a successful web design business. At the same time, you must address the inner side of a being a successful business owner overcoming the internal barriers and limiting beliefs that hold you back. Raising your fees, and having clients be excited to pay them, requires a transformation in the way you think about yourself, your business, your clients, and the true value you provide. In this session well discuss the five critical elements every web designer must deal with in order to raise their fees confidently and successfully. Ill share the inside scoop about what really happens when you raise your fees, plus let you in on some secrets to solving the question of value in the minds of your clients. This session is specifically for web designers building a business (or wanting to) using WordPress as the cornerstone.


  • 1. How to Raise Your Web Design Fees Charge What Youre Worth and GET It!Nina East@ninaeast WebDesignProfitSecrets.comWordCamp Raleigh 2012

2. You CAN make a great living as a WordPress web designer.ClientsUplevel RevenueTrainingFreedom&Coaching Nina East,, WordCampRaleigh 2012 3. #1 Problem that gets in the way for business owners? Their Mindset.How does this show up for web designers?NinaEast,, WordCampRaleigh 2012 4. Two Essential Mindset ShiftsYou are a BUSINESS OWNER.Stop trading time for dollars.NinaEast,, WordCampRaleigh 2012 5. What happens when you raise your fees? More confidence about what you do People take you more seriously You attract better clients You show up more powerfully Clients get better results from their sites You can invest in your own training & coaching Stabilize your cash flow More Freedom! Nina East,, WordCa mpRaleigh 2012 6. The DECISION to raise your fees comesfirst, before you find theclients. Nina East,, WordCa mpRaleigh 2012 7. 5 Step System for Raising Your FeesStep 1: Who You Are & What You DoStep 2: Getting Clear About YourMoney Set PointStep 3: Getting Clear About YourValue & Eliminating Self DoubtStep 4: Designing PackagesStep 5: Making It Easy to Say YES!NinaEast,, WordCampRaleigh 2012 8. Step 1: Who You Are & What You Do IDENTITY COURAGE STRONG ENOUGH WHYNinaEast,, WordCampRaleigh 2012 9. Step 2: Getting Clear About Your Money Set Point Money Tracking Money Set Point Raising Your Money Set PointDownload money tracking sheet,, WordCampRaleigh 2012 10. Step 3: Getting Clear About YourValue & Eliminating Self DoubtBenefits, not features.Questions to consider: What results are they looking for? What will it help them accomplish? How will they measure their results? What are the consequences of NOT having theseresults? What will reaching their goals mean for them?NinaEast,, WordCampRaleigh 2012 11. Step 3: Getting Clear About YourValue & Eliminating Self DoubtWhat is the value YOU provide?NinaEast,, WordCampRaleigh 2012 12. Step 4: Designing Packages Stop trading time for dollars Making it easy to say yes Gives people a clear choicewhich oftenresults in a customized more lucrative contract Helps you set boundariesTip: How do you get paid? Nina East,, WordCa mpRaleigh 2012 13. Step 5: Making It Easy to Say YesYour goal is to engage the client at an emotionallevel, as well as a rational level, so they feel greatabout saying Yes to you. TestimonialsPortfolios BonusesFast Action IncentivesReferralsOther ways? Nina East,, WordCa mpRaleigh 2012 14. Nina East@ninaeast & NinaEast.comNinaEast,, WordCampRaleigh 2012