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  1. 1. At this time in our history, more people are unwell than ever before. Our latest medicines and therapies do not seem to help. People are suffering.
  2. 2. Experts agree that stress, in one form or another, is the bottom line cause of this un-wellness.
  3. 3. And what is stress?
    It is how your body responds, consciously and unconsciously, to your genetics and environment.
    It can be good, as in a pleasant surprise, or it can be bad, as in a trauma. It can be major, as in a car accident, or subtle as in the toxins in our food that we consume every day.
    It can be the stress of disease coding on the DNA, or the stress of negative thoughts.
  4. 4. Most people dont realize
    there is computer software available that can help manage stress in its many forms. It actually sends digital information to the human system and helps manage the bodys response to stress.
  5. 5. Technology is changing our lives in so many ways. But theres a reason this approach to wellness can be so powerful. Have you ever heard of like treats like?
    Well, were very similar to computers.
  6. 6. Were bio-computers.
    This doesnt mean were robots, or not spiritual beings, but that our whole system works like a powerful computer system. Our brain is the CPU; DNA is our software, etc.
  7. 7. Like manmade computers
    we have downloads:Every word, expression, environmental issue, etc., is downloaded in our human software.
    We were even born with downloads from our ancestors.
  8. 8. And everything means EVERYTHING.
    Chemicals in our food are downloads. Frequency from cell phones, TV, etc., are downloads. Our words and conscious thoughts are downloads. These downloads can create tremendous stress on a conscious and unconscious level.
  9. 9. The downloads are stored in your cells; on your DNA. This is referred to as cellular memory. Its why so many people live a life of struggle without understanding why. Its stress in its many forms.
  10. 10. Up to this point we havent been able to do much about this. Now, with the latest scientific findings, we can.
  11. 11. We now understand that our human system has a vibration, and that the higher this vibration, the better life is. We also know that many of the programs weve downloaded have lowered this vibration.
  12. 12. High vibration would be optimal health, wealth, joy and abundance.
    Low vibration would be illness, poverty, etc.
  13. 13. With too many lower vibrational downloads we may actually develop an electrical malfunction.This further weakens our system. A cycle is started because lower vibration attracts more of the same.
  14. 14. The rich get richer
    the poor get poorer
  15. 15. Fortunately, there is now technology to help undo this. It helps to raise vibration.Once a person understands how this works, theres no reason why they should be unhealthy, in pain, or suffering in any way.
  16. 16. Go to www.checkyourvibe.comfor more information on how to raise your vibration!