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<p>TechElite Inc</p> <p>TechElite IncHung Pham, founder &amp; CEO</p> <p>Todays topics:How to raise fundsHow to use funds</p> <p>Recommended sources:Guy KawasakiFounder @ Garage Venture; Evangelist @ Apple &amp; Canva; Authorhttp://guykawasaki.comPaul Graham, Founder @ yCombinator ConwayLegendary VC @ Silicon Valley, Investor of Google, Paypal and many moreBen HorowitzCo-founder @ Andreessen Horowitz; Author </p> <p>How to raise funds:Understand yourselfUnderstand the game</p> <p>How to raise fund:Understand the gameRecommended readings:Mastering the VC Game: A Venture Capital Insider Reveals How to Get from Start-up to IPO on Your Terms Understand the VCs: Type, perspective, interest, size of fundingsUnderstand the business deal</p> <p>How to raise fund:Some tricksVC wants a good team! But how?</p> <p>How to raise fund:Some tricks</p> <p>How to raise fund:Some tricks</p> <p>How to raise fund:Some tricksTechElites team, for example:Stanford GraduateGoogleMicrosoftGold Medal @ International Mathematics OlympiadYoung Global Leader @ WEF</p> <p>How to raise fund:Some tricks (conclusion)VC likes great teamVC likes big numbers + big marketVC likes good pitchingVC likes good business plan</p> <p>How to raise fund:Understanding yourselfUnderstanding yourself is much harder than understanding the game</p> <p>How to raise fund:Understanding yourselfVC likes great team</p> <p>Stanford GraduateGoogleMicrosoftGold Medal @ International Mathematics OlympiadYoung Global Leader @ WEF</p> <p>Titles dont mean anything. Its passion and dedication that matter</p> <p>How to raise fund:Understanding yourselfVC likes big numbers + markets</p> <p>Impressive numbers are goodBut Its more important to choose the right metrics for the whole company to focus on</p> <p>Fake numbers (Google visits, for example)Non-indicative numbers13</p> <p>How to raise fund:Understanding yourselfVC likes good pitching</p> <p>Good pitching is impressive but its the real product (demo or MVP) that matters</p> <p>Forget about the slidesDont be a presentersThe best pitching is the passionate pitching14</p> <p>How to raise fund:Understanding yourselfVC likes good business plan</p> <p>Plan means changing, as nothing will happen as expected</p> <p>Don-t make up too much15</p> <p>How to raise fund:Understanding yourself &amp; Understanding the gameLearn to be a qualified player, andAbsurdly honestAbsurdly passionateAlways moving</p> <p>Culture of honest. Don-t make up too muchPassion cant be fake16</p> <p>How to use funds:Common mistakesBeing a good investorKeep shipping</p> <p>TechElite incQuick introductionsTechElite: The SAAS Technology</p> <p>TechElite incQuick introductionsWorkTime.vnThe working and communication platforms for enterprisesAdvertising Market: ~$200BSocial Network: ~$100BEnterprise software: ~$1700BEnterprises need fast, convenient, smart software more than anyone else(Aaron Levie, Founder</p> <p>TechElite</p> <p>How to use funds:Common mistakesVenture funding is NOT your moneyFund raising is NOT an achievement. Instead, its a milestone.Venture capitalist is NOT your friend</p> <p>How to use funds (cont.):Being a good investorThe bad oneThe good oneWe hire 10 developers today because we have enough computers and chairs We hire the best student from HUST todayWe pay 10M to get 50K FB likes todayWe pay 10M to get promoted on newspapers todayWe organize a company karaoke party todayWe ship a new feature todayOnly invest on things that make real differences</p> <p>- Choose the best one22</p> <p>How to use funds (cont.):Keep shippingWork 12 hoursper dayShipping new features every monthNever stop believing</p> <p>How to use funds (cont.):Keep shippingWorking (very) hard for years is very hardunlessDo things that you truly loveDo things that you believeDo things that you want to do for life</p> <p>Raise funds or use fundsSummaries:Absurdly honestAbsurdly passionateAlways moving</p> <p>Thank you!Hung Pham, CEO &amp; Founder, TechElite IncWe are raising funds nowWorkTime will be truly meaningful for many of you</p>