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An overview of key considerations that entrepreneurs should understand when devising and executing their fundraising strategy.


  • 1. What You Need To Know AboutRaising Venture Capital

2. Who Is DFJ Gotham Ventures? www.dfjgotham.comDANNY SCHULTZ MARK DAVIS ROSS GOLDSTEIN THATCHER BELL Focus Sectors

  • Digital Media
  • Financial Technologies
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Network Infrastructure

Early Stage

  • First institutional round
  • Nominal or no revenue
  • Demonstrable technology

Global Presence

  • Leverage DFJ Network

3. Who Does DFJ Gotham Invest In? 4. What Is The DFJ Network? 23 funds, >$6 billion in capital 150 professionals, 600 portfolio companies Unique access, insight and deal flow 5.

  • Chapters :
  • VC Overview
  • Developing A Fundraising Strategy
  • Picking The VCs
  • Preparing Your Materials
  • The Pre-Fundraising Process
  • Getting The Meeting
  • The First Meeting
  • After The First Meeting
  • The Due Diligence Phase
  • Doing The Deal

The Entrepreneurs Guide To Raising Venture Capital 6. What Makes A Company Successful? How you finance your company matters! Team Idea Finance 7. Is VC Right For Your Startup? Scalability ofBusiness Capital Required to AchieveBreakeven Cash Flow High Low High Low Venture Capital Build a Giant Co Bootstrap Own 80% of a Small Co Not Viable Weak Barriers:Venture Capital Strong Barriers: Bootstrap 8. Can Your IT Company Scale? Technology Barriers Examples

  • Tech-lite ( Old Tech Re-Applied )
  • Facebook, eBay,Twitter
  • Data scale (e.g., Web 2.0 data)
  • Network effects (e.g., SocNets)
  • Tech-heavy ( New Tech )
  • Microsoft Office, Adobe, Skype
  • Data scale
  • Network effects
  • Econ. Of scale
  • Intellectual Property

Hybrid BusinessInformation BusinessTechnology Business

  • Tech-heavy ( New Tech )
  • Google, Oracle, Microsoft OS, Akamai
  • Economies of Scale
  • Intellectual Property

9. Why VC Is Helpful? Low High Friends & Family Angels Venture Capitalists Capital Advice Connections 10. Are You Ready For VC? Great Team Huge Market Product in Market Seed ($50K - $1M) X Series A (>$1M 5M) 11. What Materials Do You Need? Get the meeting Executive Summary Create interest Presentation Explain how Financial Model 12. What Topics Do You Need To Cover? Executive Summary Presentation Location Mission Overview Addressable Market Competitive Landscape Barriers Achievements Financials Capital Raised Objectives Management Bios 13. What Topics Do You Need To Cover? Location Mission Overview Addressable Market Competitive Landscape Barriers Achievements Financials Capital Raised Objectives Management Bios Be sure to include these Not market size State why youre better May be more than you think 14. How Do You Get The Meeting? Mutual Contact LinkedIn Cold Email Spam Most Effective Least Effective Direct Introduction 15. What Is The Objective Of The First Meeting? To get the second meeting. What is the objective of the first meeting? 16. How Can You Guide The Meeting? Product? Market? Competition? Team? Typical Non-Linear Meeting Set The Tone Up Front

  • Product:Technology that solves
  • Addressable Market:$2.5B
  • Competitive:Significant technology barrier
  • Team:35 years relevant experience

17. How Can You Maintain Momentum? Industry News Milestones Internal Materials 18. How Do You Know Youre Close To A Term Sheet? Can you come meet the rest of my partners? How do you feel about these terms? 19. What Should You Expect In A Term Sheet? An Exploding Offer Exclusivity 30 day Due Diligence Participating Preferred Stock Liquidity Preference Founders Equity Vesting 20. What Happens After The Investment? On The Same Side Of The Table 21. Contact Info Mark Davis DFJ Gotham Ventures (212) 279-3980 Blog:


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