How to Raise Happy and Healthy College-Bound Students By Sara Tang October 2, 2014.

Download How to Raise Happy and Healthy College-Bound Students By Sara Tang October 2, 2014.

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How to Raise Happy and Healthy College-Bound StudentsHow to Raise Happy and HealthyCollege-Bound StudentsBy Sara TangOctober 2, 2014GI =58GI =46GI =51GI = 300?GI = 200?Same amount Brown Rice=9.5 cubes of sugarThey are all carbsCalories cannotTell you how fast food digestTell you how nutritious is the foodBalance blood sugarSpeed is the keyPancreasToo much fuelAdrenalToo little fuelMood and food connectionHypothalamus-Pituitary AxisFeedbackloopElectrical=moodChemical= foodangerpanic/anxietydepressionBalance blood sugarBrain is fed on sugarToo little fuelBrain fogBalance blood sugarAdrenal off, endocrine chaospancreasadrenalHypothalamus/pituitaryaxisadrenalthyroidgonadspancreas??Not comingNot leavingNight owlCortisol= circadian rhythmAdrenal tiredBalance blood sugarBlood sugar rockweight problem stayspancreasadrenalBalance blood sugarfat9 caloriesBalance blood sugarpancreasadrenalBalance blood sugarfatprotein balance mealEat protein firstvegetarian1. protein and starch came together2. Rotate grain/bean proteinDrink water all day longAll at onceAll dayPound/2=ozthirstGet in the sunVitamin D learn the difference in fat qualitycholestrolOil productiongheelardcoconutSaturated fatoilMonounsaturated fatpolyunsaturated fatVent shellacaccept, identify, communicate feelingseateateateateataxisemotionelectricchemicalEating disorderemotioncommunicationEmotion is created by nervous system to protect us CO2cheloesteralerosionratio and amount