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We talk about an easy way to meditate, which helps with the law of attra


  • 1. Meditation has different meaning for everyperson. For some of them it is simply clearing the mind and relaxing the body which gives you the feeling of peace andquiet that you need.

2. During this process you create a pleasurable state of being and it is a way of escaping from the reality around you. For other people it means an extraordinary experience of alter state of reality. 3. Basically, the meditation is a tool, used to cure sicknesses which exist only in ourmind. But lets follow some simple steps toget to the feeling of happiness andpleasure: Step 1: The first most important thing ishaving a good posture which has to be verycomfortable and stable. 4. There are two types of meditation the firstone is used by most people and it ismeditating on the floor. The second not sopopular type is meditating on while youare sitting on a chair. 5. You can meditate on any place wherever you feel comfortable. All you need to do is to sit comfortably and cross your legs. After thatyou have to cross your fingers in front of your body. 6. When you cross your legs and fingers, youcreate an energy circle around you whichgives you more stability.Step 2: You have to free your mind in order to be completely relaxed. Eyes are the doors ofthe mind so they should be closed. 7. Step 3: Use your chakras. The chakras are a powerful tool which you can use as an innervisual. You need it in order to concentrateand use the energy flows in your body. Basically, there are seven chakras in thebody which are energetic points within the body. 8. The first one is placed down in the base of thespine which is called the red root chakra. The second chakra is orange and it is placed below your stomach. The third one is in the stomach and it is yellow. 9. The chakras follow the colors of the rainbow.The next chakra is in the heart and it isgreen. The blue chakra is in the throat andthe indigo chakra is in the third eye point. 10. The last chakra is the crown chakra and it is placed on the top of the head and it has a white colour. If you want to feel relaxed, you have to use all these chakras. 11. Step 4: Start inhaling and exhaling very slow.Focus on every separate chakra from your body. Imagine how this part of the body look like. Look how beautiful they are and spendenough time for each of them. Feel how therainbow colours fill your body and get youat peace. 12. Step 5: Keep that position for at least 15 20minutes a day in order to be healthier and happier than before. 13. Practicing meditation has many advantages:First of all, after meditating you feel you are atpeace with everything inside and outside your body and you keep that feeling for the entire day. 14. No matter what happens throughout the day, you will be relieved. You will lower the levelof stress which will reflect on the attitude towards the other people and you will have better personal relationships. 15. Second, this is an excellent way to controlyour emotions. If you get angry or annoyed, or if you feel ashamed, you need to spendjust a couple of minutes inhaling andexhaling, concentrating on your breath, andyou will feel better. Using that technique will prevent you from saying things you will besorry about. 16. Third, having a mind at peace equals to livinghealthier. Most diseases are caused by toomuch stress and worries. For some peoplethe meditating leads them to the feeling ofbeing closer to God or the so called nirvana. 17. This simple techniques help you overcomeyour animal nature and build your life to a next higher level. You go over the bodyconsciousness which is the main source for suffering of the body. All the unhealthy thoughts and troubles reflect on the bodyscondition. 18. All in all, meditating makes you stronger and healthier person with better personal andprofessional relationships, who lives healthier life. 19. If you want to find out an even easier way to meditate (clue: this can be done when you are walking, or even driving a car!), and to download a free audio, please


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