How to make your website an effective business tool in 2016

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  1. 1. Presented by: Michael Ginsburg MG Web Design & Social Media Make your website An EFFECTIVE business tool
  2. 2. Reasons to stick around till the end of this webinar 1. Youll learn which features you need to have on your website in order to make it an effective business tool. 2. Youll learn how to add these features to your existing website or incorporate them from the get-go into a new website. 3. Youll get ALL your questions answered! The Q&A session will go for as long as you want it to. 4. There will be a nice bonus on offer for you which I have never offered before (and probably will never offer again!).
  3. 3. Who Am I and what qualifies me to talk to you? I have a professional background in IT & Management consulting After almost 15 years working in the corporate world, I just had enough of the stress and long hours and decided to start my own online business. With my background, I thought it would be a walk in the park. Boy, was I wrong! I spent years doing the trial and error thing trying to figure things out before realising that: a website is not a billboard, its a business tool! Once I realised that, I was able to transform my first online venture into a thriving community serving thousands of people while generating decent revenue. I dont want to see other small business owners wasting years on trying to
  4. 4. My first online success - Spending Hacker
  5. 5. Some work I did for clients
  6. 6. The NUMBER 1 mistake people make with their website
  7. 7. Not collecting emails from website visitors Most people who visit your website will never come back (and not necessarily because you did a bad job!) Email allows you to communicate directly with prospects and customers without having to rely on Facebook (and their algorithm which changes almost on a daily basis) or on ranking on the first page of the search results. 66% of people who have an active email address check it several times a day with 13% out of those checking their email every hour or even more. An email database gives you the ULTIMATE level of flexibility & control in your business
  8. 8. The ONLY platform you should consider for your business website
  9. 9. WordPress or bust! NEVER use a proprietary platform like Weebly or Wix, especially if it bundles the website software and hosting together. WordPress is not only completely free but also open source which means no one entity, person or corporation own it. You can choose your hosting company and also easily transfer your website to another host if your existing one is not good enough! No other website platform offers you the same level of flexibility and ease of use. WordPress powers more than a quarter of the web (including the websites of NASA & CNN) and is supported by a massive
  10. 10. The features you need to have on your website to generate sales & leads
  11. 11. The 7 features of an EFFECTIVE website in 2016 1. Responsive design - most of your visitors will open your website on their smartphone. Your website needs to automatically adjust to fit any screen size. 2. Location Map - make it easy for them to find your premises without having to search. 3. Make your phone number clickable - so that they can dial it easily instead of having to copy and paste on their phones. 4. Have a contact form - make it easy for them to email you without having to open their email app and copy & paste your email address (but still make your email address clickable!) 5. Opt-in box or even a dedicated page - this has one mission only: convince them to give you their email address and agree to receive future communication. 6. Make it easy for them to follow you on social media without having to leave your website
  12. 12. How can YOU implement these features on YOUR website?
  13. 13. Responsive Design
  14. 14. How to have a responsive design on your website? First and foremost: Use WordPress! Choose a website template (or theme as is the more common terminology) which is designed to be responsive There are thousands of completely free themes and even more paid (or commercial) themes to choose from. You can easily make your website look unique and different than any other website (even if the other website uses the same theme) while also being
  15. 15. Location Map
  16. 16. How to add a location map to your website? Did you know that Google allows anyone to embed locations from their maps on their own website free of charge? There are hundreds of free plug-ins (software which adds functionality to your WordPress site) that allow to easily show a location map of your business and its surroundings on your website. Many WordPress themes also support that out of the box so no extra plugin is even needed. Amongst the free plugins that offer this feature are the Contact Info widget of JetPack and the Stellar Places
  17. 17. Clickable phone number
  18. 18. How to make phone numbers clickable on your website? You need to set your phone number as a special kind of link or you can use a free Plugin like Speed Contact Bar or Mobile Contact Bar. Some Themes also have built-in support for that feature.
  19. 19. Contact form
  20. 20. How to add a contact form to your website? People will be able to type their message directly on your website instead of in an email. You will get their message instantly delivered to you via email and will be able to reply to them directly. You can also add protection from spammers using the free reCaptcha tool from Google. You can easily add contact forms to your website using free plugins like JetPack contact form, Contact Form 7, & Secure contact form (which allows them to also include files as attachments).
  21. 21. Autoresponder email software + opt-in boxes or page
  22. 22. How to add opt-in boxes to your website Email marketing is permission-based which means people need to give you their explicit permission to send them emails before you can do so. Without it, youre breaking the law! This permission is called an opt-in. An opt-in box or form on your website is where people enter their email (and other details you may need) in return for something you give them (report, course, discount etc). There are HUNDRED of plugins that allow you to create such opt-in boxes or forms (both free & paid). Amongst the free ones, my favourite is Rapidology and amongst the paid ones are MailMunch (which also has a
  23. 23. You can get started with email marketing for FREE! Your first 2000 subscribers are free but you dont get autoresponders and cant send more than 12K emails a month. Get started for free. Your first 2000 subscribers are free and you get access to Autoresponders but there is a bit of setup involved. However, as a self-hosted solution, it is the only tool which gives you 100% control over your email database. Get started for free. Your first 1000 subscribers are free and you get access to all the features and no sending limits. Pricing is much better than MailChimp once you do start paying! Get Started for free.
  24. 24. Encourage people to follow you on Social Media
  25. 25. How to add social media follow boxes to your website You can get people to follow you on various social media platforms in one click without ever having to leave your website and go to that social media platform itself. All that is needed is for them to be already logged into that social media platform on their desktop or mobile. All the major social media platforms offer this feature: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and now even Instagram. There are many free plugins that allow you to add such follow boxes to your website. My personal favourites are JetPack for Facebook, Twitter & Google+, Google for Wordpress for YouTube (can also be used for Google+ follow box) , Add Pinterest Follow for Pinterest and
  26. 26. Call to action
  27. 27. How to add Call-to-actions to your website? Every page on your website should aim for visitors to do something there. That something can be: email opt-in, make a purchase, download a brochure, get in contact with your business or follow you on social media. This is called a Call to Action and ideally, you should have only one per page (so that you dont confuse people) A call to action can be an opt-in box, a contact form, a buy button, a download link or a social media follow box. Ive already covered how to create an opt-in box, a contact form and a social media follow box. For selling thing through your website, you can use anything from
  28. 28. How about if you could implement all these improvements yourself without having to pay thousands to a web designer or developer?
  29. 29. How about if you could do all that even if you have ZERO experience or prior knowledge?
  30. 30. Introducing:
  31. 31. What is it? A 12 week structured program teaching you how to build a professional online presence from scratch.
  32. 32. Who is it for? Its for any small business owner who has a computer and Internet connection and wants to have a professional online presence for their business. If you can use a Word Processor like Microsoft Word than you already have all the prior knowledge youll need (yes, really!)
  33. 33. What will you learn? How to build an effective website for your business using WordPress? How to make sure your business gets found on Google? How to easily build an online store on your website and sell both digital and physical products without having to pay a cent for the privilege? How to build an email database of prospects and market to them effectively & ethically? How to gain exposure for your business through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest?
  34. 34. What do you ge