How To Make Dangle Earrings With Gemstone Beads

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A fun and easy way to handmade dangle earrings using purple quartz or amethyst gemstone beads. Watch this simple tutorial and create your own custom made earrings. This could also be a fun present to your loved ones. Materials: -18 purple quartz beads -silver wire-22 gauge -18 silver headpins -jewelers file -wire cutters -flat nose pliers -round nose pliers Directions: 1. Slide a quartz bead onto a headpin, leaving a small space above the bead. Create a loop with your round nose pliers. 2. Slide another bead onto a headpin and take the the looped end of the first beaded headpin, slide that onto the headpin, leave a small space and create another loop. 3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until you have 4 connected beaded headpins. 4. Create a loop for the 4th headpin. 5. To create the ear wires, take the end of your silver wire and make a loop leaving a small opening (with your round nose pliers.) 6. Bend the wire to create hook shape and cut the end with the wire cutters. 7. File the end of the ear wires until they are blunt and not sharp. Connect your last beaded headpin loop onto the small opening of your ear wires and securely close the opening of the loop.


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