How To Get Your Emails Opened By Your Subscribers

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Make more money with your email marketing efforts by improving your open rate.


  • How To Get Your Emails Opened?

    By Coby Wright

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  • How To Get Your Emails Opened

    It doesn't matter how big your list is if nobody is actually opening your emails. A small list that has a good open rate is much more valuable than a big list with a bad open rate. Here are a few things you can do to help improve your open rate.

    Probably the most important factor is to actually provide value so your subscribers want to read your emails. If all you're sending is one pitch after another, and your emails are all full of hype, your open rate is not going to be very good.

    Lots of people never actually unsubscribe from a list they don't read - they just delete the emails instead. This is worse than unsubscribing, because it gives you an overinflated list size - you'll never really know how many people you're actually reaching.

    Another important factor in getting people to open your email is to avoid using tricks.

    You've likely received a lot of emails with a subject that says something along the lines of "You've got a commission!" but when you open it, it's just another pitch for something.

    Using these kinds of tricks won't work for long - if at all - and it's just going to make your subscribers tune you out. You want to build a list that you can leverage for months or even years, not just a couple of messages after they opt in.

    The subject line of your message will also affect how many people open and read it. Think of the subject as a mini-headline for the rest of the email. Arouse your subscriber's curiosity and make them want to open the email to find out what you've got to say. Just be sure your subject is actually related to what's in the message!

    Lastly, you want to be sure you're not getting caught in the spam filters of the major email services. Some markets have a bigger problem with this than others, since certain words can trigger spam filters. But it's always a good idea to test your email messages on major services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

    If your email provider offers a spam rating, you should also keep an eye on that. For example, Aweber and Imnica rates every email for spam. When the rating is below a certain number it means your email should get past the spam filters. When it does find problems, it tells you what they are so you can edit your message before sending it.

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