are unclear emails costing your company?

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  1. 1. C E L E B R A T I N G "It is by teaching that we teach ourselves, by relating that we observe, by affirming that we examine, by showing that we look, by writing that we think." Henri Frederic Amiel NEWSLETTER: CUTTING THE COST OF POOR COMMUNICATION No matter the industry, eciency is central to keeping a company aoat. If your employees are spending more time addressing problems than completing work-relat- ed tasks, your business isnt operating eciently, and company prots may be on the line. Reading and comprehension abilities can dier from person to person, but poorly written business docu- ments only increase the amount of time required for an employee or customer to receive and process informa- tion. The time it takes to write, revise, and review these doc- uments could be costing you thousands in lost produc- tivity each year. Additional misunderstandings during the review process may result in mistakes that require further funding to x. In certain cases, mistakes are avoided when a support team is called in to assist, but herein lies another cost. Sadly, this vicious cycle is so common for companies it often goes unnoticed. You may be spending more money than necessary to repair the same mistakes over and over again because your employees arent properly trained in eective written communication. Unclear emails increase time employees spend reading and responding, which stands at an average of 13 hours per week. Thats 13 hours of salary pay dedicated solely to email correspondence. Vague and verbose oce policy prevents employees from nding the information they need quickly, which impedes the completion of important assignments. Errors can also occur with the potential to damage your companys reputation and seriously hurt your custom- ers. In the medical eld for example, a new study shows that miscommunication may be responsible for 30 percent of medical errors. Employees who grow frustrated as a result of misunder- standings and poor communication may quit. Costs stemming from a high turnover rate could destroy your business. The right training can signicantly improve eciency and increase your companys prots. Studies show that one-third of employees in American blue-chip compa- nies lack sucient writing skills, and as much as $3.1 billion is spent annually teaching workers how to write clearly and strategically. HurleyWrite Inc.s online courses start at $400, and our on-site courses can be customized to t your exact needs. Our individualized feedback and real-world ex- amples will help your team become condent commu- nicators. For more information about our classes, visit . The Solution The Problem


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