how to create quality content without really trying

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Creating quality content is easy when you know the best ways to engage your audience. If you want to give your brand better visibility, use these quick and easy steps.


  • 1. How to Create Great Content Without really trying

2. Make Your Content Searchable Great web content consists of more than just a jumble of keywords. Write content that people want to read, using keywords as enhancements rather than forcing them where they dont fit. 3. Use Blog Posts to Position Your Brand 81% of US consumers trust the information read in blogs. 61% of consumers make purchases after reading a blog post. 98% of PR companies feel that blogging is invaluable. 4. Choose a Meaningful Topic Web users want to find information that is relevant to them. Choose topics that your target audience is likely to search for, not topics that you think they should like. 5. Unlock the Keys to Great Content Quality content is ranked higher in search engines. Google now favors content that isnt stuffed with keywords and optimized anchor text. Focus on using keywords organically to create better quality content. 6. Grammar: You vs the Bots Good grammar is what separates quality content from articles written by bots. Google gives greater weight to pieces that are well written and free from grammar and spelling problems. 7. Use Images that Highlight Your Content People are more likely to respond to and interact with content that features images. Images also make your content more shareable on social media. 8. Spread the Word: Social Media Social media makes your content easier to find, and helps it to reach a larger audience. 98% of the worlds biggest brands are on Facebook, and 94% are on Twitter. 9. Include a Call to Action Do you want visitors to make a purchase? Include a call to action in your content that motivates the reader. This will help you improve your conversion rates. 10. Hire a Writer If you dont want to worry about all the details that go into creating great content, you can hire a professional writer to do the hard work for you. 11. Visit to learn more about how we can create quality content for you.


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