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How to Succeed at Publicity Without Really Trying For Santa Fe Opera Workshop - Aug. 2014


  • 1. How to Succeed at PublicityWithout Really TryingDaniel ZillmannDirector of Press and Public Relations, Santa Fe OperaHolly HickmanConsultant, Up Tempo MarketingJoyce El-KhourySoprano and former Santa Fe Opera ApprenticeDownload at

2. Print/e-brochuresWebsiteDirect mailWeb &e-mailmarketingOnlinefundraisingPublic &mediarelationsSocial MediaVideos/podcasts/mobile/livestreamingBlogFacebookTwitterYouTubeOtherTV/radio 3. Criteria for Websites Easy to navigate Easy to keep updated Easy to add functionality Utilizes dynamic content Content is easy to share Reflects your unique brand Provides a central clearinghouse forall online information about you Links to social media channels 4. Seth Godins Website Questions Who are you trying to reach?What outcomes will occur? Are you earning permission to follow-up? Do you want people to help spread theword with social media tools?Side noteSeth Godin books to read: Poke the Box Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us 5. Web Content ManagementSystems (CMS) WordPress Joomla ($50/month) ($16/month) ($20/month) Benefits include templatedesigns, browser interface(anyone can update), modulesand plug-ins to enhancefunctionality, either freeor inexpensive 6. Top Web Design Trends Big text/bold messages Big photos (full screen backgrounds) Motion/animation to support storytelling Responsive design across devices(smartphones, tablets, etc.) Flat design - simple illustrations,quick to load 7. Press Kits Well-written biography (not too long) Consider both full and short versions of your bio(be your own editor) Professional photos both headshots and in action,casual and formal. (Must be high-resolution, 300-dpi,and somewhat recent) Close-ups and photos with a background(think website images) Reviews and quotes Audio and video content Press release(s), rsum, repertoire list Contact info Hard copy and electronic versions 8. What is social media?Online tools that support: Participation Openness (no barriers) Conversation (two-way) Community (common interest) Connectedness (sharing)~from What is Social Media? e-book 9. Communications Media vs. Social Media~Whats Next in Media? by Neil Perkin 10. Social Media Steps Listen Engage Create Social Content Generate Buzz Build Community Link all of this to offline activity~from Beth Kanter, Social Media Principles for Performing Arts 11. Social Media TipsSocial media is a commitment,not a campaign.~Joe Jaffe 12. Online relationshipscomplement offlinerelationships theycant replace them 13. Dont useMarketing Speak be authentic,honestSharing, not selling 14. Dont be the kind of friend whoonly calls when you need acouch moved.~Tweeted from Project Audience 15. Youre a subject matter expert in ________ Share your expertise! 16. Social Media Tools Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Flickr InstantEncore Pinterest Instagram AddThis TweetDeck Yelp FourSquare SoundCloud Google+ Tumblr Vine Snapchat Reddit StumbleUpon Pandora Squidoo Digg Twitalyzer 17. Other Tools Instagram The power of pictures photos are the most likedtype of content on Facebook 200 million users #hashtags Pinterest 70 million users; 56 million are women Online portfolio Strengthen your brand The world of Create a mood with pictures and quotes 18. 19. Other Tools E-newsletter Share your website content Keep in touchwith your circle of influenceSmartphone/tablet apps Marketing is becomingmobile-based Mobile-friendly version ofyour website delivered topeoples pocketsAvailable on iTunes 20. Provide easy ways for people to share your informationso they can post to Facebook,retweet, email, embed AddThis/ShareThis 21. Use to listen,keep your finger on the pulse& track trends Use to shorten URLs and thentrack click-throughs/response Use Google Analytics ( Facebook Insights to analyze results Consider using FB Advertising to grow page likes andboost posts inexpensive, effective and trackable 22. Importance of IntegrationYou can have the greatest social webpresence ever, but if people follow it backto your website and cant find what theyneed, its going to be a failed effort.~The Social Media Maze, 23. Ways to Save $Online printers: take advantage of special offers MailChimp is free for e-mail marketing, if fewer than 2,000email addressesWeb Hosting: (less than $100/year) 24. Homework Brainstorm an integrated campaign for yourselfwhere you would use print/direct mail, website,e-mail, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter andother social media channelsHow could this campaign be interactive,rather than one-way? 25. When it becomes clearthat no one else sharesyour level of passion,you are where you belong.~Placido


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