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The sales playbook

A systematic organization of all marketing and sales assetsEach asset is mapped to the buyers position in the sales cycleA GPS for your channel partners


Spells out what to say, when to say it and how to say it


Why you need playbooks?

25% of an employees workday is consumed by information search70% of customer-facing team members report lacking the information they need to adequately perform their jobsCompanies with mechanisms in place to share internal sales knowledge have win rates that exceed 50% Just 20% of the knowledge in an average enterprise is explicitly recorded and shared


Why you need playbooks?

Mechanisms like the sales playbook can help companies enjoy closure rates over 50%33% of lost deals could have been won if the seller had been better informed and more client-oriented

50-90% of collateral created for salespeople is never usedOver 50% of sales managers are too busy to train and develop their sales teams

Why you need playbooks?

Only 15% of executives say that their meetings with salespeople meet expectationsOnly 7% of executives report scheduling follow-up meetings with salespeople

90% marketers are uncertain about whether their key content metrics are effective in measuring business resultsDid you know that about 50% of sales teams do not own a playbook

Why you need playbooks?Companies with a well-defined sales process are 33% more likely to outperform the competitionDid you know that over 50% of marketers reuse content two to five times?

Personalized marketing and sales assets can increase sales opportunities by 20%

Investment in tools that provide prospect insight help businesses enjoy more accurate sales forecasts, faster and better closure rates

What if you could clone your proven sales process?


Heres taking a look at how you can set up a guided, repeatable sales process


How playbook can help you design a guided sales process?

Spells out every precise detail/step in the sales processContains all the assets your channel partners need for each step in the sales processIs scalable, repeatable and dynamic


What kind of assets make it into the playbook?Other assetsWhitepapersE-guidesCase studiesTestimonialsInfographicsRelevant articlesPress mentionsPress releasesVideosBrochures The last milePricing sheetsProposalsClient agreements/contracts

The five steps to an effective sales playbookDefine your sales processKnow your buyers and tell your salespeople who they arePrepare a content inventory and plug the gapsConnect your content to the buying stagesMonitor, measure, coach, change

Define your sales process

STEP ONEDefine your sales processHow do you keep prospects engaged at each stage?Define the sales tools/best practices currently being usedIdentify the linear and non-linear sub-processes

Know your buyers and educate your salespeople about them

STEP TWOPersona AnalysisYou need:Tools that offer you a 360-degree prospect viewWhat are they buying?How much and when they are buying

Prepare a content inventory and plug the gapsSTEP THREEPrepare Asset InventoryYou need:An asset repository where all your assets can be stored and a mechanism to track asset effectiveness

Monitor, measure, coach, changeSTEP FIVEYou need:Tools offer visibility into playbook usage and asset performanceYou need:Tools that allow you to update assets consistently, across the board

Connect your content to the buying stages

You need:Tools that allow your salespeople easy access to all the assets in the system

Map your sales assets to the relevant point in the buyers journeyGive sales easy access to all the assets in the playbook

Be sure to personalize your playbook assets!You need:Tools that allow you to personalize your communication to suit buyer persona and reflect salespersons and companys branding

Personalizing your playbookTitle, location, gender, decision making authority, budget etc.Email opens, link clicks, website visits, downloads, calls etc.Past purchases / interactions with the company.Customize the graphics and layout of the content presented to the prospectCustomize textual content presented to the prospectCommunication to reflect senders contact information and branding especially important for local marketing initiatives

Remembera sales playbook is not just for salespeopleIndependent reps, dealers, distributors, franchisees or other sales channels can benefit immensely from sales playbooksAfter all, the sales process is far more challenging in the case of indirect sales channels

A sample sales processDo identify clearly, the linear and non-linear sub-processes to your sales process

Getting startedHeres what you need to do at each step when setting the foundation for your sales playbookSAMPLE SALES PROCESS

Getting a discovery call

Email linked to videoCold call script LinkedIn requestFollow-up email with e-guideWarm call script

Follow-up emails linked to e-guideCall script for follow-up callOne-off follow-up emailVertical centric MQL email dripHeres a list of assets you need at each step when trying to secure a discovery callSAMPLE SALES PROCESSWhen documenting your sales process and mapping assets to the various stages, remember that some processes may be non-linear

Discovery callHeres a list of assets you need at each step during and right after a discovery callSAMPLE SALES PROCESS


Sales Deck / Presentation(s)Heres a list of assets you need at each step during a presentation or demo to the prospectPost demo email to deck &Implementation methodologySQL nurturing templates


Post presentation-demo

Proposal TemplateHeres a list of assets you need at each step after a presentation or demo to the prospectFollow-up email



Its a sales playbookso where does marketing fit in?The playbook will be used by sales, but created by marketing, so marketing plays a key role Marketing needs a solid understanding ofThe sales process and the buyers journeyThe buyers position in the sales cycle in real-timeThe recipients response to contentWhich playbook assets really workWhether the playbooks are really being used

More Tips For A Killer PlaybookA playbook is more than just a collection of sales assets

Include any additional assets that may be of use to the salespeople such as FAQs, training materials, product updates and more

Playbook is not a high-level handbook

Include every detail in your playbooks...every minor situation or milestone that's a part of your buyer's journey should make it into the playbook

Don't straitjacket your salespeople

Encourage your salespeople to stick to the playbook, but allow them some room to experiment and create 'new' best practices

Have the right tools in placeTools that help you monitor prospect activity Tools to measure the effectiveness of the sales assets Tools to personalize the sales assetsTools to monitor your salespeoples action and interaction with the playbook Tools that make sales playbooks accessible to your salespeople, even when they are not in the office

How Mindmatrix helps?Our sales enablement platform aligns sales, marketing and asset management to help you design winning playbooksWith Mindmatrix, you getAccess to tools that let you document every step of the sales process with visual workflows so your sales process is well defined360-degree prospect view to define your buyer persona and behavior clearlyPersonalized sales collateral creation to design impactful sales materialsTemplate based approach to collateral creation, so your playbook can be updated dynamically across the boardOn-demand access to marketing and sales collateral so your salespeople actually use the materials you provide them Visual and easy-to-use playbook creator to map the right assets to the right stages of the buyers journeyDetailed asset reports so you know whether your playbooks are being used and if they are working

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