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I attended a great training by Ian Cleary at Razor Social and Kim Garst at Boom!Social. They covered some great tips on how to build a blog that is profitable. They also gave some great tools to use to do this. I will give you an overview of their main points and walk you through some of the tools. _____________________________ Tools mentioned during the training Sign up for my tips and training's here Need help to build a blog? Try the Ultimate Branding Blueprint! BuzzSumo SEMRush Canva Piktochart Triberr Scoop!it


  • 1.Creating a Profitable Blog: Tips and Tools Overview JOLYNN OBLAK Marketing Professional/Blogger and Trainer

2. 4 Steps to Build a Profitable blog 1. Research Your Competitors and Identify Your Niche Make sure you know your target market and who the key influencers in your niche How? Find a topic in your niche that other people are not focused on or find a new way to deliver similar content (video marketing or podcasting as an example) Why: By separating yourself form the crowd and offering something significant of value that no one else is offering in your niche, you chances of success and opportunity for profit increases 3. Tool # 1 : Try BuzzSumo This tool allows you to track what blog content is popular and shared on various social media sites Why I love this tool: I can see what content is popular and shared often. I can then create a new blog post that is unique and present a point of view not originally addressed in that post See who is sharing out the popular content and seek them out to build a relationship 4 Steps to Build a Profitable blog 4. Tool # 2- SEMRush- You can put in your competitors web address and get the top 10 keywords that are driving traffic to their website Why I love this tool: You can find the most popular keywords people are using to find your competitor site and then you can write content based around those keywords. You post still needs to be a new unique post. 4 Steps to Build a Profitable blog 5. 2. Create Awesome content! Publish high quality content Better to post less often and produce higher quality content How? Answer questions from your customers (Survey, Email, Ask on Social Media) Write a detailed post over 1000 words. Can increase shares and links Create better posts than your competitors Include plenty of images Link out to relevant posts Posts with a number in the title will get shared twice as much Create Infographic, lists and group posts (best wordpress plugins post) 4 Steps to Build a Profitable blog 6. Tool # 1 Canva for Images- Create free images that are visually compelling. Some design elements may cost you a $1 depending on what you choose in your design Tool # 2 Piktochart for Infographics. Low monthly cost and made for non-designers. You can also pay a freelancer at Fiverr to create one for you too. Tool # 3 allows you to automate the initial sharing of your blog posts Tool # 4 Triberr, Scoop!It allow you to share your content amongst a large audience 4 Steps to Build a Profitable blog 7. 3. Build Profitable Relationships Direct ways: Connect via Social Media, Tweet /Retweet content, leave comments on blogs, guest blogging, conferences Create a relationship, make it all about them and your value to their audience. The more you show support /help them, they will reciprocate How? Build lists on Facebook and Twitter of influencers that you want to follow Use Hootsuite to review and monitor lists and tweets from influencers Retweet, interact, comment on their content 4 Steps to Build a Profitable blog 8. 4. Build a Sales Funnel 4 Steps to Build a Profitable blog How? Epic Content Its not about you! Lead with great value without the expectations or rewards Be who you are- be authentic 9. Go to home page to click through to this page (footer) Need help building a blog 10. Instagram Training Free 5 Day Course This training is for you if You are looking to create a deeper relationship and tighter bond with your customers You want to create a powerful online brand You want to build a following of raving fans who want to buy your products You need to create a powerful positioning strategy and promote your products You are a newbie and youre looking for something super easy to start using You DONT want to waste money on ads and you want to get a profile and start marketing today! 11. Connect with me Website: YouTube: JolynnTV Instagram: JolynnOblakMarketing Twitter: JolynnO Facebook: