he hiflow lamella clarifier brochure - edit v1.1 .in general hydroflux epco lamella clarifiers

Download HE HiFlow Lamella Clarifier brochure - edit v1.1 .In general Hydroflux Epco Lamella clarifiers

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Over 330 Clarifier installa ons in 3 con nents

With over 60 years of design and commissioning exper se, you can be assured that your Hydroflux Epco clarifier will perform consistently with a long service life. Hydroflux Epco clarifiers have been in opera on since the late 1960s, in municipal water and wastewater treatment plants, industrial and mining applica ons.

Design Configurations

The HiFlow Lamella clarifier range includes the following configura ons: Free standing modular units Concrete tank LogMax Log spiral scraper mechanisms VeeMax Chevron type fixed scrapers

High effec ve surface area Nonclog Lamella plate configura on Robust construc on with heavy duty design Extensive design exper se with over 330 clarifier installa ons in 3 con nents No scouring of sludge blanket Reliable heavy duty scraper designs for all mechanical scraper systems

Key Features

Free Standing Design Concrete Tank Design

HiFlow Lamella For Raw Water Treatment

Municipal Sewage Treatment Primary clarifica on Secondary clarifica on Ter ary clarifica on


Municipal Water Treatment River water clarifica on Backwash water recovery Sludge thickening Lime so ening

Seawater Desalina on Backwash water recovery Lime so ening

Industrial and Mining Primary solids and precipitate removal Secondary clarifica on Ter ary clarifica on Raw water clarifica on

System components

Inlet Low turbulent entry feed pipe manifold

Sludge Removal Scrapers For efficient se led sludge removal (op onal feature for viscous sludge types)

Weir Box Combina on of longitudinal and discharge weir box for clarified water removal

HiFlow Plate Pack Inclined plate packs with high projected surface area

Feed Distribu on Distribu on of feed along the full surface area

Sludge Hopper Integrated sludge hoppers for op mal solids concentra on

Sludge Removal

Logarithmic sludge plow designed for collec on of lighter suspended sludges. Effec ve logarithmic angle range of between 15 and 45 and can travel at p speeds up to 10m per minute.

Chevron pa ern sludge plow designed for heavy, rela vely viscous, sludges. The VeeMax sludge plow can be readily adapted to sludge thickening with the addi on of the picket fence module.


Main Tank Painted mild steel

Lamella Plates 304/316 Stainless Steel

Scraper System Stainless steel 304/316

Squeegees Neoprene

VNotch weirs and baffles Stainless steel 304/316

In general Hydroflux Epco Lamella clarifiers are fabricated with we ed parts from stainless steel, and the bridge and general fabrica on steel work above water line in grade 250 mild steel epoxy coated. The following table summarises the major components and their most common material selec on. Varia ons on the material specifica ons can be made, please consult Hydroflux Epco for further detail.

Build Specification

Version: V1.1

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