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    SATURDAY, 16 APRIL 2011

    Commences 1.00 PM

    Adults $20.00 Blackman Hall Children $10.00 Melbourne University Private Family $45.00 (Two Adults and Two or more Children) Hawthorn Campus Pensioners $11.00 442 Auburn Road Graduands Admitted Free (On presentation of paperwork) Hawthorn


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    AUSTRALIAN GUILD of MUSIC EDUCATION GUILD The Australian Guild of Music Education Inc. is a national education body in the fields of music and speech. The organization consists of two parts that come under the umbrella of the Guild. The Australian Guild of Music Education, Music and Speech Public Examination Division. Is the Public Examination authority for Music and Speech - Steps, Grades, Proficiency and Diplomas. This division has assumed all the functions of the Australian Guild of Music and Speech Inc. The Australian Guild of Music Education, Tertiary Course Division. The Australian Guild of Music Education Inc., Tertiary Course Division (aka Faculty of Music) is dedicated entirely to Distance Education and Tertiary Courses which culminate in the Bachelor of Music Degree - accredited by Higher Education Authorities - Commonwealth Government (Canberra) and the State of Victoria. This means that FEE HELP and VET FEE HELP is available as well as Austudy.

    STATUS The Australian Guild of Music Education Inc is organized as a non-profit Public Education Institution without share capital or other commercial attributes. It is governed by a Committee of Management and its funds and property are vested in the organization. They are devoted solely to the advancement of the Arts of Music Education and Drama in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, as set forth in the Statement of Purposes. All members of the Committee of Management perform their services in an honorary capacity. The Guild is a wholly based and independent Australian Institution. It was formed in 1969 as the Australian Guild of Music and Speech and since that time has established its own character and traditions and has been given immense and constantly increasing public support. In 1986 the Australian Guild of Music Education Inc. (AGMED) was formed and under its authority all accredited and registered Tertiary Courses, which include the Degree of Bachelor of Music, are conducted. All operations (including public examinations) were assumed under the umbrella of the AGMED in 2002. Both Divisions of the Guild are recognized as being innovative and progressive. Today, the accredited and approved Courses of AGMED, which include the Bachelor of Music Degree and VET courses from Certificate 1 to Advanced Diploma as well as the Guild Fellowship, Public Performance, Licentiate and Associate Diplomas, are much sought after qualifications. The GUILD conducts many thousands of public music and speech practical and theory examinations every year through an Australia wide system of graded examinations. The GUILD'S music and speech education program has expanded into Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang and the Eastern area) as well as in Singapore. The organisation is very supportive of teachers and their students.


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    AUSTRALIAN GUILD OF MUSIC EDUCATION INCORPORATED -- Executive Director and Dean of the Faculty. Professor, Dr Eugene Knoop. Ph.D.(Monash); Dr.Humanities.(Lon); M.Educ.(Mon); B.Educ.(Lat); B.Mus.Guild; Lic.Ex.AGM. LAGM(P). LAGM(TD). A.Mus.AGM. ACCT(State College Hawthorn). Grad Dip. SPSC(Monash). Dip W/pl Ass. Hon.FAGM.

    MAGTR. MACE, TAA Cert 4 W/Pl. President and Director of Music Studies. Associate Professor, Dr Ivan Holmes. PhD. ( JCU); Bac.Mus.(Melb); Dip.Educ; Lic.Ex.AGM. ATCL. A.Mus.A. LLCM. Hon.FAGM. MAGTR. MACE. Chief Executive Officer.

    Bernadette Norton. Masters in Music Technology (Newcastle), B.Mus. Guild; Adv.Dip.Mus.Guild;. Dip.Mus; BSZ Dip W/Pl, ASS; AAGM; TAA Cert 4 W/Pl., LAGM, Cert.Business.

    Jennifer MacKinnon-Love. B.Mus.Ed; Ex.AGM;Ed. Cert Guild. Marie Sullivan. Bac.Arts; Hon.FAGS. LAGS(TD). LLCM. ALCM. Jeffrey Wood. B Mus Guild; Grad.Dip.Guild; Adv.Dip.Guild; Dip.Mus; AAGM LAGM..

    Ex.Cert.AGM. Ex Lic AGM, Cert IV W/pl Ass. Hon.FAGM. MAGTR MACE.

    Administration: Guild Secretary

    Denise Mercer Assistant Secretary. Tia (Tiodor) Hutajulu


    Committee of Management Dr Ern Knoop (Faculty Dean and Public Officer), Dr Ivan Holmes (President), Bernadette Norton (CEO), Jeffrey Wood, Jenny MacKinnon-Love, Marie Sullivan.

    Academic Board comprises jointly the following three boards:

    Faculty Board Jeffrey Wood (Chair), Denise Mercer (Secretary), Greta Grybaitis, Alan Ironside, Dr Merv Leeding.

    Board of Studies Bernadette Norton (Chair), Nicole Chen, MaryAnne Needham, Mal Sedergreen, Trevor McQuade, Leonie Wobking, Susan Naylor.

    Advisory Board Alan Ironside(Chair), Prof Diana Davis, Dr Ryan Daniels, Dr Kay Hartwig, Dr David Harvey, Dr Ern Knoop (Ex Off), Dr Ivan Holmes (Ex Off)


    Guitar Dr E Knoop Pianoforte Dr Ivan Holmes Nicole Chen Greta Grybaitis

    Leonie Wobking

    Choir Bernadette Norton K/board & MIDI Nicole Chen Jazz Mal Sedergreen Vocal Bernadette Norton

    LECTURERS Dr Ern Knoop (Psychology, Philosophy, Education, History) Dr Ivan Holmes (History, Advanced Theory) Bernadette Norton (Music Technology, Theory, Vocal & Choir) Nicole Chen (Theory, Aural, Pianoforte) Mal Sedergreen (Performance, Improvisation, Stagecraft, OHS, Jazz) Leonie Wobking (Composition, Theory & Ensemble) Jeff Wood (Methodology, Orchestration, Musicianship)


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    NON ATTENDING TERTIARY TUTORS: Greta Gybaitis Piano, Vocal, Theory Brian Blake Private String Tutor Prof Josef Aranoff Private String Tutor (Qld) Ron Edwards Woodwind


    Director of Music Theory and Modern Music. Jeffrey Wood. B Mus Guild; Grad.Dip.Guild; Adv.Dip.Guild; Dip.Mus; AAGM. LAGM,

    Ex.Cert.AGM, Ec Lic AGM, Cert IV W/pl Ass. Hon.FAGM. MAGTR. MACE. Director. Woodwind & Brass. Ronald Edwards. B Mus. Ex.Cert.Mus.Guild. AAGM. MAGTR. Co-ordinator of Speech and Drama. Marie Sullivan. Bac.Arts.(Melb). Hon.FAGS. LAGS(TD). LLCM. ALCM. MAGTR. Australian Capital Territory Representative Greta Grybaitis

    South Australia Representative. Alan West. L.Mus.Ed, AAGM(TD) Hon.AGM, MAGTR, MACE, Ex Cert AGM Western Australia Representatives Val & Diane Vrcic

    Australian Guild of Music and Speech Inc Council Dr E Knoop Assoc Prof, Dr Ivan Holmes Bernadette Norton Marie Sullivan Jeff Wood Jennifer MacKinnon-Love


    The academic dress worn on ceremonial occasions like Graduations derives from what was everyday clothing in the distant past. Like so much else in Australian Universities, it is part of a distinctive British tradition. The general character and component parts date from the middle Ages, when universities were first established in the western world. For graduate members, medieval universities prescribed three garments: cap, gown and hood. Gowns were then the principal outer garment worn by both men and women. The hood, also an article of everyday clothing for men and women, comprised three parts, all lined with fur. Hoods of this character, still trimmed with fur, form part of the official regalia of English judges and peers of the realm to this day. The Tudor version of this dress, stripped of most of its ecclesiastical features at the Reformation, is the basis of present day academic dress. The distinction of round caps (Bonnets) for the most senior graduates was preserved. The gown was worn on top of ordinary dress. The distinction between Bachelors and Masters on the one hand and most senior graduates Doctors on the other, extended to gowns as well. Introduction of the new degree of PhD into British Universities occurred in the early twentieth century. Faculty colours are chosen by Universities individually. The Australian Guild developed its own distinctive colours when it was formed and chose blue with a sky blue lining. The Guild's recognition of the PhD Degree resulted in a distinctive "doctor's red faille" with white braid on both sides down the front of its blue gown. University Doctorates always wear a gown of light weight material with the long sleeves and the hood lined in an appropriate colour. The Guild acknowledges James Cook University as the principal source of the above historical data. In 2001 James Cook University broke with tradition and changed the colour of its bachelor and master academic dress to black previously tropical beige.


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    The opening segment of the Guild Graduation Concert is presented by students from the Faculty of Music. Most of these students are enrolled on the Bachelor of Music course, which is a highly regarded professiona


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